Civil servants are not Umno servants

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YOURSAY 'How can the PM claim the elections are going to be held fairly if every civil servant is threatened with the prospect of losing his or her job?'

Teacher sacked for attending Anwar's ceramah

your say Mighty Bear: In Malaysia, a teacher who slaps students gets to hold on to the job, but part-time religious teacher Qatrun Nada Mohd Latfi, who attended a talk given by the opposition, was summarily dismissed.

How can the prime minister claim the elections are going to be held fairly if every civil servant is threatened with the prospect of losing his or her job?

I don't see anything political in attending a talk. It is our right to have the freedom to select the government of our choice.

It is clear the government doesn't want this; they want the people to remain ignorant and subservient.

Kgen: Who funds Jawi (Federal Territory Religious Department)? BN or the public? It is disgusting that civil servants who should act without political bias behave as if they owe their living to BN.

Ksn: Civil servants, I hear, are not supposed to take active part in politics. Is attending a ceramah considered being active in politics?

It's just hearing what the politicians have to say about the country, its governance, what is being done properly and improperly, about corruption, etc.

If this criterion is applied impartially, most civil servants have to be sacked because most of those attending Umno Baru ceramah are civil servants, are they not?

Civil servants are not Umno Baru servants, they are public servants to serve the public. The 1.2 million civil servants should take note of this injustice to Qatrun and draw their own conclusion on the matter.

Anonymous #32993250: I just do not understand the stupidity of Jawi in sacking its employee for attending the speech by another Malaysian, be it be anybody.

It is the democratic right enshrined in the constitution that one has the right of association.

Anwar is not an alien but a true Malaysian in blood and soul. What kind of action is this? As usual our so-called 1Malaysia PM is silent.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Civil servants attending political talks by Umno-BN leaders are okay. She should challenge this in court.

The General Orders only prohibits her from holding positions in political parties but not from taking part in political activities.

Even this was changed by the BN federal government recently for the lower grades. If it applies to permanent staff, shouldn't it also apply to contract/temporary staff?

Otherwise, it is discrimination under Article 8 of the constitution.

Anonymous_3e79: Sue the government and Jawi for discrimination. We could crowd source the funding for legal fees.

P Dev Anand Pillai: This is what happens when government departments take orders from Umno warlords as opposed to following procedures stated in the General Orders and the relevant Acts of Parliament.

Civil servants have become the real servants of Umno. Being almost entirely Malay, only an uprising will put a stop to this abuse in the civil service, and the uprising must be started by the Malays themselves. The rest will follow.

Anonymous #41809171: What injustice! This poor part-time teacher is sacked for merely attending a ceramah by Anwar.

Meanwhile, that other teacher who slapped the Orang Asli children for not reciting the doa is not required to apologise, not reprimanded, and not sacked for what he did.

Mushiro: Did Jawi do this under the name of Islam or under the instructions of Umno? If Jawi officers cannot uphold Islamic values and its teachings, then they should leave.

Gggg: First things first - who is Umno to question a civil servant? Shouldn't that be an issue because it clearly shows Umno is so powerful that it can even question and curb the action of a civil servant.

Anonymous #38950338: Before Qatrun was sacked, her family may be neutral. But now they have just increased number of PAS supporters. Good one BN, keep it up!

Sabah One: If she can't attend a talk then both the police and the Armed Forces must also stay neutral and not take sides in politics.

Anonymous #33877536: If we talk about democracy, why the harassment? A civil servant works for the people and the government is chosen by the people for the people.

The government of the day cannot intimidate the people. But after 55 years in command, it is as if the land belongs to them and we should only obey them.

But the governments can change and it will change going by what is happening in Malaysia. The government is making a very serious mistake and this is going to cause them votes.

Lim Chong Leong: Teachers who attend opposition ceramah sacked. Students who attend oppostion ceramah expelled. Soon there will be no more need for schools. All our youth can be mat rempits and fight for Umno. That's their main plan.

Artchan: Is Umno a religion?

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