Selective prosecution - feel the rakyat's anger

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VOXPOP 'Ahmad Abd Jalil gave his opinion and he gets nailed. The bad and ugly get off the hook, the good get stranded.'

Traumatised Ahmad lodges police report for own safety

your say Prmaju: The country has descended into lawlessness. Just about any warlord can do everything and anything with impunity. There is no need for them to obey the law.

Despite of all these blatant abuse of power, bullying of ordinary citizen, our useless PM pretends nothing is happening.

Umno has just pushed another 100,000 voters to Pakatan Rakyat. Good work, Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM)!

The Mask: Dear fellow Malaysians, just feel the anger being expressed by the rakyat at all the selective persecution and prosecution.

It's a lost cause if we expect the present regime to change. But we know what to do, come GE13.

1Mockery: Good move, Ahmad Abd Jalil (in lodging the police report). In this century there are still people who think that they are more supreme than the rest. Let it be made known to these breeds, that they are making the people hate them more.

Not Confused: This continued persecution and harassment of people for expressing their views, no matter of whom or what, is totally unjust in the 21st century.

It's time the government realises that no longer can they enslave the minds of its citizens and dictate what they can think or say.

Admittedly, freedom of speech should come with equal responsibility, but in this instance the royalty are strong and should be so, so one wonders why they should be concerned about facing some criticism.

On the other hand, perhaps they are feeling insecure for some reason.

MrM: His family hails from Penang, so he has no need to be loyal to the Johor sultan. Do we expect Johoreans to menyembah to the Kelantan or Perak sultan?

Tancc: Remember the poor girl from Johor who stepped on some pieces of paper with the face of some "demigod"? She was handcuffed and delivered from Johor to Kuala Lumpur for questioning/detention.

Whereas we have a minister's son who was involved in assaulting a condominium security officer who asked him to register his name before allowing him to enter. This son was not arrested nor handcuffed.

This is justice, Umno style. In Malaysia, there are many demigods who are above the law.

Anonymous #33877536: This is absurd. Why has Ahmad actually done? He just gave his opinion on something and he gets nailed.

The bad and ugly get off the hook, the good get stranded. What a Malaysia this is.

Izzah and apostasy - the real heart of the matter

Nst: Enough has been said, Umno-BN just want to manipulate everything others say, thinking that will garner them votes. I don't think that will work.

Pakatan, please go down to the kampongs to explain and they will understand.

Anonymous #90975058: Dirty politicians ride on the back of religion and paint a picture that they are holier than thou so that they can stay in power.

We need honest, simple and truthful people like Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar to lead this country.

RR: Man labelled the different religions. God is one. We take a particular path (religion) to reach Him.

Some do not even want to take a particular path but they remain a good human being - in fact, better than some staunch religious followers.

The worst is to mix religion with politics. This is the disaster we are facing in this world today. That is why the United Nations has declared ‘One should have the freedom to choose one's religion'.

Religion and politics must be kept separate. We Malaysians must move forward to avoid the havoc that is happening in the Arab states today.

Retnam: It is a numbers game. It will end when the population is 95 percent Malay, which will be in another 50 years or so. There will be no controversy then.

Take China as the perfect example of this situation. There, it is a case of no religion. Here it will be a case of only one religion. What apostasy is there to talk about then?

GXFC: Religion is for a person to be spiritually higher and purer. However, some people mix religion with politics and worst, a military agenda. Let religion be purely spiritual - that's the answer.

Swipenter: If you believe in Allah/God, this is what I have to say. When we die, we all die alone and that is a fact not many acknowledge. No one can die for us or postpone our death when the time comes.

We can be surrounded by loved ones, friends, etc, but they are all helpless to do anything to stop us from dying. We all go and meet our Allah/God alone to face his judgement.

There won't be anyone saying good things on our behalf or mitigate the results of our actions in front of Allah/God. We are all alone by ourselves.

What difference does it make then if you were a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, etc? None. You are judged according by your deeds when you were alive.

Abuminable: This is much ‘adoi' about nothing. Zunar's latest cartoon says it best: all the controversy about apostasy is just another distraction from the fact that we are being robbed in broad daylight by a ruling elite that knows its days are numbered.

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