Re-elect BN so it can clean up its own mess...

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YOURSAY 'So when a thief is caught stealing, all he has to do is to promise to return the goods and you will give him another chance to steal again?'

PM: S'gor BN to scrap Batu Caves condo if we win

your say Victor Johan: It is indeed so very wonderful to know that our people-oriented PM promised to scrap this controversial condominium project in Batu Caves if BN retakes Selangor.

But only if BN retakes Selangor? We'll be delighted should the magnanimous PM not wait post-GE but ensure he gets to announce the culprits and expose the disgust betrayal of these scoundrels now, before the GE.

We've got some very pertinent decision to make. Time is of the essence. Oops, wait a minute; how is he going to reveal these crooks, whom we all know are from the BN league?

PM, you must have heard of this saying, "You deceive me first time, shame on you; but when you deceive me the second time, shame on me."

Moontime: You know that the government is desperate for support when the PM promised to undo something they approved in the first place. Najib is so bereft of ideas that he unintentionally waded into a quagmire of his own doing.

Put it this way, dear PM, suppose BN is still in power in Selangor after 2008. Do you honestly believe that the project will be cancelled/shelved? I doubt it very much. You will as usual, come up with a lame-brain justification for this project.

Quigonbond: This is simply hilarious. It's like George Bush starting the war, Barack Obama steps in and says I can't just pull out, it'll destabilise the region, and comes Mitt Romney saying, we'll pull out right away when I'm elected.

For the young ones, Bush and Romney belong to the same Grand Old Party (GOP), otherwise known as Republicans. They lost the general elections because minorities and moderates stand behind the Democrats. I see similarities with our politics here.

Pak Good The: The PM insulted the Indian community on this auspicious day. He should have apologised to the Indians for approving this project.

Mushiro: BN leaders are promising to do everything that they have failed to do for the Indians in the last 54 years.

They are also promising to undo some of the dirty things which they should not have done to the Hindus. Even at this last minute before the GE, it remains just that - promises.

Ablastine: Frankly I think had Pakatan Rakyat not taken over Selangor, the Batu Caves condominium - which was planned and initiated by Umno and its cronies - would have already been built.

By the way, had there been no strong opposition like Pakatan around, you think Najib would have even bother about the plight of the Indians and their sacred ground. Fat hope.

So if you vote for BN and they come back to power, you have only yourself to blame because without Pakatan to counter them, all the rights and concerns of the minority groups in the country count for nothing.

You vote BN, you are actually voting Umno and Umno is only interested in enriching themselves and cronies. This is not rocket science.

Bystander: A political blackmail in the making? I can't understand this and hope the Indians could help enlighten me.

The very people who endorsed and approved the project now come out to say they will defend Batu Caves by guaranteeing the scraping of the project if they win Selangor. What kind of silly joke is this?

BN has lost its plot completely and aren't we being made a mockery to have the PM saying that?

Maplesyrup: Great strategy, PM. Create the problem, then come and be a hero.

Pemerhati: Najib's promise to scrap the project if BN retakes Selangor indicates that either Najib is stupid or he thinks that the Indians are stupid and will not be able to see that it was BN that approved the project and created the problem in the first place.

Anyone with half a brain will tell Najib, "Your BN created the problem and now you say you are going to solve the problem, most probably by paying a huge compensation to the crony company by using the people's money. You now have the cheek and audacity to pretend that you are doing us a favour and ask us to vote for you."

We will only know who is stupid after the elections.

MrBlanc: Poor Pakatan would now have to consider the hugh amount of money to compensate the developers if the project is to be cancelled. Will the federal government pay the compensation even if the Selangor government cancels it now?

Chiabee2: The PM must have thought that:

1. No one knows that the project was approved under the former BN government because the mainstream media are not allowed to publicise/air the news.

2. No one reads the alternative media.

3. All the Indians are stupid.

4. All those in attendance at MIC's Deepavali open house yesterday in Batu Caves, irrespective of race, are confirmed to be stupid (I am sure a big round of applause was accorded when announced).

It's simply beyond belief a person with such mentality also can be PM.

Lim Chong Leong: So when a thief is caught stealing, all he has to do is to promise to return the goods and you will give him another chance to steal again?

Indians, please wake up. BN has robbed and stolen from you and you want to give them a chance to scrap the Batu Caves condo when Pakatan is already doing it?

'BN creates the problem, now pretends to solve it'

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