Caught with pants down, Kohilan invokes God

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YOURSAY 'Kohilan's lie was exposed and now I reckon he probably will claim he couldn't remember approving it or just say he developed temporary amnesia at the time.'

Kohilan mum on condo approval after minutes expose

your say R Venugopal: Senator A Kohilan Pillay, as a member of the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), you did not object to the condominium project at the council's meetings, and this means you supported the project.

Why do you need to check with the lawyers now, as the truth has already surfaced? Ask for forgiveness from Lord Murugan and stop blaming others.

Tailek: Kohilan Pillay, what is there to check with your lawyers? The local council minutes are clear enough. You have been caught and now you should be man enough to retract your accusations and apologise for misleading the rakyat.

Chiabee2: "Let me check again the meeting minutes... I need to go through all the meetings and then I can comment," he said. Shouldn't you be doing that before anything else?

The trouble with these BN idiots is their assumption that the public are as stupid, lazy and ignorant as them. Leaders like them will even swear and lie in front of Lord Murugan just to appease their real god - Umno.

As for the Indians, nobody will be able to help you if you choose to be blind and to remain so in spite of all the revelations.

Victor Johan: Kohilan, you have declined to comment now and will comment after you have gone through all the meetings and checked with your lawyers. And then you will be enlightened.

The people will sure give you the benefit of doubt and since "your God" already knows, the people will want a clear deadline from you to reveal your truth.

By the way, my God reminds me not to ever tell lies in the first place.

LittleGiant: Kohilan should stop his flip-flop answers on this matter. He owes the Batu Caves Sri Subramaniaswamy Temple management and the Indian community a detailed and truthful explanation about his involvement in this condominium project.

And what about the MIC councillors who were aware of the project and attended the MPS full board meeting which approved the project? Was S Samy Vellu, the MIC president then, informed about the project?

How is that the MIC leadership then was not aware of this mega project that is so close to an important pilgrimage centre for the Indian community and also an internationally famous heritage site?

The current MIC leadership should stop 'dramatising' the issue and should stop blaming the current Selangor government.

It should pull up its councillors who were involved and have the courage to get to the bottom of this controversy and tell the truth to the Indian community.

Anonymous #72737246: Is your memory so short, or are you implying that at the council's full board meetings, there were no discussions, no deliberations, no nothing on the condominium project, and everybody just rubber stamped it without knowing what they were rubber stamping?

Giudice: Kohilan, how would your lawyers know better than you with regards to the veracity of the council minutes? Were they at the meeting?

I suggest you come out with a top-notch explanation immediately. Otherwise, the logical conclusion out of this whole episode would be that you are not only a liar, but also an idiot.

How can you be a deputy foreign affairs minister? You can't even deal with a local council issue.

Foo: So much for these so-called ‘Indian leaders' who claim to defend Indian culture and rights.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Kohilan's excuse is, "God knows"? No, Kohilan, the public knows you are lying. And the meeting minutes prove it. Ah, what a tangled web we weave, when at first we deceive.

Mighty Bear: Yes Kohilan, Lord Sri Subramaniar knows. However, he is a lot more forgiving than those whom you have served.

I can imagine old ladies waiting for you with slippers in hand. It's time you seriously think of how to redeem yourself in your community, instead of looking for a rock to hide behind.

Anonymous_3e06: Don't blame God, Kohilan. You know what you did and why you did it. Be a different kind of politician and apologise to Malaysians and tell them that you had been pressured by the party, or had been greedy for quick money like any politician is these days.

After all, we all want to drive a BMW or Mercedes Benz and the many luxury cars too.

Orang Miskin: Kohilan, you should have checked the minutes before releasing statements earlier - after all, you are an educated person, right?

Qattara: This is the typical response after being caught lying and trying to cover one's behind. Kohilan's lie was exposed and now I reckon he probably will claim he couldn't remember approving it or just say he developed temporary amnesia at the time.

Not Confused: Kohilan's position has become untenable and he should resign immediately. He has lied and twisted and turned for nearly two weeks now.

He had the temerity to protest, together with MIC has-beens, about the condo development simply to ingratiate himself with the rakyat.

However, his hypocrisy and duplicity have now become common knowledge and he no longer deserves the support of his electorate.

Bluemountains: If a minister is caught lying, what must he do? Resign! He must be still thinking that he has one eye while the whole world is blind.

Doc: This kind of ‘dungu' also can become a deputy foreign minister. The calibre of BN ministers is truly pathetic.

Geronimo: Just like the Kampung Buah Pala incident in Penang, the same thing is happening here again. First, good old Samy Vellu will show up in all his glory to instigate the people against Pakatan Rakyat.

When the truth finally reveals itself, Samy will do the disappearing act.

CiViC: This is another case of the ‘foot in mouth' disease.

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