How to win and lose, Obama-Romney style

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VOXPOP ‘BN, especially PM Najib, should learn from the gentlemanly behaviour of conceding defeat in an election.'

Obama wins re-election, makes history again

vox populi small thumbnail Anonymous #43051382: Malaysians should learn from the United States. Whoever wins must win clean and fair.

If the present government is too corrupted and arrogant, change the ruling parties so that a new government can take over. That way, over the years, Malaysia will surely improve.

Dont just talk: If only our incumbent prime minister, like the US incumbent President Barack Obama, has the courage to debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and share with us his visions for the next five years on how he will handle the economy, ways to curb abuses and eradicate the massive corruption in our country, then perhaps my family will vote Umno-BN.

Doc: If only Mitt Romney had a large number of phantom voters like BN has, I'm sure he could have topped Barack Obama.

Ferdtan: BN, especially PM Najib, should learn from the American gentlemanly behaviour of conceding defeat in an election. Mitt Romney, even without the official announcement of election results, knowing that he had lost, telephoned early to Obama to congratulate him.

Our PM, when asked about the smooth handling over to the opposition if BN were to be defeated, chose to remain mum.

We had the menteris besar of Selangor and Perak after the 2008 GE going into hiding for a few days; still hoping to cling on to power, arranging secret and desperate negotiations with the winning opposition candidates. Luckily, it failed to materialise.

The win of Obama is a win for all people of the world who are minorities in their country. That the most powerful country in the world, one with a white majority, elected a black president is giving hope to many who may have the same aspirations.

Onyourtoes: Obama would have lost if he had run unopposed. Thank goodness he ran against Republicans.

Similarly it would be difficult for Pakatan to win if they run unopposed. But thank goodness, they have Umno, Perkasa, Pekida, the National Civics Bureau (BTN), tolled highways, independent power producers (IPPs), monopolies, and policies to create millionaires.

Now PM wants to meet Hindraf

Ericlcc: This is BN's last gasp stop-gap strategy to lull the Indian community into believing things will be okay once you vote for BN.

If after all these years of marginalisation, the Indian community still falls for such a cheap call, then truly there is no deity or leader that can save the Indian community.

Starr: What's there to discuss? Indians have been sidelined, marginalised along with other non-Muslim groups because of the policy of Umno-BN government for decades.

By seeking to meet with Hindraf leaders to discuss the problem of the community, it sounds as if Umno-BN was not responsible for the diabolical situation facing the poor, underprivileged groups. If that's not the politics of hypocrisy, what is?

Gen2indian: Everyone knows the problems Indians face because my family and I lived 50 years through this discrimination.

We didn't cry or beg for help but just persevered despite the many racist and discriminatory policies and being labelled 'pendatang'.

So, stop this sandiwara , Najib, and "Nah" to you and your racist kind. Why meet Hindraf now after declaring them illegal?

P Dev Anand Pillai: Hindraf and the Human Rights Party (HRP) will be overjoyed. Meet him but don't forget the 500 over days that the Hindraf 5 were detained for fighting for equality for Indians.

Najib will do anything now to save Umno, so ask, ask and ask and make sure all demands are met now instead of after the elections.

If it is vote first then action later, forget it. It will never happen. Indians have been screwed, sodomised and made scapegoats for far too long, so make good use of it and please don't cheat the community. We have suffered enough. We want equality.

Anticommunalist: First, get Najib to recognise Hindraf and HRP and have the registration confirmed within two weeks.

Then give immediate instant citizenship to the 450,000 stateless Indians before GE. Then all sedition charges on Hindraf activists must be dropped and the hundreds of thousands of ringgit spent by Hindraf on bail money over the years be returned.

Then issue on-the-spot fully-aided status to all Tamil schools. Allow allow Hindraf to replace MIC as the political representatives of Indian Malaysians. Only then, Hindraf can consider meeting Najib.

Vijay47: I remember a few years ago that the Malayalees (as also many others, I am sure) were invited to a lunch with the prime minister.

Suddenly a large number of Malayalees, including many who were very critical of Najib, ran for the opportunity to sit in the same hall and perhaps snap some photos with him.

Et tu, Hindraf?

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