Najib, silence on Deepak's claims is not golden

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FREE YOURSAY 'Excusing himself as too busy to address them is no defence. Such allegations against the PM of a developed country will unsettle the whole government.'

PAS: Najib missed golden chance to clear his name

your say Fair and Open: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak knows that if he answers one allegation, there will be 10 more allegations to answer too, so he must ignore all of them. It does show that our PM has something to hide though, by reason of being fearful of these allegations and his golden silence.

We do know that the mindset of the BN government is to immediately detain anybody for wrongful allegations against the cruel and violent BN regime. Najib, by his silence, is sending out a strong, implied message of truth in these allegations.

Louis: Only an insane man would dare make such a serious and horrendous allegation against a PM. Yes, I believe Deepak Jaikishan was insane or temporarily insane when he did it.

Nevertheless, an allegation of such nature, where cheating, threats and murder are involved, PM Najib cannot just sit still without putting up a defence.

Just excusing himself of being too busy to address it is no defence. Such allegations made against the PM of a developed country would unsettle the whole government. By hook or by crook, Najib has to put this issue to rest if he wants to be an effective PM.

Mahashitla: Would a minnow like Deepak dare to make such serious allegations against a powerful PM, if they were not true?

If the allegations were false, why did Najib not take the opportunity, in the presence of 2,000-over Umno delegates and live TV coverage nationwide, to quash the allegations to pieces so as to redeem his and his family's good name?

And why did Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi fail to touch on those allegations, after promising to, a day earlier?

Perhaps, the answers can best be given by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is very comfortable with Najib as PM. Najib carries huge baggage and the puppet master loves it.

Yenna Tamby: Zahid Hamidi tried to cover for Najib, but he dared not live up to his word when the time came for him to speak up. It is now very, very clear that all, I mean all, allegations against Najib are true.

How on earth are we going to vote in GE13 for a person, who is so deeply alleged to have so many sins on his shoulders, to be prime minister? Malaysians must be morons if they vote this particular person to be prime minister.

Adaotak: It is simple, silence means consent.

2lan: He did not miss the chance to clarify because the guilty cannot explain or dispute. Their silence only serves to confirm the allegation.

Abasir: An allegation of corruption as serious as this warrants a response... no matter who the accuser is. But if the character and reputation of the person accused is already tainted so badly by so many unanswered public allegations of wrongdoing, one more makes no difference.

Therein lies the difference... down south, former Singapore premier Lee Kuan Yew would have taken such an accuser to the cleaners because he values his no-nonsense, incorruptible reputation.

This fellow, on the other hand, does not care because he knows that corruption, sexual impropriety and crimes involving violence are not reasons to deny leadership in Umno.

Anonymous_40f4: Najib always remains silent and avoids the issue when he is guilty. That's what his million ringgit public relations experts have told him to do.

When the press asks him, he is told to cut short the session and run away. Najib is a pretender and not fit to be a leader. He doesn't have the qualities of a leader.

Anonymous_3e21: Najib has missed many golden opportunities to really explain his true self to the people. Ever since he took over power, almost five years ago now, all the people can do is to just guess, as he is neither here nor there.

Never in history has Malaysia to live with such a PM laden with so many scandals and although we somewhat knew he would not respond to Deepak, nevertheless Malaysians expect to hear something from him as Deepak's allegations are serious in nature and affect national security. Because, for heaven's sake, Najib is the PM.

To say he has let us down would be an understatement, but I guess what choice does he have, after all? My sympathies go to Umno members, who I presume must have wanted their president to also say few things about that as well.

Bootsie: What do you expect from a false democrat, except falsehood?

Chikadee: A carcass the size of an elephant is hard to cover up... even if it has not started to stink yet. This is true of those who are not honest with themselves.

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