Mahathir's 'fairness' should apply to bumi status, too

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YOURSAY 'How about instituting equal citizenship, equal opportunities and equal treatment under the law before talking about fairness in implementing hudud?'

Mahathir: PAS must apply 'hudud for all'

your say Multi Racial: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad had a chance to take Malaysia on the path of moderation and modernisation just like Turkey. But instead he was the main cause of where Malaysia is today.

He spoke about fairness. If there is anyone who doesn't have the right to speak about fairness, it is he. He was the one who is the most unfair.

Corruption got worse during his time because there is no fairness in tender awards. Everything is given out to cronies.

He treated Malaysians unfairly by dividing them into bumiputera and non-bumiputera, and into cronies and non-cronies. How dare he accuse PAS of being unfair?

Onyourtoes: Mahathir, please don't think you are the cleverest person on earth. I am not a Muslim, but I believe I too could interpret "fairness" in the Quran.

You said God, in his fairness, must apply hudud equally to all. I say, it is precisely because of God's fairness and compassion, that He has chosen not to apply hudud to those who have not subscribed to his will.

It is also God's magnanimity that there is no compulsion or coercion in Islam. Please note you are not God, and you don't have final say on every damn thing in this country.

Anonymous #94851632: Yes, I agree with Mahathir. The chopping off of hands should not be confined to Umno leaders only, it would be great to include your stooges in MCA as well as those in MIC.

The people are not afraid of hudud as you are the ones who steal from the people. Indeed, they should worry most about hudud.

Imran: This old man is talking about 'fairness'. How about treating BN Malays and non-Malays equally too?

If PAS wants to implement hudud on non-Muslims and at the same time treat Malays and non-Malays as equals, we non-Malays will gladly accept it.

Anonymous_3f8d: Mahathir, for you it is bumiputera first, but Islam never said you could treat another human being unfairly. If you believe in fairness, then abolish the bumi status. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God, right? Isn't that what you claim your teachings said?

ABU, Don't Play Play: The old man really has a forked tongue. When it is time to distribute goodies, it only bumiputeras or rather, the Umnoputras, who get it.

But when hudud is mentioned, it is for all. Again, it's the same old story from this octogenarian; he is more than 86 yet he is still not repentant, knowing that he is well on the way soon to see his maker.

Sa tombs: Who is this senile ‘non compos mentis' to advise PAS? Did he ever treat everyone in this country equally? Were the laws applied without fear or favour?

Did his children obtain benefits during his tenure in office? Why is Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin paying money for people to listen to this man?

Hey Mahathir, you have got no business to advise PAS because your whole body, heart and soul is dirty.

NX: Who gave this corrupt and evil person the right to talk about religion? He is a living mockery to his faith.

Swipenter: Talking about fairness? How about instituting equal citizenship, equal opportunities, equal treatment under the law and gender equality first before talking about fairness in implementing hudud?

The first step to fairness to all Malaysians is to start dismantling its race-based policies and replacing them with need-based ones.

Sinner: There he goes again. Did you, Mahathir, distribute the approved permits (AP) equally among the various races?

You didn't even distribute them fairly among the Malays. Only your cronies got them. Stop preaching to us about equality among the races and faiths.

Bluemountains: Mahathir had declared Malaysia an Islamic state but had been afraid to even implement hudud for the Muslims alone during his rule as some of the government leaders could have been without hands by now.

Keturunan Malaysia: This ‘devil that we all know' does not believe in nor support hudud himself.

His one and only purpose to make such a statement is only to provoke PAS to respond and hopefully in such a way as to make the non-Muslims distance themselves from PAS.

He is a cunning person all right, cunning in an evil way.

Ferdtan: This is a new Mahathir Mohamad - a Taliban ulama interpreting Islamic laws not only for the Muslims but also for the non-Muslims as well. ‘Ustaz' Mahathir must first preach to his billionaire sons first before he comes to us.

He has a son who is involved in beer conglomerate San Miguel in the Philippines, so is that halal? And he wants equality in punishment under hudud laws for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Punishment for theft for Muslims is amputation of the hand while for non-Muslims it is a two-month jail term.

Let's suppose your sons are caught stealing from the country's till, what shall it be, in your context of equal punishment? Amputation of the hand or a two-month jail term?

Loo Soon Fatt : Mahathir should first direct Umno to implement hudud laws to all Malaysians if it wins in the GE13 before asking PAS to do it. Obviously he is using this ploy to ensure the non-Muslims reject PAS.

Fair Play: Ironically, his comment is an indication of the depth of his desperation to turn the tide back.

Dr Spin: This is the same Mahathir who had once said on a BBC programme on capital punishment that: "We couldn't abolish the death penalty because that wouldn't be fair to all the people we've executed."

Unbelievably twisted thinking.

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