Let DAP vindicate itself in Jelapang

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VOXPOP 'DAP needs to contest this seat again to vindicate itself from the embarrassment of its turncoat, Hee Yit Foong.'

Pakatan and its ally PSM at odds over Jelapang

vox populi small thumbnail Changeagent: PSM central committee member Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj, let's be sensible here.

DAP won almost 10 times the number of votes in Jelapang during the last general election compared to PSM (62.29 percent to 6.7 percent). You must consider and respect the local constituents' popular party choice.

Black Mamba: DAP needs to contest this seat again to vindicate itself from the embarrassment of its turncoat, Hee Yit Foong. For DAP, to give the seat to a lesser party is to lose face.

PSM, please understand, you don't even have more votes than MCA in 2008. This is a fight between DAP-Pakatan Rakyat against MCA-BN to the end.

Hello: No one should fault DAP for claiming the Jelapang state seat. Through the years, it has proven itself in the constituencies its members stood, without help from Pakatan or PSM.

Because of this and because the constituents have placed their trust in DAP by voting its candidates into the state assembly, they have the right to lay claim to the seat.

Further, comparing the past results, PSM almost lost its deposit and DAP won the day at the 2008 general election. DAP should tell PSM to fly a kite if it is foolish enough to put up a candidate for Jelapang.

Paul Warren: I would suggest that DAP forfeits its right to call the shots on Jelapang. Given the absolute right to pick a candidate for an easily winnable seat from a large number of capable candidates, they pick Hee, a frog!

Kgen: I don't think PSM can win the Jelapang seat. If they want a three-cornered fight then so be it. The PSM candidate will again lose her deposit this time.

Disgusted: PSM should join Pakatan as a component party. Although a mosquito party, its grassroots work among the lower income and disenfranchised segment of the society is appreciated and widely recognised.

Being in the Pakatan fold can enhance its request more favourably. DAP should be magnanimous enough to let PSM stand in Jelapang as a Pakatan component party and DAP will still be a winner, coming out smelling like a rose for their sacrifice.

GXFC: Yes, Pakatan should consider some seats for PSM, however Jelapang is simply not the right choice.

Whatsup: Come on Dr Jeyakumar, it doesn't make sense. Do look at the bigger picture and Pakatan's vision, not your own selfish reasons, and please don't be an opportunist at this crucial GE13.

It is obvious that the PSM candidate did not have voters' support having lost her deposit in the last election. So there's absolutely no reason for you to think otherwise now.

Furthermore, after what Hee had done to DAP and the Perak voters, you should not have any such thoughts at all since you are part of the coalition.

Be mature and responsible. Don't upset the voters with your ridiculous demand.

Akutuan: If DAP does not field any candidate in Jelapang, their members will vote for PSM. However, if there is a candidate from DAP, PSM has no chance at all.

Let's be realistic. We are not politicians but we are not stupid either.

Dr M considering commission of inquiry on 9/11

Anonymous_rb345: Why should we worry about something that happened thousands of miles away instead of matters happening in our own backyard?

When are we getting the published findings from the RCI on Project IC in Sabah? We should also have RCIs on (1) phantom voters in the country, (2) the multi-billion forex losses during Dr Mahathir Mohamad's time as premier, (3) the reported RM100 billion in public funds lost to corruption and mismanagement, (4) the loss of billions of ringgit due to the bailing out of his cronies in the MAS and UEM transactions, (5) the abuse of the judicial processes to serve his political agenda, etc.

Raja Chulan: As a Malaysian, I think it would be much more beneficial if we were to form a commission of inquiry on the ‘22 years of (mis)rule of Malaysia by Dr Mahathir'.

Bumiasli: Malaysian politicians have too much time and money. That's why they can afford to come up with foolish ideas. And why is Malaysia concerned about the US when there are so many unsolved problems in Malaysia?

ACR: For the information of the clowns wasting their time at the Perdana Global Peace Foundation Forum, a 9/11 commission was instituted in November 2002 and issued its final report in July 2004.

Of the 19 hijackers, 15 were Saudi nationals. The details can be read on Wikipedia.

We need many inquiry commissions here in Malaysia on the various incidents that occurred during the premiership of the president of the Perdana Global Peace Foundation - two of the most outstanding cases being the Kampung Medan incident and Project ‘M' in Sabah.

Wira: Washington did not blindly blame Osama for 9/11. The latter claimed responsibility for the attacks. Also Mahathir is dead wrong in his claim that "overturning the perception that support of Israel means you win the election."

Both presidential candidates are ardent supporters of Israel because that state is a bastion of democracy in the Middle East with the polls showing Obama getting over 60 percent support from the Jews in America.

Anonymous #19098644: Malaysia should have a commission of inquiry on Operation Lallang that took place in 1988.

It was a dark period in the history of the country when the judiciary was emasculated and good men and women were wrongfully imprisoned and detained by Mahathir.

Rojak: While it seems unlikely a commission would uncover anything that hasn't come out already, in principle any attempt to get closer to the truth can only be a good thing.

What would be even better is if this spirit of transparency could be extended into the domestic sphere so we could have genuinely independent enquiries into alleged abuses by the police, political parties and other authorities.

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