If DAP quits Pakatan, MCA should quit BN, too

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YOURSAY 'MCA, if you can't influence your own BN partners, you might as well heed your own advice to DAP and quit BN, too.'

Hairdresser row sparks call for DAP to quit Pakatan

your say Changeagent: For Taliban's sake, get a hold of yourselves, MCA. If you are serious about "preserving the dignity" of the Chinese and non-Muslim communities, then tell the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department (Jawi) not to meddle with the books that we can or cannot purchase from Borders bookstore.

Tell Umno MPs not to threaten our citizenship status or to send us back to our ancestors' countries of origin. Tell Perkasa not to threaten us with their superb silat and keris-wielding skills each time we want to hold a peaceful assembly.

If you can't influence your own coalition partners, you might as well heed your own advice to DAP and quit BN, too.

Quigonbond: We are back to this issue again. So which is which, MCA? A vote for PAS is a vote for DAP? Or a vote for DAP is a vote for PAS?

Make up your mind with Umno before using this line of argument again. At least DAP and PAS slug things out. MCA wouldn't lift a finger to criticise Umno even for the most outrageous things.

Versey: MCA central committee member Loh Seng Kok, why not MCA quit BN over the Education Ministry's refusal to give an approval letter for the Kuantan independent Chinese school?

Aren't you supposed to represent and serve the Chinese community as claimed by your party over the years?

ADJ: MCA has admitted and is proven to not have the strength to fend off the repeated provocations and oppression from Big Brother which has impeded the dignity of the Chinese and non-Muslim voters, so what should MCA do, Loh Seng Kok?

Anonymous #66797900: Loh, when has MCA ever dared ask for a Chinese deputy PM? At least according to Pakatan Rakyat, Lim Kit Siang would be the first Chinese deputy PM if they take over Putrajaya.

Boiling Mud: How about MCA fending off the repeated provocations and oppression from Umno that has impeded the dignity of Chinese, Indians and other non-Muslim citizens in this country? What had MCA done in the past five decades?

Louis: Women hairdressers cutting men's hair is never part of Chinese culture. So do not twist and turn the facts.

What is important to the Chinese is education, especially the Chinese language. What has MCA done to defend the learning of the language?

Chinese schools sorely need hundreds of Chinese language teachers and after 50 years, the problem is getting worse and worse. But no worries, if there are no female hairdressers, we can always go to the Indian barbers who are better.

BlueApple: I don't like what Kota Bharu municipal council did in this case. However, there are hundreds more municipal councils governed by Pakatan in Selangor, Penang and Kedah.

These municipal councils have not done what Kota Bharu municipal council had done, as Kota Bharu aims to model itself as an Islamic city. One isolated case does not represent all.

Hah Thiam Khean: PKR and DAP should not remain silent when the action of PAS is detrimental to the general public and/or the minority.

Pakatan has claimed that its components have the right to openly discuss issues (that is, disagree in public) and resolve them as part of a healthy discussion. As a strong supporter of Pakatan, I think this is a good time to practise this principle.

As a Malaysian, I cannot understand why the responsibility of such issues is being placed solely on the shoulders of DAP? Is PKR not supposed to represent the needs of a multiracial community?

People who place the responsibility solely on the shoulders of DAP need to ask themselves if they are closet racists who believe that DAP represents Chinese interests.

I fear that many Malaysians who support Pakatan have yet to grasp the concept of a truly multiracial and religious Malaysia and are themselves not greatly different from Umno-BN in mindset and maturity.

When Pakatan is the government of the day, we must be ready to be critical of that government as well.

Mahashitla: I do not see this as a really big issue for DAP. MCA needs not jump the gun. These issues can be thrashed out within Pakatan.

The Kota Bharu council should not have been taken action against non-Muslims, and I wonder whether these were carried out by those 'little Napoleons'.

P Dev Anand Pillai: The MCA nincompoops should ask themselves whether they can do the same with their Umno bedmates as they demand of DAP with PAS.

The Malays, be it from Umno or PAS, regard Malaysia as Malay land only, so they think that they are free to impose laws as they see fit. The fight should be against this agenda instead of asking this or that party to come out of respective coalitions.

At one time when two Chinese youngsters were holding hands and sitting at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) park, they were summoned by the ever vigilant Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL), remember? What happened to the MCA then?

It is equality that we should strive for. We need to remind the Malays to police their own when it comes to their religion.

Mushiro: Why is the MCA always asking DAP to quit Pakatan over the slightest of issues? The DAP has proven many times that they can resolve issues through discussion.

On the other side, Umno is also always asking PAS to quit Pakatan claiming DAP is controlling the opposition. And MCA says that PAS is controlling Pakatan.

So who is right? The real fact is Umno and MCA are very scared and worried of the strong bond between PKR, PAS and DAP.

Rick Teo: MCA members should ask themselves why they are still with Umno although BN have been discriminating against the Chinese for 55 years.

They should have resigned the ruling coalition long ago. So please don't try and fool the Chinese by asking DAP to leave Pakatan.

The Chinese want to make sure that MCA will no longer exist after the next general election. You are a whole bunch of hypocrites trying to fool them, while clinging to whatever benefits you can take from Umno.

Relevancy: If the DAP is to quit Pakatan, then MCA should quit BN as well. They only know how to talk, but do not walk the talk.

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