PM, here's our wishlist on setting aside differences

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FREE YOURSAY 'Start dismantling divisive policies and replace them with inclusive ones if you want a united 1Malaysia. Rhetoric won't get you anywhere these days.'

PM: Set aside political differences to build nation

your say Swipenter: Premier Najib Abdul Razak, do you believe in what you say? Umno built its ‘strengths' on the simple but deadly divide-and-rule policy inherited from the British but perfected by the ruling party to an art for the last 55 years.

We have apartheid-like policies for different races and even watering it down have created storms of protests from Umno.

We all want to live as an united and harmonious nation but we are always reminded by Umno-BN that we are either a Malay, a Muslim, a non-Muslim, a Christian, a Chinese, an Indian, Kadazan, Murut, Dayak, bumi, non-bumi, a ‘pendatang' (immigrant) and what not.

Political and religious differences are not impossible to overcome and bridged for us to stand as one people, but not until and unless we are all treated as equal citizens with equal opportunities and equal treatment under the law.

Start dismantling divisive policies and replace them with inclusive ones if you want a united 1Malaysia. Rhetoric won't get you anywhere these days.

Anonymous_rb345: Najib, try telling that to Utusan Malaysia , Perkasa and Perkida first, before giving us your lip service.

Boiling Mud: Set aside political differences to build the nation?

After seeing this country mismanaged and plundered for decades, the rakyat have no problems with setting aside their differences to rebuild this country of ours.

In fact the rakyat are aspiring to do just that without being reminded. For starters, why doesn't the ruling coalition call off those blood hounds baying at Suaram?

Start listening to the pleas of the rakyat to stop raping the environment with those dubious undertakings such as the petrochemical projects, the construction of dams that will most certainly displace the natives in Sarawak, the rare earth wheeling and dealings, and the construction of the now infamous condominium at the front door of the Batu Caves temple.

Then give Teoh Beng Hock and A Kugan and their families their long overdue justice... and the list goes on. After that, let's do some serious nation-building!

Clever Voter: A united Malaysia that has set aside political differences is already in place - to address issues on income inequality, extreme corruption, human and environmental rights, racism, etc. It's called PKR. Najib should consider this as an alternative.

Ksn: Most voters, in my view, are not really driven by political ideology. What the country needs urgently are good, capable leaders with integrity.

There should be no discrimination, no cronyism, no abuse of laws or funds, and institutions such as the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Attorney-General's Chambers must be impartial. In short, we want good governance.

We are prepared, Najib, to put aside political differences but under the present circumstances where does Umno Baru stand, assessed on the criteria mentioned above?

To say the least - NBG (no bloody good). That means the voters are left with one choice only - that is, to remove the present government and give a chance to another party to govern. If they too fail when assessed under the same criteria, the voters will look for another party.

Or return to the present one if they have reformed themselves during their break from power, along with a completely new set of leaders.

Queenie: We want earnestly to move the country forward but BN is proving to be quite an obstacle.

Quigonbond: What the PM said is, of course, altruistically correct. It is for this very simple reason that the PM must heed what Pakatan has asked him to do much earlier - that he will respect the choice voters will make in the coming general elections, and surrender power peacefully, should Pakatan win.

Ipohcrite: Najib shouldn't be preaching to the youth what he and his BN political cohorts are not prepared to do. He should show leadership by example, but thus far, he has only shown leadership in deception.

Anonymous #32993250: We are all working for a better Malaysia, Bersih just wanted clean and free elections, what they got were brickbats.

Hindraf wanted you to solve the unresolved problems of Indian marginalisation, what they got was disappointment and frustration. Malaysians wanted a fair and free judiciary, what the Perakians got was foul play.

We want a corruption-free country for our next generation, what we got was the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) fiasco. The list is endless, how to develop a great country with you helming it?

Happily Writing: Yes, Prime Minister. We can discard political differences. We can even discard racial and religious differences. We will also discard you and your BN. For we know, you and BN can no longer play a role in nation building.

Wira: I wish BN will commit to set aside political differences, work towards the good of the nation and ensure a smooth transfer of power should they failed to get a parliamentary majority after the next general election.

Paul Warren: Najib, how come when I go to any government department funded by my tax money, it does not seem like it is there to serve me? So is Malaysia really mine?

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