Non-civil servants can be local council president

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YOURSAY 'Why the sudden transfer? The MPS president was not taking any sides but only stating what is on the record.'

MPS chief's transfer illegal, say councillors

your say Anonymous #19098644: The state government has the authority to appoint a suitable candidate to be mayor or local council president.

The council president does not need to be a civil servant. Back in the 1990s, Gerakan appointed Tan Gim Hwa as council president of MPPP (Penang Municipal Council).

That means the Selangor government should perhaps take the opportunity to go outside the civil service and select a candidate of its choice and appoint that person as council president rather than let the post be at the whims and fancies of the Umno-influenced Public Service Department (PSD).

Umno has corrupted and subverted every institution of state from the police, judiciary to the PSD.

Ksn: Yes, it's best to appoint mayors among the citizens of the respective municipalities so that agencies like the PSD cannot interfere.

Similarly, why not appoint all Selangor local council chairpersons and the state civil service in this manner, so that the state government of the day has full control over them in all aspects such as rewards, promotions or punishment if they are not performing?

This is so that federal agencies like the PSD cannot transfer officers who do not play to Umno's tune. This is possible, I believe.

The state should give serious consideration for these sorts of suggestions from the public. They can even appoint retired civil servants, who are free from interference of such unprofessional decisions.

Skong: Where on earth do you transfer people by giving 24 hours? Don't they realise there are personal belongings and family matters that need time to settle?

Those who gave the instructions have no cow sense. I hope these idiots will face a similar situation in the near future.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Why the sudden transfer? The MPS president was not taking any sides but only stating what is on the record. Even if federal civil servants are seconded to the state government, while serving the state they are subordinate to the state government.

Therefore, the MPS president must act on the instructions of the state government and in the best interests of the state government which determines matters of policy.

This is typical Umno-BN pettiness. All civil servants must only be loyal to them and act insidiously to undermine Pakatan Rakyat in those states controlled by them.

ONG: What transfer? I don't see any transfer. What I see is that:

1) former MPS (Selayang Municipal Council) chief Zainal Abidin Aala is a federal government officer on loan by federal government to MPS, a local government authority which is under Selangor state government, and

2) the federal government has decided to unilaterally withdraw the loan of Zainal Abidin to MPS.

Whether or not the withdrawal of Zainal Abidin's loan to MPS is legal or illegal depends on the agreement or contract between the two parties. We don't know what are the terms of the agreement/contract.

Once Zainal Abidin's loan to MPS has been terminated, legally or illegally, and he reports back to the federal government to resume his duties, where he is instructed to work is not the business of MPS or the Selangor state government.

Selangor state government should have employed its own staff instead of borrowing federal government officers.

Ipoh2: I have pointed this discrepancy out many times. The Public Services Department (PSD) is set up by Dr Mahathir Mohamad to usurp the powers of the Public Services Commission (PSC). PSD is merely a department under the Prime Minister's Office while PSC is set up under the constitution.

The similarity in name confused many people who think that both are the same. They are not at all the same.

The PM controls PSD while PSC is (supposed to be) an independent commission. PSC is mandated to recruit, appoint, promote, demote and terminate civil servants.

PSD has no real powers but since nobody has ever objected to or disputed its instructions and orders, it gets away with it.

Hero325: The Selangor civil service is amalgamated with PTD (Administration and Diplomatic Service), the federal agency. Since that MPS chief is taking sides in a political tussle, the federal government has rightly transferred him.

Onyourtoes: Hero325, in what way did the MPS chief take sides? Is telling the truth taking sides? Even if he was taking sides, the federal government strictly has no power to unilaterally transfer him.

All appointments of senior officers at state and local authorities are always done with state MB's consent.

Why don't you check whether the PSD or KSN (chief secretary of the government) has consulted with the MBs of Pahang, Negeri Sembilan or Perak before senior officers in those states are transferred?

Fair Deal : Under the present BN, honest, conscientious and efficient senior officers usually end up in cold storage. Inefficient and corrupt ones who are willing to be the running dogs of BN will be highly rewarded.

Wanderer: We, the electorate, should make sure we transfer the unelected Umno PM to the opposition bench after GE13.

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