As GE13 nears, Hindraf and Pakatan must decide

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VOXPOP 'If Hindraf, due to vanity and pride of its leaders, opt out, they are letting down all the Indians that they profess to protect and fight for.'

Hindraf-PKR entente: A stitch in time

vox populi small thumbnail Ferdtan: Hindraf under P Uthayakumar is leading the organisation into seclusion, making itself irrelevant to the political scene of the country and at best getting scant limelight from the media for doing community work representing individual Malaysians, mainly Indians, against the abuses of the police or enforcing authorities.

The question is whether Hindraf wants to be a part of the national mainstream as a player or be the big fish in a little pond?

The wind of change is sweeping across the country and if Hindraf, due to vanity and pride of its leaders, opt out, they are letting down all the Indians that they profess to protect and fight for.

The same should hold true for Pakatan Rakyat leaders, though to a lesser extent. Without cooperation, it may hurt Pakatan but it would not be disastrous.

We appeal to all the leaders opposed to BN to unite and be above the acerbity of personal conflicts between them.

We are not too sure if Hindraf's agenda is in sync with Pakatan's as they themselves, even at this late juncture, are undecided.

Let us remind them - we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. However, the meeting between Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Hindraf's P Waythamoorthy surely augurs well.

Gandhi: Terence Netto, I am disappointed that you can't discern the different positions from which Bersih leader S Ambiga and Hindraf's Uthayakumar are coming from.

Basically, Ambiga is focussing on electoral reforms and her work has nothing to do with the marginalisation of Indians, whereas grassroots leader Uthayakumar is fighting for the poor Indians.

However, these two icons are both doing great service for the good of humankind. It is your presumption that Ambiga has encroached into Hindraf's territory.

Uthaya may be short-sighted, but he has not given up his principles, unlike others who had joined certain parties to have a cushy life. He will prevail.

Bala Chelliah: Terence, no one disagrees that all marginalised groups have to be treated equally, so what is wrong for Hindraf to take up the cause of the marginalised and stateless Indians and lobby for them?

Also Bersih and Ambiga are campaigning for free and fair elections, why would Hindraf feel threatened by them?

But I do agree that comfortable and selfish middle-class Indians do not want to acknowledge or contribute to help the marginalised Indians.

Only selfless folks like Hindraf chief Waythamoorthy have taken up the cause, regardless of all the ridiculous accusations thrown at him and his movement.

Kim Quek: Shrewd analysis, masterfully expressed. This is good news for the reform movement in Malaysia.

The welfare of any race - Indians included - in this country lies in a governance that is just, non-discriminatory and competent. Our wretched state today is a result of a ruthless pursuit of race-centric policies in all fields.

That must be discarded if we want to survive as a nation. There is no going back to that policy again.

Anticommunalist: All those years of cradle-to-grave handouts has affected the intellect and reasoning of some. Globalisation will knock some sense into them and wake them up from their feeding-bottle mentality.

GXFC: The rakyat knows that Malays vote for the past, Indians vote for the present, while the Chinese vote for the future.

Youth detained for allegedly insulting Johor sultan on FB

Jiminy Qrikert: Amazing, the writing was done in Kuala Lumpur by a resident of KL who is alleged to have insulted the Johor sultan and the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) act on behalf of the palace to relocate the writer from his state of residency to the state controlled by the sultan he is accused of insulting.

What has the PDRM to do with the palace such that they act on behalf of the palace? Does this mean that the PDRM is obligated to act on the whims and fancies of every sultan who feels he has been insulted by any writing or utterances?

Add to this PDRM's obligation to dance to the tune and do the bidding of BN-Umno on a daily basis. No wonder the PDRM does not have enough manpower to ensure the streets are safe from crime.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: How 'impressive' that the police can muster up 10 of its officers all the way from Johor to KL to arrest this youth and bring him back to Johor for 'questioning', all because the youth criticised the Johor royal family for its excesses and scandals which are public knowledge.

Asamko: We hope the people from the palace will not take the laws into their own hands and the police are brave and professional enough not to allow this to happen.

Why is Facebooker Ahmad Abd Jalil treated like a terrorist with such heavy police escort. And there is no reason whatsoever to deny his parents' request to see him.

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