DPM's self-interest in contest galore in Pekan

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YOURSAY 'This is like the MCA deputy chief asking his president to go for a king-to-king fight; if the president loses, who will be the next president?'

The more the merrier, Muhyiddin tells Najib's rivals

your say Tholu: Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has actually mixed feelings over the premier's rivals' plans to challenge Najib Razak in his Pekan constituency.

Although Najib's defeat would pave the way for him to be the president of Umno, it would also mean the end of Umno's dominance in Malaysian politics.

What would be the point then to be the head of an organisation that is defunct?

Yenna Tamby: Good on you, Muhyiddin. You have openly ask everyone to contest against your boss. At least, you are honest to the letter among your creed.

You have consistently champion ‘One Malay' against ‘One Malaysia'. Now that many rivals are fighting your boss, in the end you need not fight. They would do all the fighting for you so that you can topple him without any effort.

SMC77: It is very simple: PAS party president Abdul Hadi Awang Hadi to challenge Najib, while former Kita president Zaid Ibrahim takes on Muhyiddin.

Both Najib and Muhyiddin could lose their seats together.

Anti Umno: Najib, if you are smart and know how to read between the lines, your deputy is inviting Pakatan Rakyat/opposition to get rid of you.

He anticipates BN to win GE 13 and save him all the trouble of getting rid of you, Pak Lah style.

By losing your Pekan seat, you are disqualified to be the PM. Indeed, you are really in deep trouble as your enemy is within BN.

Tancc: It would be interesting to have Hadi against Najib, Zahid against Muhyiddin, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang to contest in Batu Pahat (which is likely to be contested by MCA president Chua Soi Lek), PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli against Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz, and somebody big against Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

Once and for all, sweep out Umno-BN.

Anonymous #92005027: This is like the MCA deputy chief asking his president to go for a king-to-king fight; if the president loses, who will be the next president? Smart, huh?

Disgusted: How many phantom voters and illegal immigrants converted to citizens and voters are in the Pekan electoral rolls?

Not forgetting the Election Commission may throw in the postal votes from the army and police should Najib be lagging behind in the polls. It is a losing battle against the forces of evil.

Najib doesn't think Hadi will contest in Pekan

Rick Teo: If not for the army camp being relocated in Pekan to increase his votes, Najib would have been kicked out of Pekan long ago.

For some reason, the people in Pekan just loathes him. Just go and sit in the coffee shop there, the common people are waiting to kick him out.

Sayonara: We knew what Najib intended to say when he reply the reporters. "Whoever wants to contest (in Pekan), let him... not," with the last word he whisper to himself.

Fair Play: Comparing the PM's comments with that of his DPM, the rakyat can draw their own conclusion.

Zaid's 'Pakatan ticket' intention surprises PKR

Kgen: Of course, Zaid Ibrahim's only chance of being elected is to stand on a Pakatan ticket, preferably under PAS in a safe seat.

Ibrahim Ali lost his deposit standing as an independent once and then begged Tok Guru Nik Aziz for the chance to stand in Pasir Mas under PAS. Look what happened after he got elected?

I'm not saying Zaid will turn out the same as Ibrahim Ali, but Pakatan needs to be careful about letting outsiders stand under their platform.

20121221Disaster: If Pakatan leadership is stupid enough to field Zaid under Pakatan ticket in the coming GE13, a Pakatan-friendly independent candidate must be nominated and contest, in order not to waste the seat.

Sang Rimau: PAS would have a better chance than PKR not only in Pekan but most Malay-dominated or semi-urban state seats in Pahang.

This is largely due to its work since early 1950 and the leadership of state chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

The aim is for Pakatan to kick out MB Adnan Yaakob, who is lacking of ideas and creativity in developing Pahang.

YF: Finally, Zaid showed his true colours - Umno agent. The DPM also showed his true colours - to overthrow the current Umno president.

And Najib is now in all colours, but mostly blue and black - he is whacked by the opposition and he cannot trust his power-hungry DPM.

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