'BN creates the problem, now pretends to solve it'

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YOURSAY 'You take something away from the Indians and then promise not to take it away, and the Indians are supposed to be grateful about it!'

PM: S'gor BN to scrap Batu Caves condo if we win

your say LittleGiant: BN councillors in MPS had given their approval to this project in November 2007 when Selangor was under BN rule.

The project has become a huge controversy and BN leaders, without any conscience and shame, make a mockery of themselves and accuse the current Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor of allowing the implementation of the project.

Then BN leaders 'dramatise' the issue to their advantage and say that the project will be scrapped if they are returned to power in Selangor. This is the kind of gutter politics that BN leaders have been practising all along.

If BN is really sincere about scrapping the project, then it should first apologise for approving this controversial project in 2007. Secondly, it should do all it can within its jurisdiction and power to scrap the project immediately and face the project's developers 'head on' and resolve the issue without politicising it further.

It is uncouth of BN leaders to 'fish' for votes first and then promise delivery later.

Swipenter: PM Najib Razak makes it sounds like it was Selangor Pakatan which approved the 29-storey condominium project in Batu Caves in the first place.

Maybe the ignorant Indians are unaware that it was Selangor BN which approved the project and now Najib wanted to exploit the issue. The MIC and the Batu Caves Temple Committee are playing along.

The MSM (mainstream media), which has been very quiet on this issue, but with Najib's promise to scrap the project if BN recaptures Selangor, the spinning will start first thing in the morning with their latest editions.

Ccsan: It is a very good move by Najib to reassure the Hindus. But it would be much better if the PM can use his prerogative to punish those in the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) who were responsible for such an insane decision and those government officers who failed to submit any objection during the approval process. That would definitely be more convincing.

Anticommunalist: This is a typical Umno strategy - you take something away from the Indians and then promise not to take it away, and the Indians are supposed to be grateful about it!

Odin: In a comment I made a few months ago, I said that I hate with all my soul the BN - all in it and all it stands for.

This matter of the condo project amply illustrates why my intense hatred. As if it is not enough that the Malay politicians (from Umno) have been treating the ordinary Indians like dirt, it is clear that a good number of those Indian ones from the MIC and other BN component parties also do.

In East Malaysia, the native politicians in the state BN are the same; they sell their fellow natives down the river.

We saw the most glaring, indisputable example a few months ago, when we learned that a native politician in Sarawak demanded from the would-be oil palm planters RM1,000 in kickback per acre of 70,000 acres of the Native Customary Right land belonged to his fellow natives and would have been grabbed from those people.

He stood to rake in no less than RM70 million merely by writing a letter that contained his demand. And listen to this - he even had the audacity to use the State Legislative Assembly letterhead when he made his demand.

Changeagent: Would the ‘nambikei' PM still support the scrapping of the Batu Caves condominium plans if BN doesn't win government in Selangor? Or is his support only conditional on BN's success in retaking Selangor from the Pakatan coalition?

He should make his stance clearer so that the Indian voters know which way to vote.

Headhunter: The best option is for Selangor government to stop the project outright. Let the developer sue or whatever they want to do. Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim will gain a lot of support and respect in so doing.

And let's see what Najib has to say since he already said the BN will cancel the project if they regain power in Selangor. Let them clean up their own rubbish.

ABU Member: BN is good at creating problems and pretend to solve it at the end of the day. May be the MIC can be duped into believing that this manufactured problem had been solved but not other Indians. Wake up and reject this type of government.

Unspin: It was quite obvious that the announcements by Najib yesterday were timed to coincide with the holy day of Deepavali - starting with MIC creating imaginary "demons" several weeks ago regarding the Batu Caves condo project, and culminating with Najib stepping in like Lord Vishnu to free the people from the "demons".

Since the evil plan by MIC was so pathetic, moving forward, I would like to propose to all political parties to observe a one-day ‘ceasefire' by refraining from making provocative and controversial statements on the first day of major festivals such as Deepavali, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Gawai, Vaisakhi, etc.

Hello: Forget about the promises. Through its half century of governance, the BN had amassed a colossal amount of wealth. It would be wise for BN to buy the property in question and donate it back to the state government, who in turn will gazette it as a protected site.

In this way, the BN might win back some credibility.

Wira: BN created this problem. Now Najib is telling us to bring them back to power so that they can scrap this project.

It's like telling us if you want to stop corruption in this country, return the thieves to power. He must be thinking that Malaysians are morons.

Anonymous_40a7: After hearing what Najib said, my mind immediately taught about this song by the Bee Gees: "I started a joke, which started the whole world crying, But I didn't see that the joke was on me, oh no."

Re-elect BN so it can clean up its own mess...

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