Umno must learn to lose 'like a gentleman'

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YOURSAY 'Instead of threatening violence, try convincing the people that your coalition is still relevant and ought to be given a chance.'

Muhyiddin dismisses May 13 remark, but warns of chaos

your say Geronimo: Hello, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin. If all that you say is true, then what in the hell do we have elections for?

You all might as well convert this country into a communist or fascist state and rule forever.

You can even make it illegal to organise opposition parties. And if your plan is to turn this country into a republic, say so.

Don't give us all crap about the opposition not able to work together because of differing ideologies.

So far, for the last four years Penang and Selangor have been administered well.

We could have said the same thing about Perak but then former menteri besar Nizar Jamaluddin had to contend with the dark forces of Umno.

I don't believe there were any riots, except those incited by Umno.

When the time comes and the people voted overwhelmingly that you are no longer wanted, please go, and go gracefully.

The only trouble that will occur will come from people like you who cannot take electoral losses like a gentleman.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Dear DPM, those in the opposition coalition are also Malays and they are not dumb. They are as equally capable or even better.

Instead of threatening violence if your coalition loses, try convincing the people that your coalition is still relevant and will reform itself, be inclusive of all races and ought to be given a chance.

If your coalition loses, bow out honourably and be a good opposition. You owe that to the people of Malaysia.

Keturunan Malaysia: There are no ideological differences among component parties in BN because Umno make sure of it by applying very subtle but firm force.

In other words, BN is a coalition of unequal partners, where Umno is the master, and this suits the rest well enough so long as you provide them enough crumbs or use them as vehicles to rob the rakyat by paying good enough ‘fees' for their services.

Pakatan Rakyat is a coalition of equal partners where democracy and common sense prevails, at least much better than the BN's.

Like any marriage, no coalition is perfect. However, we have no choice as of now but to choose the less imperfect between the two.

Hopefully we are right. If we are not, we will dump Pakatan, too, by the same process until we get it right by making our political leaders right.

Ksn: , Muhyiddin, you have said something sensible about May 13 - that was a national tragedy which should never happen again in our country.

Umno should come out, declare that it will never be a party to its recurrence, never use it to intimidate the non-Malays and to gather support of the Malays, and that there will be a smooth transition of power should the opposition win the election.

Times have changed since 1969, and our people - the Malays and non-Malays - realise that unity and harmony among the various communities are vital for Malaysia to prosper and develop.

Paul Warren: If the country is expected to be unstable, it only means that Umno is not prepared to be gentlemen enough to hand over power amicably.

That is probably because they probably know that their gentlemanly ways all this while are only a pretense.

Basically, they are gangsters in disguise. Well, that seems to be what they are saying.

Anonymous #32993250: It is people who have no confidence themselves who will speak about the faults of others, rather than looking at their own faults and reflect on their misgivings so as improve on them in order to deliver better governance.

At this rate, Umno has failed to realise that they have a negative perception and all this so-called leaders are not addressing that but simply waging war against their illusionary enemies - their own selves.

Indeed, your president has a very big baggage from Mongolia, now that businessperson Deepak Jaikishan has confirmed that the second statutory declaration (SD) was forced through inducements and threat.

RR: Agreed, Pakatan has ideological differences but BN parties are race-based, catering only for the needs of their membership and cronies, not for the rakyat in general.

Pakatan may not be perfect but they will be transparent and corruption-free to a large extent.

BN will be a good watchdog as they have many years of experience of corrupt practices and it can use this expertise to easily detect any wrong move by Pakatan leaders.

The country and the rakyat will definitely benefit by the rotation of power in a two-party system.

Dom The Nick: This is going to be the dirtiest election ever. God help us.

Baiyuensheng: The country is as stable as its enforcement of its laws. Riots are illegal and those involved should be charged under the Sedition Act.

Multi Racial: I agree with Muhyiddin, PAS does not fit in with the Pakatan. I do not like PAS' narrow-minded policies and its mixing of politics with religion.

In spite of that, I will still vote for anybody standing against BN because BN, particularly Umno and MCA, have proven that they cannot be trusted and condone corruption.

Mahashitla: And yet, they still want this woman (Shahrizat Abdul Jalil) to be reinstated as minister. She is only clinging to an imaginary straw.

Fair Deal: PAS and DAP may not see eye-to-eye on every issue but when it comes to ruling a state or a country, it is by majority decision according to the common policy listed in the Buku Jingga.

Similarly there are many issues where Umno and MCA and MIC do not see eye-to-eye. Was there any chaos? No. Dissent with Umno? Plenty.

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