Why does the gov't fear the French lawyers?

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YOURSAY 'Calling a foreigner and a professional lawyer ‘bodoh' just goes to show the low mentality of Umno leaders.'

Suaram: Welcome or not, French lawyers are coming

your say Not Confused: Why don't those in government realise that by refusing the French lawyers entry into Malaysia, by harassing them, abusing them verbally and refusing to grant them safe passage, it is obvious that they seriously have something to hide - something they would rather not be aired in public.

Once again, I despair at the low intelligence and poor mentality of many in the government.

CHY: Lower the dignity of Parliament? Hasn't it already gone to the depths with so much accusations of corruption as well as a murder of a foreigner not adequately addressed in this country?

Anonymous #75854042: Malaysians should stand strong. True or not true, let the two Suaram lawyers brief the MPs in Parliament on the status of the Scorpene submarine case.

This will enhance the dignity of the Parliament. MPs must be briefed as the case is of public interest.

Apa Ini?: Deputy Defence Minister Abdul Latiff Ahmad, what 'dignity'? Whose dignity? Refusal can only lower our dignity as a nation.

These French lawyers have news to report on the Paris court's charges against a French company for bribery and corruption. It takes two to tango.

Who facilitated and benefitted on the Malaysian side that involved billions of ringgit? That's the rakyat's money. Why shouldn't Parliament be interested in the case and its progress? Because heads will roll with the revelations?

Orang Jauh: Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel, I deplore your command of the English language.

What do you mean "it becomes obvious that they have something to hide"? The correct expression is, "it's bloody obvious they are hiding something!"

Mindef: Inviting Suaram's lawyers 'lowers our dignity'

Yoong John Yen: Abdul Latiff is right for once. It does lower the dignity of our country but not for the reasons stated.

It lowers our dignity that the French courts and authorities are needed to investigate a Malaysian crime because the Malaysian authorities refuse to investigate it thoroughly.

It reduces our integrity because the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) which hails itself as equivalent to Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to be nothing more than a tool of the powers-that-be.

It lowers our image because it shows the world that we have a lot to hide from the world and its own citizens. If our government have nothing to hide, this simple visit would be a non-issue.

But the continued reluctance of the powers-that-be show us all the more that they are very afraid of something to be revealed and that they go through great lengths just to cover it all up.

Gerard Lourdesamy: If there is nothing to hide, why not form an all-party parliamentary defence select committee and invite the French lawyers and Suaram to testify before them. It is time that the people be told the truth.

Why is the government so fearful of these two "unknown French lawyers who are allegedly busybodies"? If they want to brief our parliamentarians, so what?

The BN MPs can question, ridicule, curse and condemn them at the briefing session. Why must the government try to control their movement and prevent them from talking to the public, who want to know more about the French investigation?

France does not deport foreigners unless they are terrorists or criminals. Are these lawyers such? They are not the investigating magistrates but the lawyers for Suaram, the complainant.

There is nothing to stop them from disclosing facts about the investigation. Clearly, Umno-BN is the enemy of the truth.

Geronimo: Calling a foreigner and a professional lawyer "bodoh" just goes to show the low mentality of Umno leaders. Their pea-sized brains just can't think of anything else, except degrading others and sex.

The second issue is "Home Ministry could not give them a guarantee of safe passage". Are we living in Mafia land or what? Have the government put up a contract on the French lawyers?

If it was true that their lives could be in danger, isn't it the responsibility of Umno as a government to provide the necessary protection.

This whole affair stinks to high heavens. These people are so corrupt to the core that they are blinded to the truth.

James1067: To be respected, we need to respect others and their profession. The two lawyers are not accusing anybody and just explaining the research that they have carried out to this day.

Closing the doors to this briefing would sent signals to the average mind that there is something to hide. They are professionals at whatever they do and Ahmad Latiff's name calling will send a message to the international circle how rude we are to our guests.

May: Is there any dignity in corruption? Isn't it more dignified to be proven innocent than forever be "perceived" to be corrupted?

Paul Warren: Dignity? Got or not? How to lower something you don't have?

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