Who is paying the police - the rakyat or Lynas?

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YOURSAY 'Why are the police giving special treatment to an Australian company in Malaysia, which does not even need to pay taxes for 10 to 12 years?'

Rare earth ore in Kuantan under heavy police escort

your say HYL: Lynas in their statement said it is pleased that the rare earth ore is now in Malaysian shores. Don't they know that the majority of Malaysians are not pleased, and yet they have the cheek to announce this on their website?

They are using our land and disregarding our feelings. They are acting like those 1900s colonial masters operating in China.

EyesRolling : Why are our police guarding some private company's assets? Don't they have better things to do, like lowering the crime rate? Who pays the salary of PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police)? Malaysian taxpayers or Lynas?

Chris Wong: Our police force is now moonlighting as security for a private company intent on privatising profits and socialising all the costs.

MfM: If Lynas needs security for their rare earth, let them pay a private security company to do it, at least then the security company makes money and pays taxes.

My tax money is going to the salary of the police and all they do is escort rare earth?

Kgen: No wonder the crime rate is up. The police have more "important" things to do than fight crime. This goes to show that Malaysia will be incapable of regulating waste discharge from the Lynas plant, judging from its buddy relationship with such big businesses.

The Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) chairperson goes around talking like he is a spokesperson of Lynas. How are they expected to regulate the company?

It seems Lynas will be able to do what it likes, including dumping radioactive waste into the rivers, with no consequence to themselves.

Carboncopy: Will the police please escort me to work everyday? I feel very unsafe on the streets. Why is the police giving special treatment to an Australian company in Malaysia? And they do not even need to pay taxes for 10 to 12 years.

Anonymous_4196 : Lynas' rare earth ore gets police escort and safe passage. Meanwhile French lawyers briefing parliamentarians on corruption get no guarantee of safe passage. Don't treat the rakyat like children.

Akutuan: When my wife's handbag was snatched last week, the police said there were not enough personnel to search the area. But they have enough personnel to escort the containers that have got nothing to do with public safety. What bullshit.

Mambo: Why the need for the heavy police escort if it's a private business? If it's for safety reasons then why even bring the ore to Malaysia? People were even stopped from taking photos by the police. Why the need for secrecy?

Something smells real bad, and it's just going to get worse for the workers and residents in that area. Why is the government so adamant to protect this company?

GXFC: It clearly shows that the higher-ups have a lot of interest in the rare earth plant, that they would even send police to escort the containers of rare earth. This is really the ‘hidup Umno' concept, rather than ‘hidup rakyat'.

TakeMiddlepath: The government of the day never listens to what the rakyat want. Come GE13 we should show them who is the real boss. There is just too much at stake for them to cancel the Lynas project.

Absalom: Let this be symbolic for the doom of the BN government for selling its citizens and the country short in return for a few illegal bucks.

Gods Messenger : Umno leaders are only interested in filling their pockets like how the ‘devil we all know' said that everything the devil did was for the sake of its children, and it has now become a trend in the ruling regime.

Likewise, I am sure there are people much higher up who would have taken monetary gifts to allow this plant to be set up in Gebeng.

Since the gifts are already in their pockets, the ruling regime must get this plant operational otherwise the beans will spill out. But the truth will prevail one day.

Let these demons rot in jail when Pakatan Rakyat rules the country. Just as an example, just remember how much money was paid out for the Scorpene submarines deal and you can take it from that episode that the scenario for the Lynas deal would not be very different.

Anonymous #33877536: Is the government so desperate for money? If something goes wrong, it is going to be even more expensive to clean the mess.

Nothing can be done now, Lynas is going to start operations. The only way forward is to change the government, and things will definitely change.

Podeh: Our BN government isn't listening, period. Malaysians all over the world can protest till the cows come home; the lucky BN ‘kakis' prefer to listen to the rustle of money in their bank accounts; that sounds so much better.

Who cares if Kuantan folks see their property values slump? They are not living there. They are all living in upscale areas in Kuala Lumpur.

MissPandora: Protest all you want, march as far as you wish - the government does not care. Do I want a government who doesn't care? No! Therefore, vote them out.

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