Hee Yit Foong, you reap what you sow

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YOURSAY 'You have lost the respect of everyone for backstabbing your former party. Now bear the consequences of your folly.'

MCA denies giving up Jelapang to Hee

your say Chee Hoe Siew: Jelapang incumbent independent representative Hee Yit Foong has outlived her usefulness and there is no reason for BN to risk using her further. She is such a short-sighted woman and it serves her right.

Haven't she heard of the Chinese phrase "removing the wooden planks after crossing the bridge"?

Doc Phew!: With all the stupid stunts that MCA president Chua Soi Lek and MCA have been up to of late, thank goodness that the party is not stupid enough to accept Hee.

All is not lost for Hee though; Gerakan and PPP are still there to take her if Umno says so.

Changeagent: Chua, there is a possible compromise for you. Let Hee contest on a MCA ticket.

This way, you can combine Hee's 'self-declared' support among the constituents with strong grassroots backing from MCA members - placing the party in a super-winnable position for the Jelapang seat. DAP, beware.

Anonymous_3f4b: My take is to let Hee stand again for the Jelapang state seat on a BN ticket and let the voters decide.

The electorate of Jelapang will be the best judge whether they still remember Hee's transgression when her fallout with DAP led to her to quit the party and eventually resulting in the political disaster for Pakatan Rakyat in Perak, post-2008.

Or have they forgiven and forgotten her ‘felony' and are now in praise of her for providing good service as an independent state representative (with help from BN) - purportedly much better than her counterparts from her previous party?

YF: Poor Hee. It goes to show you did not think through that silly decision you made when you backstabbed your previous party and now nobody wants you to contest for them.

Why? Because you are an outsider, says BN. Get it?

You have lost the respect of everyone, including those in BN, for backstabbing your former party. You think they can trust you?

Now bear the consequences of your folly. You reap what you sow.

Lover Boy: Chua Soi Lek, who is asking you? Hee has said she has consulted Najib. How dare you reject her?

Lim Chong Leong: Hee and MCA talk like the Jelapang seat belongs to them to give or take or to negotiate over. But have they done their polls to see if they are hated there?

Anonymous #79199503: Before Hee jumped ship in 2008, PM Najib Razak could have agreed to her defending the Jelapang seat in GE13. Chua, eat your heart out.

Geronimo: Hear that, Hee, you are not wanted. Treat your current term as the last and please, don't humiliate yourself campaigning at the forthcoming GE.

You will be a sitting duck for rotten eggs and tomatoes.

Anonymous #75854042: Hee will lose in Jelapang. She is a gone case. BN should disassociate its relationship with Hee as she is now a political liability. That's if BN wants to win Jelapang.

The voters may return to support BN but with Hee around, the voters will not vote for BN because they don't like politics without principle.

Paul Warren: PAS should contest Jelapang. That would show the extent of the disgust that people, especially the Chinese voters, have for Hee. It does not matter if an Umno candidate contests.

Anonymous_rb345: I knew it. Now Najib is in a dilemma with so many BN-friendly independents wanting to contests their seats instead of BN candidates.

He who digs a hole for others will now bury himself instead.

Onyourtoes: One is selling fake gold, the other one is buying it.

No one in his right mind would not know that Hee was making an unsubstantiated statement, just to create some attention.

But it needs the MCA president to buy it. Don't worry Chua, there is no way Hee would be able to gain access to the PM, much less get his consent to allow her to stand under the BN flag.

Hee is like a woman "used" - she can never regain her original value. Only nincompoops will buy her story.

Fair Play: Chua Soi Lek and Hee Yit Fong are two born losers fighting over who would emerge last in a three-corner fight with Pakatan.

Wira: If an MCA candidate and Hee stand in Jelapang, both may lose their deposits. Chua is not looking at a win there. He is trying to save his candidate from a disastrous defeat.

Spinnot: Hee has no choice but to contest as an ‘independent' BN candidate. She can use the ‘frog' symbol on the ballot paper.


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