Will police help Jais to probe two ex-PMs?

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YOURSAY 'I am now only interested to know when our most efficient police force is going to 'assist' Jais to probe Abdullah's statement.'

Blogs: Pak Lah said Muslims can leave religion

your say Pemerhati: According to Channel News Asia, former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2007 "clarified that Muslims can leave the religion but they must first bring the matter to the state religious authorities".

During an interview with Malaysiakini , also in 2007, another former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was reported to have said, "If you are prepared to give up Islam, you must also be prepared to give up (the rights associated with) the definition of a Malay."

Early this month, PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar is reported to have said, "There is no compulsion in religion, even Dr (Ahmad) Farouk (Musa) quoted that verse in the Quran.... how can anyone really say, 'Sorry, this only apply to non-Malays.' It has to apply equally."

All three have said or implied that Malays can leave their faith. Malaysiakini has also reported that according to inspector-general of police Ismail Omar, the police are assisting Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) in its investigations into Nurul's remarks.

Now are the police and Jais going to similarly investigate Abdullah and Mahathir or just investigate Nurul alone and prove once again that they are nothing but lackeys of Umno whose main function is to unfairly harass the opposition?

Jstom: How can one 'leave' a race when one converts? There's something very basically wrong with the definition or the understanding of it.

Indians don't become 'white' just because they convert to a 'white' man's religion (Christianity). They are still Indians.

Abasir: There appears to be an uncanny pattern here. First, MIC blames Pakatan for the Batu Caves condominium approval, after which the truth emerges.

Then Umno targets Nurul on this alleged apostasy call and we discover that the Umno PM had in fact said something unambiguous about the freedom available to Muslims.

Ferdtan: PAS Ulama chief Harun Taib, you have never failed to comment when Pakatan members such as Nurul Izzah touched on religious matters regarding the Islamic faith which are not agreeable to you.

It is fair enough, as you are an Islamic scholar and you must have strong opinions on such issues. However, why stop there? Please, for once can you give your take on statements made by the many Umno members touching on your faith?

Abdullah, who was then the PM, said something less ambiguous than what was said by Nurul regarding apostasy (murtad).

Channel News Asia on July 10, 2007 reported, "Asked about the growing number of religious disputes dominating news headlines, he (Abdullah) clarified that Muslims can leave the religion but they must first bring the matter to the state religious authorities."

So Harun Taib, please give your opinion on this to show that you are sincere. If you don't dare to, as it was made by a reigning Muslim PM then - a president of the largest Muslim party in the country, Umno - it shows your double standard.

You criticise your Pakatan coalition members publicly, shaming them in the process, and yet we have never heard a whimper from you about the many mistakes made by Umno leaders. Are you in the right party?

Snoopyjnr: That was Pak Lah's famous Islam Hadhari, which in his interpretation is so liberal that Brunei sent a team over to learn more about it.

However, Brunei is adopting it more comprehensively and recently the Sultan of Brunei consented to the implementation of syariah. The harmonisation of their dual penal code into one is unique and ironically could serve as a model for Malaysia.

To the fear mongers, just look at Dubai, it is an Islamic state with a syariah but practiced sensibly and had not hampered its economic development nor scared tourists away. If PAS can assure voters that they will not be the Taliban of Malaysia, then I am sure they will get votes.

Rahman: It looks like Malaysiakini continues to pit the Muslims against one another.

Wira: Rahman, when Utusan Malaysia spins, Malaysiakini is there to tell the truth. Unfortunately, very often truth hurts more than lies.

Parameswara_40fe: Abdullah's statement was about the time DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) also commented that Revathi Masoosai's wish to be considered a Hindu should be respected by Islamic religious authorities.

Two 'great' minds from Penang said something almost similar. Now it's different?

Clever Voter: The attempts to stir the pot on such matters are not getting anyway. Short of making an arrest, the ruling party needs to think very hard on this as public sentiments and support are on the victim's side.

First goodness sake, stop the double standard. Failing which, their support continues to decline, as most citizens can think.

Rakyat Malaysia: We should discuss more pressing issue like national security, economy and social justice. Where are BN's priorities? Only goes as far as the mouth will take them?

2zzzxxx: I am now only interested to know when our most efficient police force is going to 'assist' Jais to probe into Abdullah's statement.

TC Chan: Will the private secretary to HRH (His Royal Highness) the Sultan of Selangor now announce that HRH is upset with Pak Lah?

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