Not just a twisted mind, but twisted tongue as well

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YOURSAY ‘Batang Kali rep Mohd Isa cannot see the wood, or forest, of his own political stupidity through the trees of his appalling personal vulgarity.'

Batang Kali rep denies making vulgar remark

your say Abasir: This is the kind of language that is common among Umno types ... led by an unelected 'prime minister' who sniggers while speaking about 'poking' in front of an audience which includes women.

In Umno culture and its brand of Islam, such an innuendo is not just tolerated; it is enjoyed and encouraged. Malaysians will be assured of a continuation of this filth if this regime of rogues and rascals is returned to power.

Changeagent: Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong doesn't own any forest of her own. What exactly was Batang Kali state assemblyperson Mohd Isa Abu Kasim referring to when he uttered the words "hutan diri you sendiri"?

We are living in a different political era when there are more female representation in our state assembly and even parliament house.

The days of the cowboys making stupid and insensitive gender-based remarks to members of the opposite sex are numbered and should be rightly condemned by all right-thinking Malaysian citizens.

There should be zero tolerance to this sort of downright sexist and thuggish behaviour by Mohd Isa.

RAW: To be honest, if I had heard the purported statement of the Batang Kali assemblyperson in the assembly, I would have just taken it literally, as until I read this Malaysiakini news I had no prior notion that the word "hutan" could have meant anything else.

But given the past record of vulgar remarks by some BN politicians, it is very likely that the vulgarity was intended by him if he had used the word as reported and especially if he now tried to substitute "hutan diri you sendiri" with "Hutan Simpan Bukit Lanjan".

If he had really said "Hutan Simpan Bukit Lanjan" (not "hutan diri you sendiri"), many of commenters here would have to take back their comments.

If Mohd Isa indeed said what he was reported to have said, his denial shows that he has no guts to own up to his mistake and apologise.

Let's wait for the Hansard . I believe it would accurately report what he actually said since the Selangor State Assembly is not under BN.

Keturunan Malaysia: Mohd Isa Abu Kasim, it looks as though not only you have a twisted mind, you have a twisted tongue as well.

Onyourtoes: I think both parties are being childish here. They are arguing like schoolboys and girls.

To be fair, first we must establish what was said by the Batang Kali representative. Did he or did he not said "hutan dia diri sendiri", or he was indeed referring to Bukit Lanjan, the constituency of Elizabeth Wong?

Please don't ask others to go for gender sensitivity course when that person has not done or said anything wrong. Establish the facts first, and then we talk.

Hang Babeuf: This man cannot see the wood, or forest, of his own political stupidity through the trees of his appalling personal vulgarity.

And now - can you believe it! - he wants to scuttle away from responsibility for what he has said and done by telling a silly "naughty but unrepentant schoolboy's" story.

Come off it! You wanted to be a "real man" by making those gross, rank, shameless comments. Now be a man and own up! If you can't do that, you are not worth anything.

Indeed, it's not even worth a bucket of yesterday's stale spit.

Louis: Many of the MPs' brains are heavily soiled and need overhauling. They talk sex, eat sex, sleep sex, dream sex and even talk sex in the parliament or state assembly.

If there is a world parliamentary debate on sex, these MPs will win hands down against any opponent MPs from the developed nations. At least, we can be 'proud' that some of our MPs (excluding a few) are world class in a field - sex.

Yahoo: I spew coffee all over myself or rather "diri I sendiri" (from laughter, of course). I love to read Malaysiakini readers' comments - funny ones, sarcastic ones and very angry ones.

Continue to champion women's rights, urges PM

Odin: PM Najib Razak, get your own mob of thieving cretins first to respect women. Did one of you imbeciles not advise women to just lie back and enjoy it should they get raped? Did not another one insult women drivers?

And practically yesterday, one very ugly specimen of the human race, with overly thick lips and bulbous nose which, in all likelihood, has huge pores like the bishop's nose after the feathers have been pulled off, and as well most probably having crooked teeth coated with a thick layer of yellow plaque, remarked about a woman's ‘forest'?

-_-' : Najib, start by coming down harder on those rapist cops. They need to be made an example for those who are still doing it or are going to do it since everyone else is doing it.

And maybe, just maybe, some of us will believe that the PM actually cares about violence against women. Until then, don't talk so much and waste saliva and pollute our air with your ‘lip service'.

Abasir: Would you like to comment about violence against Mongolian women, Najib? Okay, okay, that is a sensitive subject for you (and we know why).

How about the threat of violence against Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar at her rallies? How about threatening behaviour by your friends in front of Bersih co-coordinator S Ambiga's house? Care to comment on those?

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