Will Suaram and Bersih be invited to NGO bash?

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VOXPOP ‘It is a bit too late to show that the government cares for the people. It should have been done years ago - not on the eve of the GE.'

'Barisan' to court 1,000 NGOs ahead of GE13

vox populi small thumbnail LittleGiant: The fact that Umno is organising this meeting with NGOs is enough to be convinced that the main, and probably the only, agenda for the event is to bash the opposition.

And why is there a need for Chandra Muzaffar and Lee Lam Thye - two political turncoats - to speak at the proposed gathering of NGOs when the intention is only to get feedback on government programmes and initiatives, such as the Automatic Enforcement System (AES), Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) and National Education Blueprint (NEB), as claimed.

If Umno is sincere, it should just get the relevant government departments and agencies to explain the details and provide appropriate answers to the many questions that would be raised by the NGOs invited to attend the event. There is no need for any unnecessary speeches and fanfare to the proposed event.

Taikohtai: Why is BN getting dumb and dumber? Instead of wasting valuable resources gathering 1,000 NGOs to support their cause, all BN needs to do is to heed the wishes of the rakyat - get PM Najib Razak to debate Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Ourvotesdecide!: Najib has congratulated US President Barack Obama over his re-election and asked Malaysians to emulate the Americans to vote BN for continuity.

But Obama dared to hold three public debates against his challenger, Mitt Romney. Will Najib dare to debate Anwar?

Pakatan Rakyat should put up banners all over the country to challenge Najib to debate Anwar. If Najib is afraid, then he should not and cannot continue to be BN chief, let alone PM of Malaysia.

Mahashitla: Najib, you can even organise a 10,000-strong NGOs gathering but we know it is not 'bersih' as you are using taxpayers' money.

If the government intentions were good and transparent, we wouldn't be having problems such as the PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), the half-crooked bridge, a bleeding MAS (Malaysia Airlines System), etc, and now the blood-sucking AES.

Mushiro: It is a bit too late to show that the government cares for the people. It should have been done years ago - not on the eve of the GE. This shows clearly the government's insincerity.

Sabahan: If all the 1,000 NGOs are to give their views and each is limited to five minutes, it will take 5,000 minutes or 80 hours or three continuous days. Therefore, we can conclude, they are all invited just to listen and not give their input.

If their input is required, just ask them to write in their views. There is no need to waste 1,000 NGOs' time to attend this publicity stunt.

Retnam: "Among them (the speakers) are social activists Chandra Muzaffar and Lee Lam Thye and Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia rector Zaleha Kamaruddin."

Three good reason why nobody should attend this event.

Queenie: Are Bersih and Suaram included in the invitation list?

Quigonbond: They'll bring over all the dissenting NGOs with a view of neutering them in the media - along the lines of - "they agree with our moderate path and the way we do things". Better watch out.

Apa Ini?: NGOs, now's the time to demand funding. They need your votes.

China: By the way, can you give 1,000 ‘I Love PM' banners to the NGOs and RM500 each for their allowance and transport?

Hawker causes stir at Penang Deepavali party

Giudice: There will always be some who are disgruntled. That is the nature of governance. Good governance requires giving fair treatment for all, not making everybody happy.

The hawkers should apply for a licence like everyone else. Understand and accept that there are a limited number of spaces.

This is but one problem caused by the BN government. Now that everyone is expected to follow guidelines and play according to the rules, some can no longer adapt.

RA 1: In 2004, the monthly household income for Penang is RM3,531. RM770 is not enough in Penang. To live in Penang, a family needs a minimum of RM1,000 a month.

DAP, don't lie. Penang is a rich state. You should top up the income of the poor to RM1,000 a month.

Fair deal: RA 1, when your BN boss was in power, they cannot even top up to RM500 because they put all the money in their own pockets or the pockets of their cronies.

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (LGE) must be applauded for topping up every family's income to RM770.

Go and make sure that Najib, all the CMs and MBs top up everybody's income to RM770. After that, LGE will lead the way to make everybody's income of more than RM1,000 a reality.

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