Tee Yong conspicuously silent on cheap land for BN

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YOURSAY 'How come MCA's Chua Tee Yong is keeping quiet? Help BN prove that all those figures by Sekinchan rep Ng Suee Lim are not true.'

You're lying about cheap land for Umno, Ng tells Shukor

your say Gerard Lourdesamy: So 400,000 Umno members alone in Selangor constitute the rakyat. The other five million of us are non-entities.

It is the obligation of the state government to build community centres, public halls and kindergartens and not political parties. What public interest is served by alienating or transferring land to political parties for them to use as they deem fit?

Were any restrictions on the title imposed by the then BN government? Why were most of these lots classified as commercial?

Where are the community centres, halls and kindergartens purportedly built by Umno-BN? Why does Umno-BN retain the right to sell these properties on a commercial basis?

If you are unable to use the land for a public purpose, return it back to the state. Why is thesultan keeping quiet about this scam when he is so vocal on issues relating to the Pakatan Rakyat?

In Selangor, all state land belongs to the ruler in council who is the state authority. The bottom line is that Umno-BN members are treated differently from the rakyat.

Not Confused: No matter what Selangor Umno information chief and Kuang assemblyperson Abdul Shukor Idrus says, we all know what they have been up to, and with public records of land deals available for public viewing, they cannot hide.

It is easy to see the various plots and what has or has not been built on them, or where they have been sold to developers at a handsome profit.

They still think we are all deaf, blind and stupid. Sorry, Abdul Shukor and the rest of you - it is you who are deaf, blind and stupid, not us Selangorians.

Get ready to vacate your offices in Putrajaya - oh, and leave behind all the files and other paperwork. We may be needing it in the future.

Bluemountains: The Kuang Adun must be praised if he can show proof that community halls and pre-schools had been built on state land acquired by Umno. He will be classified as being dishonest if he cannot do so.

Ex-wfw: How come Agriculture Deputy Minister Chua Tee Yong is keeping quiet? You are good at costing, aren't you? Now come and help BN and prove that all those figures by Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim are not true.

You blamed the state government for inflating the land price in the Talam case. Oh, did I mention that the land was ‘sold' to BN at only RM1 per square feet?

Anonymous #75854042: Some politicians are blood sucker. At RM1 per sq ft for prime state land, it was akin to robbing the state in broad daylight.

Those government valuers who was involved in valuing the state land at RM1 per sq ft should be investigated for corruption and for cheating the state government.

Kingfisher: If the statements by YB Ng Suee Lim is true, one is left wandering as to what is the advice/admonishment by the Selangor sultan to the defaulters for such glaring irregularity in the use of the state's natural resources.

To the ordinary man in the street, "abuse of power", "default of peoples' trust", "plunder" and "rompak" comes to mind.

Xabiso: YB Ng, you are indeed a rising star . I like your work and I like you as a person. Keep up the good work.

Jean Pierre: Before 2008, I had met many politicians claiming that the Selangor government allocates state land to BN component parties for free.

They claim they have the contacts to get it for them but would have to charge a certain sum as service fee. Most were fraud, but now I guess there is no smoke without fire.

Onyourtoes: Ng, thank you for highlighting all these. But I wonder why Malay PKR or PAS assemblymen and MPs are not doing the same.

I don't want them to twist this into another racial confrontation, unless of course the Malay ‘wakil rakyat' in PKR and PAS are happy with the land scandal.

Myop101: Onyourtoes, must there be at least five reps from different races to voice their displeasure to prove that it is not a racial matter?

Can't it be just one rep from one alliance doing it? To me, a wrong is a wrong and anyone who is aware of it should bring it up.

But just because the rest didn't make it into national headline doesn't means they are supportive of it. And why only Malay? The land grab is done by Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

Swipenter: Ng Suee Lim, I salute you for digging up all the daylight robbery deals done surreptitiously by Umno-BN when they were administering Selangor and when they try defending themselves, you accused them straight in their face of lying.

I am sure that they don't dare to sue you for defamation because they have former MB Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo and BN deputy chief Noh Omar as an examples.

The more they talk (read: lie), the more you expose them of cheating the rakyat and/or serving their personal interests all in the name of public service. Way to go.

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