Bala, don't expect MACC to probe your case

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YOURSAY 'If you have the evidence, reveal it. Everyone knows that nothing will be done by a BN-controlled agency to implicate those in BN.'

PI Bala to bare all if MACC keeps mum

your say Taikohtai: Private investigator P Balasubramaniam, you don't have a chance so long as BN is in charge. Bring out whatever you have now and pray that BN loses the next election.

Otherwise, be happy that you can call India your refuge as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is only too keen to silence you.

Blind Freddo: Malaysians are a strange breed. If you have the evidence, reveal it instead of playing silly games. Everyone knows that nothing will be done by a BN-controlled agency to implicate those in BN.

Geronimo: Balasubramaniam, please stop all this play acting. If you are serious about seeing justice done, then do what is necessary. No more threats please, just do it.

We have heard enough of your suffering and at the same time, we want to see justice done for Altantuya Shaariibuu. Your behaviour is not helping in the least.

Fair Play: BN is under siege from all fronts in the run-up to GE13.

Some are through sheer stupidity such as the Batu Caves condo project, others are either through arrogance such as de facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz's handling of the RM40 million donation to Sabah Umno issue.

Still others have taken a life of their own such as the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) and the Scorpene submarine cases.

Of course, some may view Bala's persistence (or insistence) as tiresome. But why blame him for stoking the fire? After all, without smoke, there is no fire.

DR JAG#04496187: Strange that Bala "intends" to expose. He is sending signals to the culprits - pay up or else.

The reality is that he is an accessory after the fact. He ‘knows' stuff that the prosecution needs, yet, he manages an exit like MGR (Indian movie star Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran).

The prosecution is obviously not very keen in seeing, weighing and examining the evidence for obvious reasons.

Nadja: Bala, do not give time frames as it just looks as though you are trying to get the balance of the money promised to you.

Just publish everything you know to give the rakyat a better understanding of the gruesome murder of the allegedly pregnant Altantuya.

Destiny Revealed: Money that is earned through an illegal manner will not last. Your pockets are dry now as they have not paid you the remaining amount as promised.

This stunt will get you the balance, but after that what are you going to do? You will regret a lifetime for your wrongs. The soul is still awaiting justice to be meted out to the culprits.

Onyourtoes: Bala, we don't care anymore. If you need to expose, so be it. If you choose to keep quiet, it will not make much of a difference.

But I do know your value is dropping fast, like perishable goods. It expires after the next general election.

Ipoh2: Bala, when your funds are running low you try to solicit for more.

If you are to be taken seriously, spill the beans now. Tell us the truth or let Altantuya's spirit haunt you forever.

Apa Ini?: Game over, Bala. Just come out with whatever you have and trust that God and the rakyat will thank and reward you in time if Pakatan wins in GE 13.

If Premier Najib Razak continues in power, you should settle for a new life in India because his wife Rosmah Mansor will make life hell for you if you come back. Try Bollywood!

Changeagent: I think some of the criticisms here directed at PI Bala are unnecessary. He is merely putting the squeeze on the MACC to investigate into Najib's alleged involvement in Altantuya's gruesome death.

If he's really in for the money, he wouldn't need to go against the whole BN establishment and fear so much for his own safety.

Not Confused: Is Bala's case not a prime example of why it is useless to take evidence of wrongdoing to the MACC? It is now four years and the MACC are still sitting on their hands.

This, of course, is understandable perhaps since they report to the PM and the evidence they have is against their boss. Rocks and hard places come to mind immediately.

Anonymous_3e86: It is obvious that MACC won't take any action if it concerns BN politicians if it is quietly reported to MACC.

But when the NFC scandal is openly exposed by Rafizi, they say that he should have reported it to MACC first. What double standards.

Louis: Expose now, so that we can change the government. When the change takes place, you can come home right away safely and help to arrest all the crooks.

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