Leave God out of Umno's incompetence

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YOURSAY ‘It is about governance, stupid, not about Umno being strong or being divided, being sabotaged or being unfairly attacked from outside.'

God, comedy and the Umno general assembly

your say Kingfisher: Well said, Kee Thuan Chye. Umno's attempts to construct an illusion of its invincible and anointed position to protect and promote the interests of the Malays, especially during the last three decades, are being quickly dismantled by exposure of its abuses of power resulting in corruption, inaptitude in leadership, inequity of wealth distribution and fostering of disunity in a multiracial nation.

Thanks to the advent of new information technology, the inexcusable failings of Umno in the national and state leaderships have been disseminated and exposed to many Malaysians. Sabah and Sarawak will never be the unqualified vote bank for the BN and more importantly, Malay voters are now even more aware of the illusion and national default.

Onyourtoes: Umno is a party of mega confused members. One minute they wallow in self-pity, the next minute they are manifestly arrogant. One minute they are pious saints, the next minute they are depraved, corrupt individuals. One minute they are inclusive, the next minute it is all about us and them.

They want to be everything but they miss out the most important thing. It is governance, you stupid. It is how you administer and manage this country. It is how you cater to the needs and aspirations of all the people of this country. It is how you manage the resources entrusted to you prudently and profitably. It is your expertise to build a state-of-the-art economy, your foresight and your sense of justice to maintain law and order, got it?

It is not about Umno being strong or being divided, being sabotaged from within or being unfairly attacked from outside.

Cala: If I may add to Onyourtoes' comment, Umno has created an elitist state by its own doing (Stark, 2007, p426; Mills, 1956). By definition, an elitist state is one where a single political party has been running the state for several decades (examples: Malaysia's Umno, Singapore's PAP and China's Communist Party).

The leadership changes in these states are not made by the people, but through internal leadership struggles. They may call themselves democratic; people first (rakyat didahulukan), republic, or whatever, but none of them measure up as liberal democracies.

Doc: Hisbullah of Lebanon, Hamas of Gaza, Al-Qaeda, Taliba and Lashkar E-Tali of Pakistan have all claimed, like Umno has, to be God's chosen parties. All these parties have been classified as terrorist groups. Is Umno keen to join this category?

Mushiro: I am confused as to the purpose of the Umno general assembly. I heard people singing praises for its president Najib Abdul Razak, and I heard Najib self-praise himself. I saw people proclaim that they are God's chosen people.

Some people claimed they have data that Umno is very strong. Some claimed that the opposition is not united. The only repeated message that I hear at every Umno GA is that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is not relevant, Anwar is a traitor, Anwar is not capable, Anwar will ruin the country and the future of Malaysia.

We hear this loud and clear every year. But why are they talking about Anwar? Has Umno's crystal ball shown that Anwar will be the next PM?

Rubystar_4037: This is a well-written article by Kee, capturing the essence of the puerility of the Umno general assembly.

Instead of charting a roadmap for Umno's course of action, since it is the leading coalition party governing Malaysia, in terms of prepping the members to be ready for the forthcoming election, strategy, direction, leadership, winning the rakyat's confidence and faith and good governance, the delegates resort to rhetoric, invoke the sacrosanct of God, outdoing each other as winnable candidates, opposition bashing, swearing, reviving the ghost of May 13 and other apple-polishing declarations of loyalty to the PM and DPM (so that they can be fielded as candidates).

It is only the wishes of the rakyat that will allow these clowns to rule for another five years, but I am not surprised that a number of them will be voted in again and Umno will still hold court in Putrajaya.

Vgeorgemy: We have a prime example of a democracy reaching its pinnacle in South Korea, with their world-class consumer goods such as smartphones, tablets and gangnam style dance moves entertaining the world. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, our so called eldest brothers are entertaining us with their infamous butt dance in the residential areas.

TimsTime: Pakatan must win Bentong. Use the Bentong ginger to fry Adnan Yaakob's ear. Then watch this earless guy jump into Pahang River. We are not talking about Bentong alone, we are talking about winning the whole Pahang state from BN.

Anonymous#67264383: Wise voters of Bentong, Adnan has insulted you all. He says, however you vote, and whatever happens, such as prices going up, he will definitely win the election. He has challenged the good people of Bentong. Relieve him of his ears. He uses them not for the good of the rakyat, anyway. Such an arrogant Scumnoputra.

Clongviews: The first criterion of a non-winnable candidate is one who constantly talks about racial chaos and issues on religious disputes/differences.

Rightan: Pahang River is treacherous due to its strong undercurrent - anyone who jumps in will not be able to get out. But our MB is smart to recognise this danger, for at least he said he will get his ears cut first before jumping in.

Not Confused: There has not been much joy and happiness emanating from PWTC these past few days. Just the same old tired rhetoric, chest-thumping and raised clenched fists. No substance, no joined-up thinking, no serious policy explanations or attempts to explain some of the negative exposes that are affecting so many in high-office in BN.

Umno trolls in the comments section can continue to make disparaging comments about Malaysiakini or us commentators, but the truth remains. Although Umno will probably never accept it, Malaysia is heading into an even blacker hole should BN be corrupt (sorry, lucky) enough to be re-elected to run the country.

Heaven help us all if they do, is all I can say. I will be off to Thailand or somewhere if they do.

Anonymous_rb345: Kee, you have hit the last nail in Umno's coffin. Now the rakyat are waiting for its grand final send-off and funeral.

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