Umno, if you are clean, what's there to hide?

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YOURSAY 'If you are clean you will not be afraid to declare your assets to the public, just like the cabinet members in Selangor and Penang.'

Umno yet to decide on pre-polls assets declaration

your say Whatsup: Assets declaration only for new Umno candidates? Come on, party information chief Ahmad Maslan, make it that all candidates (new and old, millionaires and billionaires too) have to do it. And do make it public with no creative declarations, please.

But it won't happen. So much so for Umno attempting to play follow-the-leader with DAP. Pakatan Rakyat has really set a standard in its march to Putrajaya and Umno has been left far behind.

There's absolutely no reason anymore for Umno to continue ruling - if it does win GE13, it's definitely not the choice of the rakyat but through fraud and pseudo-citizens assisted by the likes of the Election Commission, etc.

Bluemountains: If you are clean you will not be afraid to declare your assets to the public, just like the cabinet members in Selangor and Penang.

The rakyat is not interested in whether you declare your assets to the premier or not. If you are a wakil rakyat, you declare to the rakyat.

Why declare to the premier? He is not the rakyat.

Wsoi: Declare all individual assets on the web. This is the credible way to show your sincerity. It is not wrong to be rich, provided it is not haram (illicit) money.

Spirit of Malaya: Yes, the PM is serious in tackling graft and corruption, but only if it involves the opposition and non-Umno members of the public.

It's so clear even my primary school son knows about it. Enough with this nonsense - let's vote for Pakatan and recover our hard-earned money.

Wira: Don't talk about candidates. Can those already elected and serving in state and federal cabinet positions please declare their audited assets to the public and the press, like what has been done in Selangor and Penang?

Anonymous_40c8: In just four short years (compared to half century of BN years), Penang under Pakatan is praised by financial news agency Bloomberg as a clean and business-minded government.

If this country wants to be first class, it has to be like or better than the Penang government.

Armageddon: It is easy to sign a piece of paper declaring your assets. What we want to know is, what action would be taken if someone was caught lying?

RA 1: All Umno candidates should publish a summary of their income tax on the Internet for all to see. For GE13, this is sufficient. They need not publish the details - just how much tax they are eligible to pay for 2011.

Fair&Just: Yes, openly declare your assets to the public. Starting with the assets of the PM, the cabinet members and all BN politicians, especially the Sabah and Sarawak chief ministers, with the latter deemed to be the number one richest man here.

Here is a chance for the CMs concerned to refute that.

Pink Floyd: When the crime-laden Umno-BN leaders make their assets declaration, they sure will make it look good. How?

They would classify their assets by index and non-index. And you only get to see the index assets.

Armageddon: It is easy to sign a piece of paper declaring your assets. What we want to know, what would be the actions to be taken if someone is caught lying?

Pahang MB backs asset declaration move

Onyourtoes: Umno bigwigs do not know where the credibility problem of the party lies.

Suddenly the distraction was on new candidates identified to stand for the coming election while those holding positions currently are left to plunder and pilfer rampantly and savagely.

Look Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob, it is not about potential candidates tinting and contaminating your "distinguishing" party. It is your party that will most likely mar the reputation of potential candidates.

Please get your thinking process right.

Taxpayer: Well, that the Pahang MB said he supported the requirement for Umno members contesting in the coming GE to declare their assets is because he knows that will never happen in Umno.

If you believe what he said, you can also believe if some weirdo tells you that the moon is landing at the KL International Airport (KLIA) soon.

Angry_Voter: That is not going to happen. I remember someone saying that it would be too dangerous for Umno bigwigs to declare their assets - they are all filthy rich.

Anonymous #06001393: A leader should say, "I will declare my assets, there is no need to wait for the party and the support of the party."

My guess is he will not be standing in next GE.

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