Selangor land grab a BN get-rich-quick scheme

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YOURSAY 'This is legalised daylight robbery. One down, 23 more to expose. Good job Pakatan.'

'Condominium now sits on Umno's cheap land'

your say Not Confused: To those in the nation who continue to hold BN in awe and prefer the "devil you know", what is your comment on this piece of legalised robbery?

Where are the kindergartens and community halls here?

Anonymous_3e93: Umno and corruption are akin to flesh and blood. It begins from the top of Umno's echelon right up to their Umno president, MPs, Aduns and Umno division heads.

Worst still, they leave their ordinary Umno members high and dry. At the very most, they get some tupperwares and ‘kain pelekat' and RM500 in cash.

People like you and me only are forced to eat and swallow their propaganda via TV3 and RTM everyday while they squander our nation and rakyat's wealth without shame and impunity.

Imagine the wealth of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's family which runs into billions. I cannot imagine the kind of wealth they have accumulated through dubious means.

NewMalaysia: RM1 per square feet becomes RM200psf. Is there any other business better than this? Even the Genting casino or 4D can't match our BN politicians when it comes to enriching themselves.

This is absolute abuse of power to the highest order. I bet Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will keep a blind eye on this.

Dappy: This is outrageous, land at RM1 per square feet. What has MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Chua Tee Yong to say on this?

Dont Just Talk: Chua, what is your comments on this matter? Just like the Talam scandal , all these things happened during Umno's and BN's watch when they ruled Selangor until March 2008.

Selangorians are not stupid, Chua, and the more crap you talk, the more votes will go to Pakatan Rakyat this GE13.

Swipenter: This is legalised daylight robbery. One down, 23 more to expose. Good job Pakatan.

Malaysia ABU: I suggest the state put up signboards around these lands for all to see how much these Umno-BN goons have siphoned from the Treasury, and how much losses incurred to public funds - ‘Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional.'

Abasir: Like an iceberg which has a submerged mass several times larger than what is visible, Umno's known corruption is nothing compared to what is concealed.

Transacting public lands under the guise of development is just one of the many ways ‘Islamic' Umno has been thieving and thriving.

Aiding and abetting the crooks are the underlings from the MCA and MIC who have also been benefitting from the organised pillage. Their desperation to cling on to power is motivated solely by personal gain, not public service.

Anonymous_3ec6: The majority of Malays are struggling for a decent life in Malaysia while Umnoputras are plundering the country. Wake up Malays, see for yourselves what Umno is doing.

Dood: This is Malaysian politics as understood by Umno-BN: A get-rich-quick scheme.

Sedar Rakyat: Look at the recently concluded Umno general assembly - Umno delegates and participants were wearing T-shirts bearing the words "I Love PM".

It is shameful to claim themselves patriotic when they only idolise the PM as a person, not Malaysia as a country. Pakatan should come out with "I love Malaysia" T-shirts.

Hplooi: This kind of money can build a first-class infrastructure for Petaling Jaya. Instead, we get crappy public transport, almost non-existent amenities and quality space for the public.

I hope current Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will take note and do not only pander to well-connected developers. Make Petaling Jaya a world-class livable city. Build more public amenities, develop a world-class public transportation system.

Increase green and recreational spaces and bring back culture to a city-which-is-not-quite-a-city and hopefully PJ will shake off that eternal dormitory town status.

KnockKnock: Is this what you Umno people had been crying over in your recent general assembly? Isn't this of your own blunder? Shame on you, Umno leaders, and shame on me for being an Umno member.

Anonymous #33877536: Umno can never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never change and this is a reality and fact which the people of 1Malaysia must realise.

They will not change, especially the top, and the poor grassroots are just blindly crying away with or without realising what is happening. Probably they are also benefitting and I hope they don't fall into such sins.

Mahashitla: Pakatan Rakyat today is more relevant than ever. I believe this sapu tanah (land grab) is only the tip of the iceberg.

Will Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and MACC now swing into action?

Oh! I forgot, Najib also has a land problem with Deepak Jaikishan, and so the best way is for Najib to keep quiet and let it rot further.

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