Police must not be a law unto themselves

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YOURSAY 'The police are not answerable to anyone except and do the bidding of whoever is pulling the political strings on the matter at hand.'

Ahmad's second arrest 'an abuse of court process'

your say Slumdog: This is what happens when you have police who do not follow the proper procedures. They make up the rules as they go along.

There is no transparency, good governance and accountability. Why all the secrecy and subterfuge?

In which democratic country do you have a situation where the family of the person arrested is not allowed to visit him, nor are they told of his whereabouts or the name of the investigating officer.

If the police have nothing to hide, why do they deny such basic rights to the person arrested?

The police are a law unto themselves, and can do anything, anytime, to any person and they know that there will be no repercussions.

The police are not answerable to anyone except and do the bidding of whoever is pulling the political strings on the matter at hand.

The public therefore have very little redress as there are no basic checks and balances to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Donplaypuks: The alleged cyber crime by Ahmad Abd Jalil was committed in Kuala Lumpur, not Johor Bahru. So, why the cops, nine of them, some of whom refused to show their IDs, ‘abducted' Ahmad to JB for? Under what law?

This is a police state that must be challenged and put right. The IGP (inspector-general of police) must answer why a citizen was so wrongfully mistreated.

Anonymous#19098644: The courts should summon the IGP and demand to know who the ‘higher ups' are, who gave the instructions? Abuse of power and oppression are symptomatic of a dying regime.

Odin: This boggles the imagination. It is utterly ridiculous. It is such a huge, unfunny joke like PM Najib Razak's ignominiously failed 1Malaysia.

You are charged on the ground that you have sought legal representation? What next? Charged for breathing the air without paying for it?

Disgusted: BN claims to be anti-communist but the things they do, seem to be worse than what communist countries do. What kind of democracy and human rights exists in 1Malaysia? This is akin to Nazi Germany.

Hang Tuah PJ: I am worried they might do a 'Kugan' on him.

Ong Guan Sin: This is the best time for the palace to come forward and demand that rule of law be respected - a golden opportunity for it to show that it is part of the constitutional monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II had learned the hard lesson during the lowest point of the British monarchy a decade or two ago, and managed to turn it around.

The palace will be blessed if there are wise people who are well versed in how history has played out through the centuries.

Artong Penang: This sounds like the Gestapo. In fascist Nazi Germany, ordinary citizens were arrested by order of the Nazi party leader and for no valid reason.

Their families didn't know of their whereabouts, grounds of arrest were not told, magistrates' remark not respected, etc. Very scary indeed.

Fair Play: I suppose with the publicity generated, the police would have to tread carefully and handle this case with neutrality.

At the same time, bloggers should know certain topics are off limits. Freedom of expression is not all inclusive.

Wira: If the victim is being rearrested because he engaged a lawyer, why not detain the lawyer instead?

This would have been more direct and meaningful. Don't allow lawyers to operate. Next, get the courts out of the way and perhaps, in future, Parliament too.

Johor police lodge reports against M'kini, Insider

Anonyxyz: This is the best thing that has ever happened in Malaysia - investigated for reporting news the BN government doesn't want the citizens to hear or know.

This is worse than communist China. There they will block all the news. Here, you report and they will try to put you in jail.

Gotcha: If the media cannot report whatever that is happening, then it is better they all close shop for good, whether they are electronic or print.

Durio zibethinus: Do we need any more evidence Malaysia is a police state?

Joseph Lee: Johor Criminal Investigation Department deputy director Nor Azizan Anan is a closet opposition supporter. He is deliberately creating a situation to anger the rakyat. Putrajaya has lost the reins and the horses are going wild.

BN is not fit to helm the government any more. Fifty-five years of experience have made it useless.

And the BN guys accuse Pakatan of not having experience. Experience means nothing when you are drunk with power gained from 55 years of tyranny.

Swipenter: Remember how a reporter was detained under ISA by the police for her own safety for reporting the truth.

Now we have the Johor police lodging a police report against two online news portals for reporting on this case. Everything is ‘boleh' in Bolehland.

Dood: Funny how the police know how to lodge police reports on matters such as this, but when it is the common people and opposition politicians that are involved, they pretend to be deaf and dumb even though crimes are being committed right in the open.

Kee Thuan Chye: Criminal defamation? Who has been defamed?

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