Let common sense prevail over side-by-side ceramahs

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YOURSAY 'Yes, everyone knows that the rival political parties ceramah should not be held side-by-side. Even the police know that.'

Musa: Rival parties' ceramah should not be side by side

your say Vijay47: Really? Police must be swift in taking action if a rival party member encroaches onto the other side?

Ex-police chief Musa Hassan, when was this basic obvious measure revealed to you? I don't recall you taking any action when Umno members were running amok and attacking rallies, speeches, and events hosted by Pakatan Rakyat.

You were the inspector-general of police (IGP) and yet you allowed them to break every rule in the book while at the same time your underlings were unbelievably speedy when it came to actions against Pakatan.

Mushiro: Yes, everyone knows that the rival political parties ceramah should not be held side. Even the police knows that.

But the police allowed these functions and sided with Umno to create a fracas and blamed this on Pakatan. And this is the main work of the police during elections.

Musa sounds angelic now. But he was definitely from the devil we know.

Anonymous_40c3: I think it's a common sense approach. The failings of the force is telling. Their political allegiance and inclinations should be put aside.

Like the armed forces, the police should be apolitical and discharged their duties to the highest of decorum for king and country.

Giudice: Sweet sounding words that cannot be believed when one considers Musa's conduct when he actually had the power to do the right thing.

I'll start to take him seriously if he exposes all the wrongdoings that occurred under his watch, especially those involving the big fish.

Anonymous_3e21: Say what you want but I think it is always good to have someone like Musa to spill the beans now. Hearing it from the horse's mouth will always add credence, especially for the skeptics.

CiViC: It's only in Malaysia where we cannot trust political parties to behave like adults, even rival school children can run alongside each other, but not these so-called lawmakers.

Malaysia is such a joke. And it's even more a joke when lawmakers need to attend a course to learn what is corruption and what is not.

Versey: Just a wild guess, could it be that Musa has some tip-off from his former colleagues in the Special Branch that BN could fall in the next GE, therefore he is trying hard to earn some brownie points from PKR before that happens?

Onyourtoes: Musa, unfortunately you are out of power now, so it is useless. The present IGP is behaving exactly like you when you were IGP. He will probably say the same thing as you are saying now after his retirement.

Police must accompany street demos, says ex-IGP

Lim Chong Leong: To regain any credibility, the former IGP must first admit that the police are not accompanying street demonstrators but brutalising them, and that the police themselves are involved in politicking for Umno.

Disgusted: "The Election Commission had also allowed provisions for television stations to give proper air time for the opposition and this should be recognised as one of the positive actions of the BN government."

Don't talk rubbish, MIC leader P Kamalanathan.

Snoopyjnr: Violent overthrow of a corrupt, fascist regime is allowed in Islam if all other means are not possible due to the corrupt practices of that regime. Ask any genuine 'ulama'.

'Umno threats' drive Pakatan to relocate rally

Fair&Just: These are signs of extreme desperation. Intimidation, threats, dire warnings, etc, by BN people because they are worried their source of wealth and easy (lazy) money will be gone once BN lost in the GE.

They must hold onto power so that they can continue their easy and decadent lifestyle - no need to work, can get contract and pass it on to others and get rich quick. It is not nation-building but self-interest and it is unconscionable.

Anonymous #67264380: We are practicing a one-party system, similar to communism. You cannot chose a different ideology. Indeed, thinking is not allowed.

Choosing a different party with new ideas means division. Why can't all the Malays move to a new party and stay united as one race?

Armageddon: If we ask Umno leaders whether they are aware of the threat by their supporters to Pakatan, the answer would be a definite, no.

Can't expect much from people who don't even know what their husbands or their children did.

Every Vote Counts: Let's ‘jom' Pakatan Rakyat Mega Convention at Bukit Jalil Stadium on Jan 12, 2013 in our hundreds if not thousands, wearing Bersih's yellow, anti-Lynas' green, Anak Felda's orange, and Tuntutan Royalti's red.

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