AES row - perhaps we should outsource the cabinet, too

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YOURSAY 'What industry is outsourcing cheaper, especially in the same country? People usually outsource to countries where labour is cheaper.'

Kong defends outsourcing of AES

your say DCKL: These ministers think the public are as stupid as they are. The Malaysian government cannot finance a RM700 million project but two unknown companies can?

Most likely, they borrow almost all that money. So why can't the government do the same? The banks won't lend to the government?

Secondly, the minister says these two companies have the management expertise. Really? What is their main business?

Surely it is the business of the Road Transport Department (RTD) and the police to monitor traffic offences and not private companies. If that is not one of RTD's job or the police's, then disband and also privatise them.

Wira: Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha, I don't think you can make a decision not to review the Automated Enforcement System (AES), now that Umno Youth is objecting. Were those guys left out in the total package?

Mighty Bear: Firstly, in what industry is outsourcing cheaper, especially when you're doing it within the same country? This is bizarre. People usually outsource to countries where labour is cheaper.

Are the ATES Sdn Bhd employees paid less or more than government officer or police? Does ATES already have large infrastructure to rationalise cost?

If no, who would fund them to set up the system and why would it be cheaper for ATES to do this, especially since the ministry is clearly investing beyond its budget to implement this. If the funding comes from a bank, why can't the bank fund the government instead?

If the minister seriously cares, he should solve the root cause of accidents. Please share these statistics that you refer to. If we have stats, then we can have key performance indicators (KPIs).

Let's track these KPIs to see if the AES actually reduces fatalities. If not, how to explain the failed investment? Why not do it in one area first and see if the KPI proves this theory works?

NewMalaysia: Yes, why not just outsource the whole cabinet as well since we have so many incompetence ministers?

FellowMalaysian: If the reason for outsourcing is manpower and expertise, a more feasible, cost-efficient and transparent way would be to give the post-installation monitoring and maintenance works to specialist contractors.

Why the need to outsource the whole project to these two contractors? I can only think of one reason and that is for the benefit of certain individuals.

2LAN: How can the public receive fairness from a private company motivated by profits? Besides, how come it cost nearly RM900,000 ringgit to install one AES camera?

James1067: Fifty-five years have passed and the deaths on the roads have been increasing. We have paid millions of ringgit to our civil servants to learn from the other countries of how to do things better.

All these money have gone down to waste and now we have these two companies that are going to show us the way. That also at the public's expense.

Kong, you cannot fool people all the time as they are not stupid as before.

Timothy: Kong, why talk at a press conference? Instead, go to the Parliament and explain. If you cannot do that , at least tell the Parliament who can decide and make decision on the matter.

Ipoh2: Since Kong said that the companies were selected because of their management expertise, he should tell where they have undertaken similar projects. He can't because this is their first-ever project. So don't make this nonsense claim.

This project doesn't require rocket science. Speed cameras have been used in Singapore for decades. Many companies would be able to undertake the project but it was awarded directly to these two companies.

Don't even try to cover up because anyone could plainly see that the project benefits cronies who will earn millions of ringgit on the suffering of the people.

Anonymous #33877536: The people are going to retaliate by not paying the AES fine. If 100,000 summons are issued in a month and none pays, you can take action against them.

Say all need to go to jail, can the prison cater all of them? That will take a toll on the taxpayers' money. Electronic capturing of vehicles must be gazetted in Parliament.

OMG!!: Kong's so-called defence is devoid of facts and figures to justify the privatisation other than "other countries (no mention of which countries) also outsource".

Contrary to the minister's defence, these two concessionaires definitely do not have any track record other than having a big cable connection.

Show us the contract to satisfy us that the cost is not inflated; the charges are justified and overall, it is not lopsided to enrich cronies.

Kgen: "This is partly because of the costs involved, and also the amount of manpower," said Kong.

Kong, you mean to tell us that the revenue generated won't cover the costs so you have to bring in private companies to share the losses? Yeah, right.

MyFoot: Maybe Pakatan Rakyat can tell the people not to pay for AES summons and wait for Pakatan to be at Putrajaya where the AES will be scrapped or improved with all existing summons cancelled.

Anonymous_3f68: Speed limits are okay to be adhered to, but you exceeded the speed limit when implementing this system in great haste, Kong.

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