Kugan case: Ex-cop's scapegoat story won't wash

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VOXPOP 'Why in the first place did you not reveal being chosen as the scapegoat during your trial for causing grievous hurt to the late Kugan?'

Ex-cop: I was made the scapegoat for Kugan's death

Tailek: Better take this with a pinch of salt. Former constable V Navindran, there is no use now claiming you were a scapegoat.

You had your day in court but chose to remain quiet so there is no point crying over spilt milk now. Your credibility is questionable.

Swipenter: Navindran, you were so full of "bravery" that you "accepted" to be chosen as the scapegoat? No rewards for doing so?

Look, the late Subang Jaya OCPD Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar cannot be here to defend himself against your allegation so you can say whatever you want of him.

Why in the first place did you not reveal being chosen as the scapegoat during your trial for causing grievous hurt to the late A Kugan?

Now this story of yours sounds so incredible and hard to believe. Name us who were the "among us" and subpoena them to court to verify your story.

Tiger: These sort of abuses has been going on as far as I can remember. So I don't think the public are even surprise at all.

The only way we can clean up the police force is by changing all officers from the top all the way down to the recruits. But then again, with BN still around we can't expect much changes.

The only way to do it is to get rid of BN first. Only then, we can hold all these police officers, who are now doing BN's dirty work, accountable for their actions.

Not Confused: From the revelations in this case, it's confirmed once again that PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) officers in almost every police station are nothing but a nest of vicious vipers who have no right to call themselves police officers under the name of the Agong.

They are all corrupt, thugs and bullies and will do anything to satisfy their penchant for violence against detainees, and then lie and cheat their way out of any responsibility.

It's an international disgrace and the IGP (inspector-general of police) and the entire top brass in PDRM should be suspended immediately, pending a top-down investigation into the conduct and management of the entire force.

Wira: Malaysians already understand that the procedure described by Navindran is the modus operandi used by PDRM in a criminal investigation.

We dare imagine that those CSI (crime scene investigation) procedures which we watch on Astro would be adopted in PDRM, but in actual fact we are given justice akin to those we watch on Cantonese drama depicting events in a Chinese court centuries ago where an accused is tortured to confess.

Q..!: Navindran, are you telling me you are such a saint to be a scapegoat knowingly that you will be hated, lose your job and end up in jail.

It's hard to believe you willingly took the blame just because your superior said so. Reveal those involved, and your claims might carry some weight.

Jean Pierre: Doesn't it make you shudder that one day it could be you who is hauled into a police station and tortured for no reason?

When that happens to enough people in the society, you have anarchy staring in your face.

Yen Yen blasts Loke for 'lacking standards'

LittleGiant: It is a way of life for BN ministers and their officials to spend lavishly and double or even triple the budgeted amount for government events.

It was not necessary to present the DPM with a RM17,000 painting when the tourism minister and officials of her ministry knew well that the conference cost was exceeding the budgeted amount.

It is not justified to say that a high-profile conference or meeting should be conducted at a high cost. The important thing is to ensure that participants at the event believed in its objective and agenda and there was sincerity by all parties involved in follow-up actions. Only that will prove the success of any event.

It is not how much money the respective ministry or the government spends to make the event look more fanciful or more grand than it is necessary.

The BN government ministers must learn to lead by example or they should stop preaching about how the rakyat should live within their means.

Chuath: Why do we have to give such an expensive gift to DPM when as a leader of the country, it is his duty to try to bring money into the country?

He should consider it a duty to officiate the event. He is not a guest to the country. After all, his salary is paid by the people's hard-earned taxes.

Odin: As we know, there have been reports of the ministry's highly irregular expenses.

Did it not, for example, pay RM1,000 for a rubber wrist band (I paid RM3 for mine); RM2,500 for a hat; RM1,000 for a cloth bag; RM500 for a pen and RM480 for a necktie?

And remember the three Facebook walls set up for - how much was it? RM1.8 million?

And which human with a functioning brain would agree that buying and presenting a painting to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin promotes the works of Malaysian artists?

The BN government is not only an irredeemably corrupt regime, but it is also peopled with the extinct subhuman species called hominids, resurrected to plague Malaysia.

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