Bersih violence has BN written all over it

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VOXPOP 'They were treating Bersih participants as enemies of the people. They forgot we are the people, not the political parties.'

'Early warning suggests crackdown pre-planned'

your say Aries46: Why do we need Seputeh MP Teresa Kok or anyone to infer that the Bersih 3.0 police violence was pre-planned?

Based on former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan's recent disclosures, it now appears that breaching the barrier at Dataran Merdeka, the sudden water cannons and tear gas attacks, shutting down the LRT stations, police gangs - some without identification tags - chasing and beating up innocent returning participants and passers-by all over the vicinity of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Tun Perak, punching and dragging those arrested violently to the Royal Selangor Club holding centre and finally claiming that these were standard police operating procedure (SOP), had the modus operandi of the top brasses in BN written all over it.

Remember how Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein rushed to support the cow-head thugs in Shah Alam and defended the extreme violence in Bersih 2.0?

Maplesyrup: I was squashed along with thousands of people in Jalan Tun Perak that day when the tear gas was fired.

We were moving slowly forward and suddenly the people in front were reversing. We prayed hard that everyone will not panic, otherwise, we would have been crushed and many would have been severely injured.

Knowing the enormous number of people squashed there, no responsible government who chant day in day out, rakyat diutamakan , would have done such a devious thing.

Yes, it is only the devil we know who is capable of unleashing such a devious act on harmless citizens who are unarmed, except for our salt and water bottles.

Senior: Reading accounts of the rally, my belief that the crackdown was pre-planned, was fortified by YB Teresa Kok. And the rally was dispersing, so the men in blue got to act or it would be too late.

Fair&Just: The idea could be to bash them up badly so that they would not dare come again for the next Bersih rally as it seems the authorities are not going to agree to any of its demands.

When proven, this is a crime and cruelty against humanity and every such inhuman being should be punished severely and harshly in accordance with the UN charter and their heinous deeds displayed and paraded for all future generations.

Odin: Of course, the crackdown on the participants was planned. Remember the police officers who were without their identification tags? About a hundred or so of them, weren't they? And it doesn't take much to figure out that Hishammuddin must have ordered the bashing up of the participants.

After all, there is nothing the ordinary people can do. You make a police report, but the police would not produce the police officers involved for you to identify the culprit(s). You go to court, but the judiciary is not exactly known to be impartial, is it?

And this Suhakam inquiry is meaningless. It's a sheer waste of time. So it will produce a report at the end of it, but what will happen? I will answer myself - nothing will.

A Suhakam commissioner himself has bellyached that over the last 11 years, not one single report of theirs has been acted on. When submitted to Parliament, their reports have not been allocated time for discussion by the speaker.

But what can we expect in a country run by knaves?

Ambiga denies losing control of Bersih 3.0 crowd

Abasir: From all that we saw and heard as recently as yesterday, the plan hatched and executed by person/persons unknown was to trap those assembled, gas them and, using uniformed thugs without name tags and serial numbers, to beat them up while simultaneously confiscating/destroying all camera equipment.

Evidently, this is part of PM Najib Razak's transformation programme ... a programme which is solely intended to keep him in power. Malaysians must decide whether this is what they expect and look forward to from their leaders.

Ferdtan: Bersih co-coordinator Ambiga Sreenevasan, you are right. The police had lost it - the control. Everything was fine until the police decided to act by shooting tear gas and water cannons.

If the LRT was operating, more would be able to go home instead of hanging around in restaurants waiting to go home. That would have saved them from being the targets of the violence perpetuated by the rogue police officers.

Apa Ini?: Well spoken, Ambiga! As usual, honest, forthright and courageous. No one else comes close. Keep them on their toes, Ambiga.

Mayvbwell: Yes, I was there. After hearing from other protesters that Ambiga has announced the end of the Bersih 3.0 at about 2.50pm, our group then sat on the five-foot way taking our packed lunch.

Suddenly, we saw people running away from tear gas smoke. We quickly joined them. I saw the PAS Unit Amal directing people to move to safer place.

As we reached the Puduraya LRT, I saw hundreds of people walking towards the LRT and equally as many people walking from the direction of the LRT.

They told us the LRT was closed. I also felt at that time the closing of LRT was pre-planned to trap us to be fired at with tear gas. Period.

Abuminable: It is beyond clear that Umno-BN cannot win any elections without the full support of the Election Commission and every foul means available.

That's why a simple demand for clean and fair elections raises hackles - they are like a thief who can only react in anger to cover up his shame when caught stealing.

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