'Borrow someone else's knife to commit murder'

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YOURSAY Serious allegations have been made. So why are the MACC, AG, IGP and the PM keeping mum? Have all these been cooked up to bring the PM down?

Anwar: We're not involved in Musa, Deepak exposes

your say Tell the Truth: Everyone knows the expose by Deepak Jaikishen is the brainchild of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's opponents for the ‘throne'.

The Chinese have a saying, "Borrow someone else's knife to commit murder".

The exposes of businessperson Deepak and former IGP Musa Hassan are all internally generated. So, if they want to find the culprit, they should look inwards.

Concern Ctzen: Correct me, if I am wrong. Obviously Deepak dared to speak out because he must have someone who has the power to back him up. Otherwise, I don't think he would dare to say what he did.

I mean, he is risking his life. So I kind of agree that this could be an inside job. I may be wrong, but looking at the situation, I believe most Malaysians will think like me.

Our PM has to speak out to clear himself, rather than let this drag on for so long and never clear this allegation against him.

Malaysia really needs a change for the better. May God help Malaysia!

Anonymous_4031: Malaysians are getting wiser by the day. So, nobody can pull wool over their eyes. They see, and put two and two together.

They know what is happening. Throwing red herrings and trying to cloud the issues will not help.

Musa has made serious allegations against the home minister, who cannot just brush them aside.

If the minister is man enough, he should challenge Musa. He should do it for his own integrity, if nothing else. Why doesn't the home minister do it?

As for Deepak, he had declared that PI Bala's first statutory declaration was true. Why is the MACC keeping mum?

Why is the attorney-general mum? Why is the IGP mum? Why doesn't Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak come out and challenge him?

It was all quiet during the Umno general assembly at the PWTC. Why didn't Umno delegates ask relevant questions for the home minister and the premier to answer? It is pointless to shout from the rooftop. Be down-to-earth and grapple with the issue of integrity.

Malaysians want integrity in our leaders, just like foreigners who demand it from their own leaders. Your names are at stake. Clear your names.

Anonymous #21828131: The way I see it, Deepak's revelation about PI Bala's second SD should be treated seriously by our police. It is an open confession. I read some comments here that the revelation could be all cooked up.

Yes, but when it is murder one - where a person's life was terminated in the most horrific manner - and the judge established that there was no motive. Such a revelation by Deepak totally whitewashes the earlier hearing.

Why is there inaction? If it is a false accusation (and I don't think Deepak would resort to this at the expense of his own safety) the AG should give instructions to the police to interrogate this person and get to the bottom of things and if need be, reopen the case.

Is this the current law of the land? What about the rights of this murdered woman? Or is there no right for her after her death? It's not as simple as a frog crossing the road and getting run over by a car, is it?

WangMalaysia: Deepak's and Musa's allegations were timed to coincide with the Umno general assembly and they seem to target Najib and Hishamuddin Hussein (the two cousins).

Now, take a step back and look around the bigwigs in Umno and see who will be the beneficiary of Najib's fall from grace?

And why did Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who so bravely stated that he will respond, suddenly went silent on the matter?

Was he being asked to keep silent to make Najib look bad?

Certain big guns in Umno are certainly not heeding their president's call for ‘no sabotage'.

Angry_Voter: This is obviously cooked up to bring Najib down. It is not Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim who will gain by the downfall of lame duck Najib.

Besides, Anwar has got nothing to offer Deepak in terms of security, just in case there is some C4 lying around.

Anonymous #55961902: We all know who is behind this soap opera. It can't be so coincidental that the revelations of Deepak and Musa came so close to the Umno general assembly.

As some readers correctly said, someone powerful would have instigated the situation to bring the downfall of Najib. It's the same modus operandi as when they brought Anwar Ibrahim down.

There only can be a particular person whom we suspect capable of such a heinous act - a great pretender, a sly fox, a shrewd character that is very self-centred. He couldn't care less for others but only protects his own interests.

Anonymous #79199503: It is the trend in Umno/BN. Blame and pass the buck to the Opposition for any wrongdoing.

Karma: Will there be 15 police officers visiting Malaysiakini again on account of this Deepak interview? They should go after Deepak so that he can reveal more in court.

Silence sounds like someone is wishing that people will soon forget what Deepak has just revealed.

In another country, all the newspapers would have front-paged such revelations and called for a deeper inquiry.

Here in Malaysia, unless the 'hero' is Lim Guan Eng or Anwar or anything Pakatan Rakyat, none in the mainstream media would dare to publish this. It's scary, the state of journalism in Malaysia.

Anonymous #32993250:

The problem with Umno is that the leadership is bankrupt of fresh ideas to stimulate the nation, so the next best thing is opposition-bashing, which comes to them naturally, since clearly none of them are erudite and show a high level of intellect as seen by their pettiness and irrelevant basking in long-lost fame.

Anonymous_4031: What are Umno Youth, Umno Wanita and Umno Puteri leaders doing?

Shouldn't they demand that their leaders clear their names? Shouldn't they speak like Sir Winston Churchill: "We shall fight on the beaches, in the streets, but we shall never surrender ...we shall fight for integrity in our leaders."

We have nothing to offer but "blood, sweat and tears" to fight the great battle of integrity. Nothing else matters.

We need men and women of integrity to steer the ship of our nation, Malaysia, to greater heights of glory and excellence.

We want other nations to look up to us as a model of justice, fairness, moderation and, most important of all, integrity.

We can stand tall among the nations in the UN; and in the OIC. We dare to be honest and humble, not dishonest and arrogant.

May God bless our beloved nation, Malaysia! Will all BN leaders rise and be counted? Will all Pakatan leaders rise and be counted?

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