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YOURSAY ‘Those who steal, of course, do not see anything wrong with stealing. Stealing for the party is still stealing.'

  Selangor MCA: Nothing wrong in getting cheap land

your say Changeagent: Selangor MCA secretary Wong Koon Mun, since it was okay for MCA to demand a white paper in the Talam land 'scandal', can we demand the same from MCA now?

The paper should encompass important details such as when the land were purchased by MCA, how much exactly was paid for it, who determined the price of the transaction, who issued the directive to sell the land so much below market value, and what has MCA done to benefit the local community since the purchase?

These are all elementary questions that MCA must answer if you want to convince the public that no corruption had taken place with these purchases.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Of the 24 plots sold cheap to the BN, please give us the breakdown on how many of these plots were used to build community centres, public halls, kindergartens and schools for the rakyat. What has happened to the rest?

Myop101: It doesn't matter if it started since independence, it is still wrong. If you dad decides to cheat on your mother from day one of their marriage, does that make it okay for him?

Public facilities should be under the ownership of public institutions and not political parties. What if someone from the opposition decides to apply for use of the facility for a ceramah? Are you going to allow it?

Or do you deem them less entitled because they don't support you? What makes them less Malaysian than you?

Si Tow: It is corruption, that's what is wrong, Mr Wong.

Cocomomo: This is a total abuse of power! Such plundering of the nation's wealth must stop.

It's time to ensure the voters in rural areas know about the corrupt taking advantage of the trust placed in them by the people.

The government must act against individuals who have been involved in such activities. BN must pledge that all such land will be regarded as the property of the people. Such land should not be given to any political parties.

Pakatan Rakyat must also pledge never to be involved in such activities. Land for community must be alienated and gazetted as such and should not be given to political parties or associated individuals or organisations.

Daud: Those who steal, of course, do not see anything wrong with stealing. Stealing for the party is still stealing.

The rakyat have to decide whether they want to allow this to go on or stop it so that this beautiful country can be turned around.

ONG: Wong Koon Mun's response to Sekinchan state representative Ng Suee Lim's accusations is another typical display of MCA arrogance.

His statement, which reads "How long ago was 1999? This is quite some time ago", shows how arrogant and condescending he and his fellow MCA colleagues are.

From his statement, he clearly considers the ordinary people as ignorant fools.

Multi Racial: This is one good reason why we cannot vote MCA, Umno and other BN component parties in the coming GE. They have sunk to a level where their leaders can no longer differentiate between right and wrong.

We all know such practice is wrong and should be stopped immediately. But here you are, we have one MCA leader publicly declaring there is nothing wrong with that.

Do you still want to have such leaders representing us? If yes, go ahead and vote for BN again. Otherwise for heaven's sake, wake up Malaysians.

Odin: Wong Koon Mun, you are a bloody idiot. I know far worse adjectives to describe you, but I am not in the habit of saying filthy words.

Nor will I bother to explain why your acquisition of the land amounts to a corrupt practice because your addled, corrupt brain will never be able to comprehend it.

Little Hantu: MCA leader Chua Tee Yong should voice his opinion, no?

Giudice: This is just the type of idiotic comment one would expect. Even if it's for the party, why should the party get it almost at a giveaway price?

The land is state land. Why should the state subsidise the party? Are they the same?

Just because a party (or coalition) is entrusted to run a state does not mean that it can or should benefit at the expense of the state. To do so is a clear breach of trust and abuse of power.

To suggest that it is the "norm" clearly shows that MCA has lost the plot completely. If the land is to benefit the community, then the state can build the community hall, etc. It should not sell it on the cheap to a political party.

Louis: I want to believe that MCA bought the land for community services like temples and schools, but my inner feeling is that it is a party of leeches which will not hesitate to suck the community high and dry.

Anyway, I might be wrong. It will be very nice if Wong Koon Man can furnish us with the name of temples and Chinese schools built on these plots of ‘cheap' land.

But to claim that the buildings on such land are for community purposes is unacceptable because at the end of the day the land belongs to the party. And more importantly, MCA is not the only party that provides community services. PAS, DAP and Hindraf too provide such services.

Can those parties buy cheap land and build their headquarters for the same purpose?

CiViC: I'm speechless. I mean seriously speechless at how shameless these people are. I really wonder how they face their friends and family.

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