MCA's new mantra is BN 'makan', Pakatan 'bayar'

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YOURSAY 'I know I am wrong and I know what I did was wrong, but since you have the power to stop me which you did not or were not aware of, it's your fault.'

MCA now blames S'gor MB over Batu Caves condo

your say Anonymous_40f4 : The conversion and sub-division of the land from quarry use to commercial/residential use was approved by the BN in 2003.

The planning for the condominium was approved in 2007 by BN. The building plans were approved by BN in 2008. The developer would have spent a few millions as premium to the council and other development costs.

Now, if BN/Umno/MCA/MIC/PPP can compensate the developer, then the Selangor MB would probably have no problems to stop the project.

Chee Hoe Siew: Selangor MCA chief Donald Lim is either ignorant or purposely trying to mislead the people.

We know well from the case of Kampung Buah Pala that stopping the project in such a way will result in huge compensation to the property developer.

Multi Racial: I never thought MCA would go this low. MCA says, "I know I am wrong and I know what I did was wrong, but since you have the power to stop me which you did not or were not aware of, it is your fault."

Black Mamba : Another idiotic MCA minister who opens his mouth one time too often. Whose responsibility is the Batu Caves condominium now - Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim?

The MCA housing minister just has to revoke the DLAP licence and the project will come to a halt if the permit has been issued. The developer will then sue the BN federal government for compensation. It's as simple as that.

But they want the Selangor government to revoke the development order so it will be the Pakatan government who could be sued. Good try, BN.

Thetruth: That's really comical for a minister to issue such stupid statements. So now Pakatan needs to overturn every decision made by the previous Umno-BN state government? How dumb is that?

Fair deal: Donald Lim, "You makan, you bayar" (you eat, you pay). This is a well-established principle.

Now you want to create a new principle, "BN makan, Pakatan bayar" (BN eats, Pakatan pays). This BN's deputy finance minister has such crooked mindset. It's no wonder Malaysia is going down the drain.

But Khalid is an honest, prudent and responsible administrator. He is trying to find a way to make those responsible be accountable or at least find a way to cancel the approval without having to compensate if it is found that the approval was obtained through some illegal ways by the developer.

It shows how useless and possibly corrupt the BN-appointed councillors who approved the project are.

Malaysia ABU : Donald Lim, before you even bothered to question your BN partners on why they approved this project in the first place, you have the cheek to question Khalid?

Is it Pakatan's responsibility to correct all your BN mistakes (though they have corrected a lot of them already)?

If so, please let Pakatan form the next federal government, and they will have a free hand to correct all BN's grave mistakes and put those responsible behind the bars.

Following what Donald Lim says, now that Pakatan and the people are campaigning to stop the Lynas rare earth plant before it is too late, why don't the BN government cancel it?

But you would rather wait for Pakatan to take over the state government in Pahang or the federal government, then only ask them to correct BN's mistake in approving the Lynas project?

By that time it may be too late, and to force the closure of such a mega project, how much would the government at that time have to pay Lynas for compensation?

Do you want to set up a reserve fund from BN parties to pay the compensation, because don't think that taxpayers' money will be used to pay for BN's mistakes time and again? This really makes me mad!

Dood: Talk about trying to wash one's hands of one's responsibility. Not only that, Donald Lim is also trying to put the blame on other people too.

BTN: BN is just waiting for Khalid to act on this project and they will sue the state government for millions. In Bolehland where BN rules, whatever you do is not right unless they approve of it.

They can do whatever despicable things and get away with it, but when you do anything good they will use all forces available to brand you negatively or even put you in jail.

ChangeLane: My son asked me why I have been shaking my head non-stop. I told him, "I cannot believe MCA is so stupid."

MCA chief Chua Soi Lek said his only mistake was to use the same room to sleep with the same woman. Isn't that stupid enough?

Now, after MIC had made a big fool of themselves on the Batu Caves condo project, they have gone quiet. But MCA is taking over the job and are making themselves even more foolish than the MIC.

Anonymous #23456263: It's clearly BN that had approved the project. Why don't they just say sorry and offer to compensate the developer? But don't use the rakyat's money for the compensation.

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: This is the sort of leadership style of the BN government.

Not only does it not takes responsibility for decisions that they made, when things go wrong, they try to pin the blame to people who have no part in the decision. It is time to throw idiots like this out once and for all.

Garrulous Gary: Donald Lim surprises us yet again with his stupidity. It's like he was crapping in a public place and when caught, said others had the power to stop him so they are at fault.

You dolt, people don't crap in public places.

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