Dr M, it's corruption that leads to instability

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YOURSAY 'It is not democratic rights and freedom of speech but corruption and freedom to abuse the law that leads to instability.'

'Democratic rights trigger vicious cycle of instability'

your say JMC: Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you are terribly wrong. It is not democratic rights and freedom of speech but corruption and freedom to abuse the law that leads to instability.

We don't want a government that corrupts to be stable as that would mean misery, ad infinitum.

Gerard Lourdesamy: There will be peace, stability and prosperity when Mahathir is not around.

This man was singularly responsible for our democratic deficiency; endemic corruption, abuses and cronyism; destruction of state institutions; emasculation of the judiciary, civil service, police and press; and our penchant for economic leakages, wastage and extravagance.

A man with a very big ego and a huge inferiority complex. He has proven to be an anathema to democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

With a twisted mind and devious intellect, he questions, criticises and condemns everybody who disagrees with him and is a firm proponent of state control and executive excess.

He relishes an elected dictatorship under the disguise of democracy. He craves respect and attention and is a closet hypocrite in his dealings with foreign powers.

There is nothing genuine or honest about this man other than being a demagogue. He is a relic of the past who is desperate to remain relevant.

Senior: Read between the lines... Mahathir is saying no to democracy. We want not only peace and stability, we also need accountability, transparency and a corruption-free country.

Keturunan Malaysia: Yes, doc, why don't you and me sit down at some corner somewhere and talk about limiting democratic rights for all Malaysians - including the politicians, especially the devils we all know... starting with yourself?

You cannot have complete freedom to exercise your rights, and at the very same time, seeking to limit ours.

Anonymous #21828131: Dr M's fear is anarchy, which is what he has rightfully mentioned could happen. The only pertinent point that he missed out is: "Why could it happen?"

Ask yourself why the rakyat are resorting to demonstrations (peaceful ones, I mean). You have all the answers to the current problems, yet you chose to pretend as if we are the best democracy in the world.

Hang Babeuf: Under democratic rules, the people may fire and change the government if they are no longer satisfied with its performance.

Under the Mahathirian system, the government has the right to dismiss and fire, even replace, the people if it is no longer satisfied with their loyalty. So glad that we have now got that clarified.

Economically, many developing countries need a "debt moratorium". Politically, Malaysia these days needs a "Che Det moratorium".

Joe Fernandez: As Cambridge physicist Dr Stephen Hawking has discovered, "The only predictable property of the universe is chaos."

China at one time turned its back on the world and swore by the "stability" preached by Confucianism, a flawed take on China's ancient philosophies.

By the time the Western powers came knocking on its doors, China was too weak to resist and went through 500 years of instability to compensate for the earlier centuries of artificial stability.

BN is trying to enforce a kind of artificial stability preached by Mahathir.

Taikohtai: Incorrect assessment, Mahathir. While there are many protests in Australia, they're never violent nor the police attacked.

And while bikini-clad and half-naked women walk on Gold Coast beaches, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin (who has just visited Australia) can attest that the incidence of rape did not rise dramatically as you'd predicted.

Mahashitla: This dictator of 22 years still wanting to extend his dictatorial rule so that his son may take over. It is not a wonder that people (Malays as well as non-Malays) are saying that Umno can never change as long as Mahathir is around.

The country has already broken into so many pieces. We cannot expect the same devil to put things right. Pakatan Rakyat is our only hope.

Anonyxyz: The one most important and key point from Mahathir's speech is that BN will win by a slight majority.

Intelligence sources have informed him (he is the "real" PM, the admission is clear from his comment that he will tell the current PM to carry out reforms - who else can do that if he is not the PM himself?) that BN will squeeze through with its phantom voters, illegal immigrants who are granted MyKad, and the manipulation of police and army postal votes.

By blaming Bersih for street demonstrations, he paints Bersih as good just for that. And by mentioning lion dances and churches in particular, he is pressing the usual racial buttons.

It will indeed be a miracle if BN will ever lose the elections. Malaysia is already a miracle - it's a modern democratic country owned by "a private company", elected by a public electorate and allowed to rob public wealth at will.

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