Perception of police even lower than that of crime

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YOURSAY 'Now not only are Malaysians' perception of crime even more damaged; they don't feel safe even with the police. Is this the beginnings of a failed state?'

Home minister won't resign over rape case

your say Yvoon: It is not merely a question of meting out justice on the three police officers who had allegedly committed the crime. It's the whole issue of the discipline, responsibility and authority of the police force. We give them guns to guard people, not to gratify their lusts.

To have committed gang rape in the sanctuary of a police station, the three police officers have displayed a total betrayal of their calling. We have so many questions: Have there been previous unreported cases?

Are there others in the force who know of similar crimes that have been committed, but who have chosen (or been forced) to keep silent? Are there other police officers who go on their ronda (rounds) to seek out hapless victims?

Why were there 30 ‘supporters' of the three police officers in court? Don't they have any official duties that they have to attend to? Did they apply for leave from work and got it approved to do this?

Is protecting the people even in their daily thoughts as they go about their jobs? Is it still safe to ask my daughters to go to the police station for help if the need arises?

Wanderer: Of course, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, what can you do? You are simply not up to it.

A man with principles and integrity would have resigned willingly. You have not only failed personally, you have failed the nation. You brought us shame.

Kee Thuan Chye: In Japan, the minister in charge would have step down. If not, committed sepukku as well.

And we are told to ‘Look East'. This policy has even been recently revived by Prime Minister Najib Razak. What's the use of looking east, if our leaders don't follow the example of Japanese ethics?

Instead, Hishammuddin is evasive about the IPCMC. We have spent so much money on the royal commission of inquiry to come up with the IPCMC and other recommendations, which were simply chucked aside.

Now not only are Malaysians' perception of crime even more damaged; they don't feel safe even with the police. Is this the beginnings of a failed state?

If Hishammuddin won't resign, we must ensure he doesn't get elected at the next general election so he can't become a minister. And we must ensure BN doesn't win so he cannot be made a senator and then a minister through the back door. That's the only way.

Rick Teo: Hishammuddin doesn't have the acumen to be a home minister. PM Najib Razak would be wise to replace him with someone else. So far he has made a mess of the ministry.

All of his actions have reflected badly on Najib's administration. Well, what can you expect when the head is rotten? Naturally, those down the line will also emulate his tidak apa attitude.

LittleGiant: Rape is a serious criminal offence. That this heinous crime was allegedly committed by police officers in a police station has put the country's entire police force to shame and dishonour.

What has the police chief to say about the disrepute that his men have brought to the country? Is he also going to be cool like the home minister and say "what else can we do?".

Most of our government leaders and leaders of our government agencies never believe in taking responsibility or being accountable for the positions that they are entrusted with. To them positions and privileges accorded to them are to be "enjoyed" no matter what.

It does not matter if the country or the people are brought to ignominy. Self-interest takes precedence and the lack of conviction and courage to face the truth keeps them cling on to their position and power. They are part of the "system". Indeed, what else can they do?

Wira: A plutocrat never resigns from a given position. He/she thinks the people of this country owe him that position because of his father.

Absalom: Everything that needs to be said about Hishammuddin has been said. The problem is a systemic one, not about him (as ineffective as he is).

It would not go away as long as it is the same people in the driver's seat. Here we have the ruling elite doing things with just one goal, i.e. to remain in power by all means; covering each other's mistakes and crimes, hoodwinking the people through their media and abusing their authority to the maximum.

Since the current lot have lost the plot and living in denial, the situation will not change if we do not get rid of them.

We need all our systems to have integrity and the people in charge to be professional and sincere about discharging their duties.

Geronimo: One thing, and that is for sure, Hishammuddin will not take action against the PDRM. He needs them and needs them badly to protect him when things go wrong for him from now until GE13.

Hishammuddin's response to the case comes as no surprise as he and the others in Umno have no moral values left in them. And yet they call themselves Muslims.

Jean Pierre: This is astounding idiocy, an audacious lie and an abhorrent denial. I am lost for words.

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