CEOs of ailing GLCs getting too much pay

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YOURSAY 'Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz, if you really care for the Muslims, then the Tabung Haji CEO should work for free.'

PAS likes to bring down successful Muslims, says MP

your say Anonymous_fc2: Firstly, I would suggest non-Muslims to refrain from commenting on something that has nothing to do with them nor has a direct impact on them.

Tabung Haji is an organisation entirely funded by voluntary deposits of Muslim individuals. Secondly, whilst I believe there is a need to change this corrupt, unjust and lethargic administration, let us not just shoot from our hip.

The bottom line is the CEOs deserve what they get. Why don't the detractors try running these government-linked companies (GLCs) and provide profits like these few abled men have. Be fair.

Onyourtoes: Anonymous_fc2, GLCs affect the whole economy, not just the Malays. The opportunity cost of some of these CEOs in GLCs is zero. If you understand what I am saying without referring to your economics teacher, then we talk further.

Organisations like EPF takes money from contributors through compulsory saving and then decides at their whims and fancies how meagre they want to give contributors in return. If they can't make money, they should be shot.

Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz, if you really care for the Muslims, then the Tabung Haji CEO should work for free. You see, the more the CEO gets, the less will be available for the benefits of Tabung Haji contributors.

In fact, all the CEOs of GLCs should be paid half of what they are getting now. If our GLCs do not employ them, please tell me which companies in the private sector here in Malaysia as well as internationally would be willing to employ them with that kind of salary and perks?

GLCs are not market driven, so these CEOs have no "market value", i.e. their salary and perks are not reflective of what the market would have paid. Every one of them is overpaid given the amount of responsibility they have to shoulder and the performance they have to deliver.

And if GLCs incur losses, more bailouts will be on the way.

Clever Voter: Mohamad Aziz is missing the point. There is no issue if you own and run your own enterprise, you can pay as much as you want.

But it's different when you use money that is not yours. It's disgraceful when public money is used to serve the interest of a few.

Wira: PAS is doing the Malays a great favour by bringing down Umno cronies and rent-seekers who leeched on goodies being farmed out to them.

The goodies can thus be spread out to efficient bumiputera suppliers and contractors, like what Penang CM Lim Guan Eng is doing in Penang for state tenders and contracts.

Hang Babeuf: What success? On what is that success based? The success of real distinction and personal achievement? Or the success of "grubby hands"?

In Australia, this is known as "cutting off the heads of the tall poppies". A broadcaster once ridiculed this defence. YB Mohamad Aziz should take note.

"Tall poppies get what they deserve ... Australians do not lop down to size anyone who succeeds and resent anyone who rises ... The only people who claim tall poppy victim status are those who are up themselves. After all, what could be more up yourself than thinking we're having a go at you because of your success?

"Isolating that human characteristic and naming it so graphically is one of Australia's great contributions to the world. To be 'a bit up yourself' is not to be the same as your English 'tosser' or 'wanker', both of which lack affection. When one is 'a bit up oneself', one is, after all, only a bit.

"This implies hope. Maybe next week one no longer will be in that position. It's a brilliantly succinct phrase. In just a few words ... we deliver clear meaning; this person's self-regard has gone a little too far."

Not Confused: It is one of the functions of the opposition to question such things. The heads of most of the GLCs are grossly overpaid, and in many cases their organisations are losing money like sand running through their fingers.

They worry not, because they know the organisations will be bailed out by the government and they can continue to take the cream. It's time for such low mentality to cease.

Frankee: All the CEOs of GLCs, whether they are Muslim or not, are basically idiots of the first order. If they lose their job, they may end up being taxi drivers.

If you slash their all-in annual income (receivables) to about a fifth of what they are earning now, I can bet you they will still hang around because no other employer would want to employ them.

The CEO of the company that I am working with is one of them. Mohamed Aziz, there is nothing to be proud about CEOs of GLCs in this country.

Anonymous #76965586: PAS is not targeting the rich and successful Malays. Actually, PAS and Pakatan are targeting on any races who make their wealth directly or indirectly through corruption and power manipulation. That is what rakyat want.

Pakatan will use proper policies to help their rakyat to become skillful entrepreneurs so that they can be successful in their lives. They can earn their living with dignity. They don't rob and steal.

Anonymous #64778106: These jokers just don't understand economics and business. My challenge to them is put these so-called successful people in the private sector without government help and see if they can be equally successful.

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