Coming soon - number plates could be regulated

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VOXPOP 'Obviously someone else is using a false number plate. It has happened twice to my friend. She got so fed up that, she sold her car.'

Motorist in Seremban, AES 'catches' her in KL

vox populi small thumbnail Ipoh2: What motorist Shoba Karunakaran claimed may be true. There have been many cases of cars using the number plates of other cars.

There are no restrictions on installing a number plate in Malaysia. Anyone could walk into a shop that makes number plates and ask for any number.

Every new number plate made in Singapore must be reported to the Land Transport Authority.

Anyone wanting a new number plate in Hong Kong must show the  vehicle's registration document.

If the false number plate is on a car of a different make and model, then it can be easily proven.

But if the government can't prove for certain that the number plate belongs to the rightful car, the summons must not, and cannot, be enforced.

Anonymous #23456263: Obviously someone else is using a false number plate. It has happened twice to my friend. She got so fed up that she sold her car.

Hang Babeuf: The above comments are clearly a huge problem that should rule out totally any use of AES until the issuing of number plates is properly and officially regulated.

Rubystar_4037: This new problem relating to number plate presents an excellent opportunity for Umno and its cohorts (MCA) with another money spinner.

As in other countries where licence plates must be issued by government or government-appointed nominees so as to ensure security and control, BN is going to have another project for its cronies.

The going rate for a licence plate may be RM150, but the crony out-sources it to a local contractor who does it for RM10 a plate.

All existing cars must change their plates by June 2013 and all new cars must go through the appointed nominee.

A security hologram must be affixed so that it is not easily duplicated.

Then the police will have another field day, stopping vehicles at road blocks and examining the hologram.

There will of course be a lot of fakes and the police will have another source of income. This will happen sooner than you think.

TAG: I felt I have been abused when asked to pay RM300 fine for driving 95km/h in a 80km/h zone.

If I had known I was driving in a 80km/h zone and I intended to break the law, I would have driven at 160km/h and you know what, I would still be fined RM300. Totally moronic if there is such a word.

Senior Citizen: It's nice of PAS lawyers to come forward and provide free legal services. This is what I call service with love.

Sad Malaysian: Motorcyclists should bear the summons as well, they're the ones who jump the red light ever so often.

Why Kay Tat joined The Star and quit

Abdul Kadir Jasin: Saudara P Gunasegaram, this is a very interesting, insightful piece.

Pardon me for saying that I sense a similar trend that affected the NSTP (New Straits Times Press) is now inflicting The Star . We were both in the NSTP Group and, in all fairness, we benefitted from it.

With the MCA being so badly weakened by the outcome of the 2008 GE and by the internal squabble, its present leadership has to do all that it can to be in the good books of the PM in order to remain relevant to the BN.

So, The Star has now to do what was previously encumbered upon the NST .

But there's also a very good reason for Ho Kay Tat to rejoin Tong Kooi Ong.

Tong suffered a bit following Anwar Ibrahim's downfall. He has since been "rehabilitated" as manifested by his partnership with Khazanah.

He is reported to be the front man of a Khazanah-linked development in Singapore and is seen as the Chinese face of Iskandar Development.

It's a chance for Ho to prove to his nemesis in The Star and MCA that he can prosper without them.

Mirror On The Wall: Obviously, money matters in this move and I am sure Ho has left for a far more lucrative and satisfying position that ought give the new organisation an edge over all the new as well as old business papers. I hope he's more successful in his new endeavours.

Blackknight: Datuk Kadir, you said that Guna and you benefitted from your stint in the NST . ‘Benefitted' is a mild term. I am not sure about Guna but you certainly amassed a fortune in the name of expediency. You helped prop up a despicable regime so that you could have your Jaguars, expensive properties and the like.

If it was to protect just your livelihood, we could empathise but greed was at play. And it was just convenient for you to let the fruits of cronyism fall on your lap as a director of MRCB, etc. All these were political appointments so that you may keep writing good stuff for Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his cohorts.

You never ventured to answer the true call of your profession by acting as a check and balance on the government of the day by true and fair reporting. You too share the blame for the racism, corruption, inefficiency, cronyism and the pathetic state of our economy brought about by the excesses of Dr M's 22-year rule.

Ferdtan: From what I read here, if you can survive the politics in the boardroom of The Star , you can do well in national politics.

YF: Let's face it. There is no such thing as power to the people, but there is such a thing as power abuse by the powerful and it is this lot that drives a country up, down or spin around in circles.

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