Hisham didn't get it, IPCMC is the first crucial step

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YOURSAY 'The IPCMC is one formula that we have not even begun to explore. So how do you suggest we solve the problem?'

Home minister won't resign over rape case

your say Changeagent: "There is no single formula that would solve all of our problems," said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

But Hishammuddin, doing nothing and refusing to set up the IPCMC would not solve any of the indiscipline problems plaguing the police force now.

Don't just say you have already ensured that the culprits are brought to court. It's a given that the judicial court system are established to punish those who have broken the law, regardless of whether they are police officers or not.

On that account, you are doing nothing at all as the home minister who is supposed to have jurisdiction over the police force. If you are serious about doing something, you must set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) immediately.

Peacemaker Why is Hishammuddin being evasive? How can the public trust the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) now? Why is the government not considering the implementation of the IPCMC?

As a home minister, isn't it his responsibility to ensure the safety and security the citizens of this country? If he has no single formula that would solve all our problems, then why is he holding the portfolio?

Onyourtoes: Hishammuddin, first, you are one week late in making your statement. We expected your spontaneous response and outrage when this case first surfaced. I think many have already told you this case is bigger than the three police officers being charged in court.

It calls into question what kind of deviant characters we have recruited into the police force. It calls into question what kind of moronic training we have given to our men in blue.

And most important, it calls into question the whole monitoring and supervisory system of the police force.

I want you to step back and think for one full minute - police officers on duty, in full uniform, engaged in gang raping of a woman in the police station, an area that is a sanctuary of law and order. How is this possible, Hishammuddin, please tell me?

I agree there is no single formula that would solve all our problems. As far as I know, the IPCMC is one formula that we have not even begun to explore. So how do you suggest we solve the problem?


When do our ministers ever take responsibility for the failures of their ministries? The BBC chief resigned over the broadcasting of news that was beyond his control. Our minister is as shameless as the alleged rapist police officers.

Anonyxyz: BN always claims that only they have leaders to lead Malaysia. With this kind of home minister, every cat or dog can also be a minister. All Hishammuddin can say is, "What can I do?"

In the corporate world, such leaders would have been dismissed in no time.

Hplooi: The home minister's actions pretty much sums up the attitude of those in power.

1Malaysian2Cina: Hishammuddin, of course you will not resign. It is not Umno's culture of taking responsibility and this is an example of Third World accountability.

Granted, the ICPMC is not the only solution, but it is the first giant step in the long journey towards a just Malaysia.

Habib Rak: The audacity to openly and blatantly rape a woman inside a police station can only happen when this is a norm that happens all the time within the station.

Low-ranking officers have no fear because they know the system is rotten to the core. They may have witnessed their seniors doing likewise.

The IPCMC is the only step forward to check this rot. Hishammuddin either can't see this or refuses to see it.

Chuath: Hishammuddin doesn't seem to be on top of matters, does he? He does not seem to be able to control and ensure discipline amongst his 'staff/subordinate' as well.

The action of his 'staff/subordinate' as in this latest 'police rape maid' fiasco only disgraces the police force but confirms the low opinion that the public already have of them.

So what has Hishammuddin been doing to ensure that the departments for which he is responsible are effective and efficiently run by competent and trustworthy people?

Odin: Of course, Hishammuddin will not resign. Not in a million years. If he did, he would not be able to enjoy the same level of power, prestige and perks he is now basking and wallowing in.

After he has been exhibiting his odious character and pathetically low intellect, no one would want to employ him and pay him the kind of salary he must surely expect.

Were he to set up his own legal practice, he would get no clients. So he stays on. The only way to get rid of this principle-less, parasitic moron is to make sure that the BN loses very badly at the GE13.

Chandran Sukumaran: "IPCMC? There is no single formula that would solve all our problems," said Hishammuddin.

Yes, he is right. Changing the government is the only way.

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