But can PAS be compassionate to all?

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YOURSAY 'After 55 years with Umno, Malaysians, especially the non-Muslims, are prepared to accept PAS if only it can do that.'

Hadi rubbishes 1M'sia, says PAS' concept key to unity

your say Sepang: I am glad to see that PAS has progressed and matured over the past decade. I personally do not agree to an Islamic state, but happy to see a coalition government that can be inclusive of diverse groups that are both pro-Islamic and pro-secularist.

We should not be surprised at such a combination, just look at European countries, their coalition governments often include Christian democrats, socialists, rightist, communists, etc. If they can do it peacefully, surely we can too.

In 2002, I had a conversation with my then pastor on the corruption in Umno and how as a Christian, I would rather support PAS than BN. My pastor, while agreeding with me on Umno's corruption, expressed more fear towards PAS' Islamic state and hudud.

Guess what was my response that got him speechless? I said: "At least, PAS fears God. What does Mahathir fear? He fears no God."

Now I can very happily and proudly say that I was 10 years ahead of the majority of the Chinese to see value in PAS.

Bobby Cheng: 1Malaysia calls for unity for all to support a corrupt regime. This is deluding the nation to the highest degree.

Hello Malaysians, don't get cheated again. Or else all of us really deserve to be called hamba abdi (slaves) to the corrupt bangsawan for eternity because of own stupidity.

Support hudud for those who steal millions and billions from the nation. That is better than supporting a corrupt regime that will bankrupt the nation by 2020.

Blind Freddo: If PAS were genuinely interested in unity, they would abandon syariah law completely and drop all aspects of compulsion in their religion.

The only unity PAS is interested in is PAS unity, which has nothing to do with PKR, DAP nor Malaysians in general. Compared to what PAS has in mind for this country, corruption is nothing.

Onyourtoes: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's statements are too vague, please elaborate and tell us more. You see, we have come to the stage where clarity and unambiguity is needed before the rakyat can make a rational and reasoned decision.

For example, Iranians too can elect their president, but they can never change their mullahs. PAS must unequivocally declare that it is for democracy and its leadership, like other political parties and genuine democracies, must be subjected to the periodic will of the people.

There shall be no mullah or ulama rule. There shall be no ruling council where the members just elect among themselves and rule the country forever. Unity and compassion are ideal states. Please tell us how you intend to get there.

JMC: Hadi Awang says unity and compassion are the main objectives of Islam, but so they are for all major religions. The question is whether this compassion will be applied equally to all racial and religious groups.

Umno's brand of Islam has clearly proven otherwise. What we need is not a religious state but one that is compassionate to all its citizens, regardless of their race or creed.

After 55 years with Umno, Malaysians, especially the non-Muslims, are prepared to accept PAS if only it can it can do that. PAS is now morally obliged to treat them with equality and fairness.

Bumiasli: One thing that many of our leaders fail to see is that being multi-racial means being multi-religious as well.

No one religion or its teachings should be emphasised above others in a multi-racial, multi-religious country. Every religion has its teachings and the people follow them accordingly.

Recently, there have been too many unnecessary issues on the topic of religion. Live and let live should be our policy. Justice has no religion, neither does peace.

PAS ready to rule M'sia with Pakatan, declares Hadi

Mahashitla: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has spoken and spoken well. PAS will put differences aside and work on commonalities with Pakatan partners to heal the nation and move Malaysia forward.

PAS has also assured its enemies of no vengeance, especially those in the civil service, should Pakatan gain power.

This act of compassion, which is also practised in most religions, will win much needed support.

Ferdtan: I have read the translation of the full text of the presidential address by Hadi Awang on Harakah's online site.

Normally I don't pay much attention to such a long speech, even the PM's address at the Umno AGM. But this is different - it is a statesman-like address touching on many issues including economy, the bane of corruption and on goodness (fair leaders and fairness in the country) through a benevolent state.

Hadi Awang's keynote speech is a clear signal to its members that PAS stood beside its Pakatan allies. He added that PAS, together with Pakatan, upholds the concept of commonality and not focus on differences.

It is in no uncertain term addressed the conservatives in the party, the ulama, they have to move on. He is telling them directly in the face that PAS is not rethinking of going back to Umno, and telling them to stop focusing on the disruptive differences with its partners (like issue of hudud).

Ulama chief Harun Taib, have you got the message? To make friends, you work first on commonality and not the differences - that is, if you are really keen to be friends in the first place.

Telestai!: I am pleased to know that PAS is showing the kind of maturity needed by a political party aspiring to take over the reins of the country.

I am impressed by its willingness to cooperate with other political parties with disparate views.

Pakatan may or may not win the coming GE but the level headed-ness of PAS gives hope that Malaysia moving in the right direction towards a two-party system.

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