Rais, stop the play-acting over Tanda Putera

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YOURSAY 'The ministry's action is seen as giving credence to a movie that falsely depict the events of May 13 and this is what gave rise to much objection and uproar.'

Tanda Putera delay is censor board's decision, says Rais

your say Bumiasli: Why is the ball rolling all over the place? National Film Development Board (Finas) at one end, Censorship Board at another end, and the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry in the middle.

So much confusion over a movie, which if released, will create chaos. This ball game must stop.

We want to know who is really responsible for the release or non-release of this movie. Can the minister answer?

FellowMalaysian: Information Minister Rais Yatim is trying to deflect heat by saying now the delay in releasing the movie is Finas' problem.

Had his ministry not put their dirty hands into funding the movie, the problem encountered today would probably not have arisen.

The ministry's action is seen as giving credence to a movie that falsely depict the events of May 13 and this is what gave rise to much objection and uproar.

Finas as the censor board ought to make a rational decision in banning the movie.

Anonymous #8211967: It is very strange in the BN hierarchy, the Film Censorship Board can have the power to decide above that of a minister, whether the home minister or information minister.

Does Rais really want us to believe what he said? I will respect you more if you just tell us that you are sorry for the lies in Tanda Putera.

Anonymous #18452573: The all-powerful and arrogant Rais is in the palms of the powerless Film Censorship Board, which is under the even more powerful Home Ministry of Hishammuddin Hussein.

You are all sleeping in the same bed and pretending and acting like you are actually in different rooms? Please give the rakyat a break from all this play-acting.

Anonymous #33877536: This movie will be screened the moment Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announces the date for GE13. All right-thinking citizens, especially the bumiputeras, please don't fall for this movie.

I don't have to see it to know its content. We already have enough polarisation, why do we need to create more? It defeats Najib's 1Malaysia concept.

Kgen: Why not put off the screening forever? After the bad publicity, it's not going to do any good for BN. Most Malaysians will just be disgusted by the naked fear mongering, which is the intention of this putrid show.

Amused Malaysian: After the last MCA General Assembly, BN must have lost all hope of getting the Chinese vote, thus the impending release of this unnecessary piece of rubbish.

Don't blame the director - who is probably some struggling chap who would take on any job. After all, it can all be passed off as freedom of the arts.

Headhunter: The question is, who instructed the censor board to delay the release? Shall we make a guess?

Ericlcc: The only way to make (or rather force) people to view the movie will be to attach conditions for receiving the BR1M aid.

So if you want to collect the BR1M money, first produce the movie ticket stub, then the government will only pay.

Maplesyrup: Why would the censorship board 'dilly dally' with the approval for Tanda Putera for public screening?

After all, in the director's own words, this is a movie about two great men who happened to come from Umno.

Going by the past precedence, anything that is aligned to BN's interest goes through the green lane, so why this time it is different?

Pak Good The: This surely disappoints a group of senior Umno bloggers who have been aggressively fanning fire on the screening of this racist film on the pretext of the purported creativity of the film.

Donplaypuks: Any movie which first started off with lying about DAP leader Lim Kit Siang urinating on the national flag, and deliberately failed to identify the one person mainly responsible May 13, 1969, (and every mother's son who was old enough then knows who it was), is not worth screening or viewing.

This is just pure Goebbels-like spin doctoring. And to think the taxpayer was forced to fund it to the tune of several million dollars. What a rip-off.

Enlightened: I wonder if Najib knew such a movie was being produced or is Rais trying to sabotage him?

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