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'Steve Oh, we stand by you'
Published:  Nov 10, 2012 3:31 AM
Updated: 9:35 AM

YOURSAY 'You express what we feel so eloquently and simply that we can't help but feel touched by your letter.'

I stand by my views, says letter writer

your say Mahashitla: The truth should not be suppressed. It will only bring more embarrassment to the government.

There's so much 'pearls' in Steve Oh's letter that the government can quietly pick up. And if addressed properly, it can help to make Malaysia a great nation.

Just pick a line from US President Barack Obama's victory speech where he told American voters, "I am also learning from you."

Steve, your letter is now a 'must read' and thank you Malaysiakini, for your courage to publish the truth.

Truth1: As a Muslim, I find absolutely nothing insulting, offensive or inflammatory in your long letter to the Malaysiakini editor. Instead I find so much wisdom and truth in it, thank you.

I hope you will continue expressing yourself so eloquently of your love and care for this country as well as your fears - sentiments more and more of us are beginning to openly share with other Malaysians.

It would be enlightening - if not rib tickling - for us too if you were to share whatever email exchange you may now have with the Royal Malaysian Police. I'm sure that would be a hoot. Salute, Steve Oh.

Little Hantu: My respect to Steve Oh for his honesty and bravery, to Malaysiakini for its principled stance, and to all Malaysians who uphold justice.

Ferdtan: There is plenty of freedom of expression. The problem is "there is no freedom after expression".

By sending 15 police officers to the office of Malaysiakini , it shows the arrogance of power that is becoming a norm in many of the authorities' dealings with the public.

This is intimidation and harassment, which are totally unnecessary, of Malaysiakini and people like Steve, who only expressed his personal opinion.

We must make it very clear in the coming general election; we don't take such arrogance shown by the authorities under the present BN government lightly.

It is time for the enforcement agencies to change, and to act impartially in line to the expressed and transparent process of law, and not by the brute rule of law.

Onyourtoes: Steve Oh, I respect your courage and intellect but I don't think it will make any difference to the ruling elites.

The PM has also expressed cynicism on pluralism and liberalism. Since when are new social ideas ever come out from a group of vested interest feudalists?

I don't think they can see or feel the undercurrents rapidly sweeping across our country. They can't feel the pulse of the people, especially the young.

They can't see the young people's yearning for change. They still continue to assume the rakyat are there for them to manipulate.

LittleGiant: "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Steve Oh and Malaysiakini , please be assured that you have the support of all reasonable thinking Malaysians, always.

Ipohcrite: "He who digs a hole for his brother, will himself fall into it." I remember this from one of the Arabian Nights' stories when I was very much younger.

Steve, my thoughts and support are with you. The evil and the conniving shall be punished.

Puchong Mali: To Malaysiakini , your conduct does not surprise me at all because over the years you have given us every reason to expect such high journalistic ethics from you.

To Steve, you are one fine, good and courageous fellow. Way to go man!

Apa Ini?: Let them do their worst - they will only prove to be their own worst enemies. Thank you, Steve Oh, for a brave and worthy piece that has inspired many of us.

Headhunter: Dear Steve Oh, let me assure you that you have another fan who will try not to miss your future letters or articles. There are few Malaysians who are able to voice what many of us feel is wrong in the country so eloquently.

As the saying goes, speak now or forever hold your peace. The fact that you chose to speak is like the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, my fellow Malaysian.

Blind Freddo: Steve Oh's letter carries within it the essence of what Malaysia should be. He should be applauded for what he has to say, and Malaysiakini should be praised for having the courage to publish his letter and for standing up for their democratic rights

Mat Malaysia: Dear Steve, well done. I am so glad you are not intimidated by all this rubbish. I am sure you have by now been inundated by numerous offers of legal assistance.

I would be honoured if I could be added to the list. Just let Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan know and he will contact me.

Vijay47: I wish I had said that! Wow, Steve Oh, what an excellent letter which says what needs to be said in a most restrained and humble manner. Our only hope is that your letter opens the eyes of those who choose to be blind and continue to serve the bidding of evil men.

By the same token, we are all equally heartened and proud of Malaysiakini's brave stand and refusal to buckle under police harassment and bullying. We need more resolute intrepid persons the likes of you.

Alas, I number among the chickens. Just a thought, Malaysiakini , I hope the coffee and tea you served to the police was without sugar.

Bye Bye: Sadly Malaysiakini does not serve coffee or tea. Those chaps can visit the coffee shop downstairs. Salute Malaysiakini and Steve.

YHY: The only good thing I can say about the police raid on Malaysiakini is that it drew my attention to your original letter that I had earlier missed. I could not find anything seditious in that letter that was well-articulate and well-reasoned.

Jean Pierre: Steve Oh's passionate letter will go down in history as one of the milestones in Malaysia's progress towards a matured democracy and a united nation.

3rdEye: Steve, you couldn't have written such a piece if it is not from the bottom of your heart.

Good governance must be carried out with tenderness, respect and care for the rakyat. After 308 (March 2008), the government of the day said that the rakyat's message is loud, clear and will be heeded. Yet, old habit dies hard.

On the eve of another general election, the full power of the government machinery is being used to bear down on the meek.

My sincere advice to the government - reform and reinvent or come the next election, the meek will cleanse the nation and collectively govern Malaysia.

Mr KJ John: Well done, Steve and Malaysiakini . Fear is the debilitating condition that denies dignity in many and most.

You have both stood up for truth in the face of abuse of power and authority. You are an example for all of us who need to fight fear and ignorance.

Appum: Steve Oh, I salute you. You speak for the majority of us who are patriotic to our country. It's the state of our country that matters, not that of whoever is in power or who clings to power for their own selfish ends.

You express what we feel so eloquently and simply that we can't help but feel touched by your letter.

Not Confused: Steve, you have my support, and I appreciate your comment that it is not about you but those who are being harshly treated by the authorities in a disintegrating regime.

However, you have had the courage and the writing skills to put your views in a succinct and honest way. This is something that those in power could not possibly understand - sadly.

Keep up your efforts. You have the majority of right-thinking Malaysians right behind, even beside, you.

Hopeful Doc: You stand by your letter, Steve, and I stand by you. I respect your courage in putting down in writing what I'm sure is in many Malaysians' minds.

Bmjr: Oh, Steve what a fantastic articulation of the need to do the right thing and you have my admiration for doing just that.

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