ROS runs 'amok' in Suaram probe

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YOURSAY 'To summon those who are totally not involved in the Suaram affair due to reasons only known to them is clear-cut abuse of power.'

Pua cries abuse for being pulled into ROS dragnet

your say Pemerhati: Harassing people who are a threat to BN and its leaders is the normal modus operandi of BN since Dr Mahathir Mohamad's time.

The public servants have realised that those who do a good job of harassing and doing all the dirty work they are ordered to do would result in rich rewards, such as quick promotions over more senior and much better officers.

This was clearly seen during Mahathir's time when the late judge Augustine Paul, prosecution officer Abdul Gani Patail and the mattress-carrying police officer Musa Hassan pleased Mahathir by doing his dirty work to send Anwar Ibrahim to prison on trumped-up sodomy charges.

All three crooked lackeys were given rapid promotions after that and Augustine moved from a terrace house to a bungalow in a posh area before going to meet his maker.

Now it looks like an angry PM Najib Razak has given the order to the public servants to get Suaram at all costs. So the opportunistic and unprincipled officers are scrambling to see if they can do anything to please their boss and reap rich rewards.

Voice: No doubt the Registrar of Societies (ROS) is arguing that they are exercising their power under Section 111 and 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code, but to summon those who are totally not involved in the Suaram affair due to reasons only known to them is clear-cut abuse of power.

Chipmunk: "Idiots" are too a nice word to describe the people behind this fiasco.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, Bersih steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah, Bar Council chairperson Lim Chee Wee and lawyer Syahredzan Johan, we the rakyat will be there for you and will ensure justice is carried out by GE13.

This bunch of nincompoops are merely following instructions from the Umno ‘gangsters' because they are too afraid to face the truth.

Fair Play: Tony Pua, there are two ways you can view the situation; negative and positive. Your first reaction is negative, but you should act positive.

Since you are summoned, go attend the interview. Hold a press conference and tell your side of the story after the interview by ROS so that the rakyat know what you were 'in' for.

Anonymous$&@?: When a minister and his son were implicated in the alleged RM40 million money laundering, they were not "touched" at all by the BN government.

We, the right-thinking rakyat, can see the injustice that is being carried out to protect the guilty BN ministers and the harassment of innocent people who dared to speak up, such as Pua, Maria, Lee, PKR leader Rafizi Ramli, etc. We know who to vote for in the next GE.

The Script: This is the ruling coalition's usual sickening 'scare' tactics - instill the fear, and eventually you will silence subversive people and ideas.

Always hiding behind the guise of so-called 'law' as a tool for oppression, rather than engaging the subject matter in a constructive manner.

Geronimo: They even have the idiocy to summon the late Fan Yew Teng to appear at their office for an interview.

If he doesn't appear, they will issue an arrest warrant on him, go to his grave, drag him out from the hole and then put him in the lockup.

So I guess Pua is right, they don't have brains because they are simply zombies.

Suaram probe - getting PSM sec-gen a headache for ROS

Headhunter: Don't they know when to stop? There's such thing as an overkill. They have already offended the majority of us with their endless stupid acts using their goons and hired guns in the civil service and GLCs (government-linked companies).

It looks like they are determined to lose the next general election and I must say they are doing an excellent job right now.

Chee Hoe Siew: The ROS certainly looks like a bozo trying to fish something out of thin air. It is a waste of everyone's time and taxpayers' money.

I am totally disgusted with the way things turning out where the one deserving the punishment is getting away scot-free while the one upholding justice is prosecuted instead.

Taikohtai: All those summoned by ROS should just give them cock-and-bull stories and spin grandmother's tales to keep them happy.

If a navy officer can bring back 500-year-old folklore of Malacca, surely tales from the Forbidden Kingdom could keep ROS occupied for another 50 years.

Vijay47: I feel very embarrassed and discriminated against. I, too, have nothing to do with Suaram and yet the ROS does not want to interview me. Oh, the shame of it all.

Odin: I say Suaram is doing a darn good job. Now, will I be served a notice, too?

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