MACC may as well pack up and close shop

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YOURSAY 'It just boggles the mind - evidence of an apartment, photocopies of cheques, recordings ... and still they can say there is insufficient evidence for PI Bala's complaint?'

MACC: Insufficient evidence on Bala's bribery claims

your say Neetsognam: If the evidence is not enough, wouldn't you just ask more questions and go and get more evidence?

Only if this has been done and nothing more is forthcoming can one conclude that there is 'insufficient evidence'. Instead, this was not even done and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) wants us to believe its lies.

Ez24get: It just boggles the mind - evidence of an apartment, photocopies of cheques, recordings of conversations, air tickets in and out of the country, iron-clad testimony from the very recipient of the bribe, and still they can say there is insufficient evidence?

It is better that the MACC and DPP gulung tikar (roll up their mats) and close shop. You will never catch anybody this way, even in a zillion years.

It's a real pity that Teoh Beng Hock died over just a digitised jpeg invoice of less than RM3,000 found in his notebook.

Ferdtan: I understand that some money and an agreement for an apartment in Kuala Lumpur had been transferred to Bala and offered as a bribe, and these are now being held in trust by his lawyer.

Since MACC said there is not enough evidence for the corruption case, Bala should write to the agency again to seek their clearance to keep the money and put the apartment up for sale. This is to teach the bribe-giver a lesson.

Malaysians now being given the BRIM 2.0 cash handout of RM500 should learn from Bala - keep the money and give the government the middle finger.

Malaysian Joe: Nobody is surprised there is "insufficient evidence" to charge anybody as evaluated by the deputy public prosecutor (DPP) and confirmed by MACC. When it is the Umno/ PM/cronies involved, that is the forgone conclusion.

Perhaps the MACC or AG's Chambers can share this lack of evidence findings with the rakyat to see if the conclusion is objective?

Anonymous #19098644: How come they didn't send 15 investigators to probe this case? Why didn't they detain the accused parties for seven days in solitary confinement?

The MACC and BN have become a laughing stock globally.

Instead of preventing corruption, they sent letters to the Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to state that no laws had been broken as the RM40 million was a political donation for Sabah Umno.

With this type of cover-up and attitude, where criminals are released while those who expose them are persecuted by the law, how can this country stand tall with pride and dignity?

Vgeorgemy: The attorney-general has a record of filing cases against those in the opposition without any evidence. As such, we can't blame the AG but MACC.

Anonymous #32993250: A few days ago in India, the criminal investigating officers have told the court that a "politically and economically powerful" Malaysian was blocking their investigation, implying that law enforcement here is subservient to local politicians and businessmen.

The MACC will only go after cases less than RM3,000 as in former DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock's case.

Scchin: Just because of a reader's letter, 15 police officers went to Malaysiakini's office to investigate. PKR's strategy director Rafizi Ramli blew the whistle on alleged corruption cases and got no protection, but instead was charged under the banking laws.

And now Bala's complaint has insufficient evidence. See how rotten Malaysia is?

Tidakboleh: Shouldn't Bala now reveal all the evidence for the public to judge whether the DPP and the MACC are bullshitting?

MACC was not even interested to interview Bala before reaching their conclusion. I have never heard of the authorities finding enough evidence to charge a person or persons based on just one news report or one single letter from a whistleblower.

MACC seems to be afraid to reveal the truth. Doesn't the conclusion seem predetermined? The truth is what we want.

Guna Otak Sikit: That is the whole point of setting up the MACC. Has anyone heard of whitewashing? No wonder former MIC chief Samy Vellu loved the MACC and its predecessor, the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

Ann: Did anyone expect any other outcome from the MACC?

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