Unisex salon ruling - PAS must be a cut above

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YOURSAY ‘The simple argument against religious rule is this: Your god might be greater than others', but your men are definitely no better than other men.'

KB hairdresser in trouble for styling man's hair

your say Swipenter: Leave us non-Muslims alone to do our legitimate business. We don't see anything wrong and sinister in operating a unisex salon. Even a poster can arouse a Muslim's basic instinct? Please give your fellow Muslims more credit than that.

Sad Malaysian: Between the hairdresser and the customer is just a pair of scissors. Please be more mature.

Sabahan: Those lower-rung civil servants with low IQs should be hauled up and punished for these stupid and brainless actions. It is obvious that they are living under a coconut shell and have not traveled to Muslim countries that are progressive.

Borg Kinaulu: PAS needs to learn one thing - while stupidity might be better than corruption, Talibanism is worse. Religious law has never proven to be a working model for running a country, no more than communism.

Not every PAS leaders are as wise as PAS spiritual leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. And those who are supposed to be enforcers on the streets will only end up like those from the Taliban, the Nazis, the enforcers of the Catholic Inquisition and the Red Guards in the cultural revolution.

The simple argument against religious rule is this: Your god might be greater than others, but your men are definitely no better than other men.

Changeagent: Unhealthy interaction between sexes? What is so unhealthy about a non-Muslim woman cutting the hair of a customer of the opposite sex?

The Kota Baru Municipal Council should ask itself if the interaction itself is unhealthy, or their own dirty and immature thoughts that are unhealthy?

Bash: A taste of things to come under PAS?

AkuDahUbah: If this is indeed true, then I will have to reassess my position with regards to PAS and Pakatan Rakyat.

Tholu: PAS is clearly a hot potato in the Pakatan's coalition. PKR and DAP have a common vision and are relentlessly striving to drastically change the quality of life of the people.

They want to end corruption and wanton abuse of power by government members and save billions from being embezzled and siphoned of by unscrupulous politicians. They have promised to end cronyism and nepotism and distribute the nation's wealth equally to its people.

But what is PAS' focus? Is banning a hairdresser from attending to non-Muslim customers from the opposite sex going to improve the quality of life of the people? Is it going to bring prosperity to the nation?

I think PKR and DAP should seriously consider dropping PAS from its coalition. It's becoming a liability to Pakatan and may shatter the dream of Pakatan taking over Putrajaya.

Sudhagaran Stanley: This is an serious issue that needs to be addressed before the general election. PAS should stop such nonsense and not force their beliefs unto others (including Muslims).

No one is God on earth. God is God. Don't try to become God. Please do away with such stupid laws before the next GE.

TakeMiddlepath: I thought Islamic laws only applies to Muslims. Since when were we non-Muslims subjected to these types of laws? Don't the authorities have more pressing things to do rather than enforce these outdated guidelines?

It will definitely scare the non-Muslims come this GE13 and PAS has got nothing better to do than this. Take this to court as a matter of principle.

Blind Freddo Yes, that's Malaysia for sure. More time wasted on petty pseudo religious nonsense than on anything of importance.

For 55 years, BN have run a subversive operation that totally excluded the needs and opinions of Malaysians. And now Pakatan is priming the nation so they can do exactly the same.

If you think Pakatan will be the saviour of Malaysia then you are even more deluded than I imagined was possible.

Bamboo: Why only highlight the summons when the general election is just around the corner? I am not agreeable with PAS restricting non-Muslims' rights.

But if we are being scared off and vote BN again, will we be better off under the ‘corrupt to the core' BN government?

Ahmad4: It is not why PAS as a political party wants to judge what non-Muslims can or can't do. The question is why should any political party decide what non-Muslims and Muslims can do?

The function of a political party is normally to participate in managing a district or country, but not to mix in personal petty matters such as how to dress, cutting hair or what to eat, as the Talibans in Afghanistan did.

Why do you think millions of people from Islamic countries emigrate to the West and never the other way around? How about a Pakatan without PAS? More people might then vote for the opposition.

Anonymous #16661304: I am a Muslim Malaysian businessman in Kota Bharu and I have been doing business in KB for the past five years.

I know for a fact that Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) are imposing unfair ruling ever since I started doing business here. I do not even care before this. But after PAS won big in 2008 election, the situation has become more obvious.

Enuf: It seems like some Umno troopers working against Pakatan. Sack the enforcer for goodness sake.

Reu: Sorry PAS, you have to get your act together. If this enforcer has violated any rules, then he must be reprimanded severely.

Wira: What PAS needs to do now is to investigate the matter and come out with a clarification on the party stand and reprimand the civil servant publicly for deviation from the state government and Nik Aziz's publicly announced policy - that Islamic laws are only applicable to the Muslims.

Odin: This is preposterous. I can perfectly understand the prohibition if the hairstylist had cropped the particular male customer's pubic hair, but it was his head hair, for goodness' sake - and it was done in full view of shoppers, too.

I have to agree with Wanita MCA secretary Chew Lee Giok. This case indicates a very distinct possibility of hudud, if enforced, affecting non-Muslims as well. So my stand is this: I will not support any party that promotes hudud.

Now to the matter of posters of female hair models being disallowed. If you have ever wondered why female followers of those religions that believe in the Abrahamic God are required to cover their hair, I'd urge you to do a bit of research as I have done.

My finding was very interesting, an eye-opener, a shocker. Yes, it has to do with ... hold your breath ... extra-normal sex.

Sinner: Come on, PAS. Man cutting man's hair can lead to suspicion of gay culture. Woman cutting woman's hair, they could be lesbians. Do not be ridiculous.

Onyourtoes: Sad right? One is lots of racism with some bigotry; the other is lots of bigotry with some racism. How then should we proceed from here?

These are instances that are highlighted. What about those that were not revealed or disclosed. It is really tragic that a dynamic nation is increasingly being swallowed in the quagmire of parochial religiosity and backwardness.

It looks like some archaic people are not contented to live in the cave alone. The whole nation and its people must join them.

Jean Pierre: Just when we thought that we could live with religious extremism but not racism, we are reminded that both are the same. Both are fueled by acute inferiority complex and dance on the edges of paranoia.

Human Being: Can somebody answer my question? Is a female dentist allowed to 'operate' on a male dental patient in Kota Baru (or under Islamic law)?

I remember my very beautiful female dentist. All my toothache is gone once her hand touches my lips. Even the drill becomes a pleasurable moment. So how?

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