All for speed limits, but not AES

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VOXPOP 'If anyone drives beyond the limits, he/she deserves to be fined. However, I am suspicious of the implementation of the AES system.'

14-day ultimatum to remove AES cameras in S'gor

vox populi small thumbnail Anonymous_4196: I support the enforcement of speed limits. If anyone drives beyond the limits, he/she deserves to be fined for breaking the law. However, I am suspicious of the mechanism of the implementation of the AES system.

For that, I will have to trust the Selangor government to have the rakyat's interests protected and at the same time, ensure our roads are safe from law breakers.

Bluemountains: People are simply not willing to follow the laws (including traffic laws) because they are following the bad examples set by the government.

When some government leaders broke the law, they were never punished. They were exempted from it. So why can't the rakyat be exempted as well?

Klangboy: Paint speed-reducing strips on the road before the AES camera, like 600m, 300m and 150m before it. Then everyone cannot claim ignorance and the real use to restrict speeds will be in place.

Anonymous #59599842: Why not install timers? As we approach the traffic lights, we know that it is time to stop when the timer shows we have three seconds left to do so.

We have had one installed in our area more than two years ago and so far, we have had zero accidents. Please install timers instead of AES.

Giudice: I can think of a much better way to reduce speeding, accidents, etc. I'm sure that we have all seen people driving like lunatics, running red lights, not queuing, and generally not following road rules.

Why not have some of us install video recorders in our cars to record such instances? We don't have to do anything, since the video recorder will just run when we are driving (and some of us are on the road much more than the traffic police, who don't seem to do anything anyway).

And for every video we submit that contains evidence of someone breaking the law, the government reimburses us a certain amount.

No expensive AES system required. We bear the cost of installing the video recorder, which can be easily covered if the reimbursement system is fair. Heck, we can even make money and deter traffic offences.

Anonymous #62211637: This technology does not justify keeping the roads safe. It justifies keeping the wallet fat for the stakeholding cronies.

Road safety is about introducing defensive driving and road safety starts before and when one gets a driving licence.

Better training for road users ensures better safety. The AES encourages more ignorance and is not in the public interest or that of road safety.

Ghkok: The rakyat of Selangor fully support the dismantling of the AES cameras. Let us take back control of our state. Let us not allow the BN federal government to do whatever they please and ignore the will of the rakyat of Selangor who have voted for Pakatan to govern the state.

Let this "dismantling" be a potent symbol of the dismantling of 55 years of one-party rule. Let this be a dismantling of the tyranny, oppression, repression and suppression engendered in the 55 years of one-party rule.

We shall defy them. We say "enough is enough".

Rakyat1M: Bravo PKR, just dismantle and throw them in the dustbin like the way they dismantled PKR flags and banners in Johor. Don't give those idiots any respect if they can't respect others.

Kgen: Can I help to remove the cameras? I want to do a good deed for my karma.

M'sian Hindu Sangam seeks apology over Dappan ad

LittleGiant: Petronas realised its mistake and has dropped the ‘Do the Dappan' advertisement. Let's leave it at that and move on.

It is true that Petronas has substantial support of the Indian community for its products. Malaysia Hindu Sangam should have the magnanimity and appreciate that Petronas had produced many good and admirable Deepavali adverts in the past.

Forcing the corporation to apologise for its latest advert might only lead to unnecessary negative reactions.

Mighty Bear: To be fair to Petronas, everyone makes mistakes. And Petronas did so many memorable ads over the years that had a very positive impact on Hindu lives.

My message to Petronas is this: if you wish to apologise, let it be because you want to, not because you need to. Please do come out with a very nice ad next year.

BujangSenang: Those people behind the production of this advert are culturally illiterate; the fact that Petronas has withdrawn the advert is good enough.

Let this be a lesson to all those cultural illiterates to be extra careful when handling issues that are racially or religiously sensitive.

Don't add oil to the fire, otherwise it will consume and devour the entire nation.

Keanjin: By the way, who is the adviser of Petronas?

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