Alleged gang rape - cops sully nation's reputation

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YOURSAY 'The Indonesian banner showing the word ‘Biadab' seems a little too familiar; now instead it's directed at our government. What goes around comes around?'

Anifah: Alleged rape by cops viewed seriously

vox populi small thumbnail Onyourtoes: Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, I think all alleged misconducts and crimes committed by enforcement agencies like the police should be viewed seriously, not when our bigger neighbour has threatened us with demonstration and harm.

Seriously, if this allegation of rape by our police is true, I don't know how anyone, be he a Malaysian or a foreigner, could have stomached it.

We are talking here about the police in uniform while on duty committing gang rape in the sanctuary of law and order. I mean what kind of nonsense is this?

What kind of rogues we have recruited into the police force? What kind of moronic training we have given them? And what kind of stupid monitoring and supervision we have instituted in the police station?

This case is bigger than the three police officers facing the music. The inspector-general of police and the home minister must answer to this and resign.

MA: The banner (by protesters in Indonesia) showing the word ‘Biadab' seems a little too familiar; now instead it's directed at our government. What goes around comes around?

Pemerhati: Anifah Aman says, "The Foreign Ministry views seriously the alleged rape of an Indonesian woman by three policemen in Prai, Penang last Friday."

As seriously as the deaths of A Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock while in custody? We all saw how the cruel deaths were covered up to protect the glaring wrongdoings of the enforcement agencies.

We also know that this is because the crooked and corrupt politicians at the top have a ‘you help me and I help you' type of relationship with the enforcement agencies.

The enforcement agencies will not investigate the allegations of massive corruption and take any action against the many top ministers in Malaysia.

In return for that favour and other favours like harassing the opposition, the top politicians will allow the enforcement officers to get away with serious crimes like murder and rape and sometimes, to try and fool the public, they will carry out a ‘sandiwara' and find someone guilty on a minor charge and give him a rap on the knuckles.

Apa Ini?: We want accountability. And what about the Penan girls who were raped? What say you, Anifah?

70 activists embark on Kuantan-KL green march

Lamborghini: Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tak and his group deserves our praise, prayers, support and encouragement for their courage, determination and sacrifice.

They are prepared to literally walk their talk and pay the price for their beliefs. Hats off to the walkers and organisers.

Do not underestimate the day of small beginnings. May this small rivulet turn into a mighty river of protest and standing up to the arrogant powers-that-be for the sake of our children and future generations.

In the battle between the river and the hard rock, the river always wins. May this walk ignite the flames of the conscience of the ordinary rakyat and galvanise more Malaysians to make a difference and fight against corruption, injustice and exploitation.

Ccsan: This is a perfect example of making use of democracy to breed civil disobedience. If they don't respect and abide by the decision of a court of law, what else they won't do to get their selfish motive fulfilled?

By doing so, they have exposed their ugly ulterior motive behind the whole episode - that is, to overthrow a legitimately elected government through undemocratic and illegal means. Are they trying to duplicate an Arab Spring in Malaysia?

Rakyat Malaysia: We are stupid people? If so, having polluting and radioactive industries in Malaysia is smart then?

Do we rather stay in a filthy, radioactive place? We can't even handle the pollution from local industries and now we want to handle radioactive waste and nuclear reactors.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong: This is so crazy and does not make sense at all. Australia is 60 times the size of Malaysia. To the promoters of Lynas - if it is so safe why not put the plant near Sydney or Melbourne?

------------------: Dr Tan Kee Kwong, as a learned man you sound very ordinary. Australia does not have the manpower to handle this project.

If you see Australia now you will find that the menial jobs are all mostly or 100 percent done by immigrants, most of them are Asians.

Blind Freddo: That leaves 26 people out of 28 million who are prepared to get off their butts to do something for Malaysia. Meanwhile, the rest of you "salute" them or blame the government.

How about for once you accept that the anti-Lynas campaign is misguided and unsubstantiated.

Ferdtan: When it comes to Lynas issue, Blind Freddo never fails to appear. We cannot understand his fixation on this matter as he and his family would not, in any circumstances, be around physically to face any bad consequences if something tragic were to occur.

Ghkok: The marchers are our heroes. We salute them. They are a symbol of our struggle to end 55 years of tyranny, oppression, suppression and repression.

Fifty-five of environmental degradation. Fifty-five of abuse. Enough is enough.

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