Mainstream media and their licence to lie

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YOURSAY 'Nicholas Xenophon, that's Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times for you. Lies, lies and more lies, that's what they do best.'

Australian lodges report over 'vile' Utusan, NST articles

your say Lamborghini: Senator Nicholas Xenophon, thank you for doing the Malaysian public a great favour.

For too long, we have had to endure the garbage, half-truths and distortions that are spun by these dailies. It is time they are held accountable for their irresponsible and often false reports.

Because they are pro-government papers, they seem to be able to get away with unethical and unprofessional journalism. They have to be strongly reminded that there are such virtues as accountability, impartiality and responsibility in journalism.

Utusan in particular has often been utterly seditious and irresponsible in its reports but seems untouchable because it has the protection of the powers-that-be. I and other Malaysians wait to see the outcome of your courageous action, sir.

Onyourtoes: When a person apologises, it is usually out of remorse for a mistake or offensive behaviour committed inadvertently. To me, it does not make sense to apologise if the offensive behaviour was done deliberately.

We should not cheapen or denigrate the act of apology. The newspapers must explain how the "mistake" was committed in the first place.

Was there evil intention and a deliberate attempt to hurt the character or endanger the lives of others? If there was, they must pay despite the apology.

Headhunter: That's Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times for you. Lies, lies and more lies, that's what they do best.

Smallbigblob: Good on you, mate, for making that report, but please do not be surprised when a few weeks later, they will report back to say that there is insufficient evidence and therefore it will be ‘NFAed' (no further action).

Anonymous_3e0b: The loose lips of some arrogant media have finally met their match. The editors and owners of these agencies must be held responsible for allowing the reports to be printed.

Their blatant disregard for law must be dealt with in a speedy manner. Hopefully our law enforcers will do it right to protect our country's image and show the world that foreigners' interest, rights and reputation in this country are equally protected.

Doomedrakyat: Mr Senator, your wise action will help in a small way for our dirty politics and religious spinning in this country to be met with the same degree of revulsion.

Not many people, except for some opposition politicians, have taken the brave stand to sue such media enterprises that survive on dirty tactics. In Malaysia, this phenomena appears to be sanctioned by the government.

Wira: Utusan had, on record, declared that they would spin and lie to ensure that Umno retained power. The owner of the paper is never interested in honest journalism. Go ahead and sue the paper. Umno is rich. The party can pay.

Ferdtan: Well said and done, Nicolas Xenophon. Like you said even they had apologised but it goes way beyond that.

The deed committed is most foul that there is no way they can be excused. It was not a case of misrepresentation, misquoting or an omission but a conscious deliberate lie.

What they did was taking out a harmless word and substituting it with ‘Islam', making Xenophon to be anti-Islam.

For heaven's sake, Utusan , Berita Harian and New Straits Times are mainstream media - they are multi-million-dollar operations and making such a ‘mistake' is not an option.

We, Malaysians, are of course not too unfamiliar to their modus operandi of spreading half-truths to help their BN masters. Such incidences are no surprise to us. They are really low-down sneaks.

Ngecui: The incorporated demagogic agenda of Utusan is obnoxious to the core and it has no real decency whatsoever.

It does not know how to nor can it ever want to repent for what is (and has always been) its pampered evil raison d'être.

Apa Ini?: Let them apologise and make them pay, then give the money to Bersih to show your support for free and democratic elections in Malaysia. Thank you, Xenophon.

Louis: Even Australians are not spared the lies of Utusan . Shame on Utusan - its name has travelled far and wide for the wrong reasons.

Hello: "On yer, mate!" While you're at it, please take these mainstream media to the cleaners. After all, they can afford it.

This will teach these slanderers not to practice calumny and detraction.

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