Najib has trust issues with some M'sians

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YOURSAY 'As the prime minister, you must answer and challenge the allegations levelled against you. Otherwise, more will come your way.'

I will deliver what I've promised, declares PM

your say Onyourtoes: PM Najib Razak, mutual respect is mutual. Do you respect the right of the opposition in a parliamentary democracy in the first place?

Why are opposition politicians and supporters constantly being harassed and targeted by the institutions of government that are supposed to be neutral?

You said 1Malaysia is a "strategic ambiguity". So 1Malaysia is meant to be different to different sets of people? Then you said we needed to define what 1Malaysia means. So which is which?

You said, "Without the mandate from the electorate how can I reform the party"? But Umno could have done anything and everything in the past, given the mandate and power it enjoyed. But did Umno do anything?

You are now talking about reform if given a strong mandate, but has it ever occurred to you that Umno is now seeking that same old leader for inspiration when that old fellow could have done anything for Malaysia during his administration.

You talked about big things - ISA (Internal Security Act), UUCA (Universities and University Colleges Act) and all the GTP (Government Transformation Programme), ETP Economic Transformation Programme) and whatnot - but I am more interested in minor things like why the opposition and people who disagree with Umno are subjected to all kinds of harassments, police officers committing gang rape in police station, mega corruption allegations leading to nowhere, stupid judicial judgments that make no sense, and your total disregard for environment.

The Malay Mail has already done you great favour by asking you a general question on allegations leveled against you. Your answer is even more general and completely out of point.

No one is asking how hard you have been working. You could put in lots of hours doing the wrong things, don't forget that. As the prime minister, you must answer and challenge the allegations levelled against you. Otherwise, more will come your way.

LittleGiant: Najib still has "hangover" of the recent Umno general assembly. His response to questions posed by Malay Mail are nothing but only a rhetoric of what he had "delivered" at the general assembly.

His answers to questions about disclosures in the Auditor-General's Report and corruption cases involving NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), etc, are not in-depth and are clearly evasive.

The PM, as the country's leader and head of government administration, should not brush these off by saying that corruption cases faced by his BN government are just "legacy problems" and that even the opposition states have made questionable decisions.

Why 'beat around the bush' and only talk about trust and mutual respect? A popular PM he may be now, but that will not last long unless he is able to convince the rakyat with his straightforward and honest answers to all the serious allegations of corruption and abuse of power made against him and his government.

The rakyat can then decide if Najib deserves to have their trust and mutual respect.

Quigonbond: PM, I think the problem is for the same subject matter, you're making different promises to different groups of people, some of which are incompatible with one another. Would it be too far fetched to think you won't be able to meet your promises?

Even if you've purported to fulfill your promises, what the rakyat has in mind is only met by half-baked reforms purporting to be actual reforms. You can't have the cake and eat it too.

If you want to be remembered as a statesman in the future, it's time to make the real, painful reforms so that Malaysia don't continue to fall wayside.

Victor Johan: You only need a mandate from your party members to reform Umno, and not a mandate from the people and the electorate. And if you wanted the mandate from the people, you should have called for the elections a long time ago.

Anyway, the people at large should not be governed or bothered by Umno members. People go to the general elections to give mandate, and perhaps now, to the Pakatan Rakyat-led team.

Najib, you are asking about Pakatan's 'shadow cabinet'. Can you tell the rakyat now whom are going to be in your cabinet post-GE13, in the event that your Umno-BN somehow wins the majority of the 222 parliamentary seats.

Let us see how a viable government you intend to have with all the 'allegedly corrupted' present and near past ministers and their deputies, and the many Umno-BN MPs and state assemblypersons.

Kenvy11: Mud have consistently been thrown at you and people around you. How are you responding to these allegations? And it's not mud, mind you.

The truth is being thrown at him and it does not stick because his cabinet, the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) are just not bothered to investigate.

Anonymous #68219004: Action and decisiveness is the hallmark of a great leader. There has been no action to bring the corrupt to justice, without fear or favour.

Waving carrots and making sweet promises does not change anything. Change can only come with a new government.

Odin: My software counted Najib's spoken words in the Malay Mail interview - there are 3,562 in 278 sentences. Three thousand, five hundred and sixty-two words - all worthless.

Not surprising, since they have been uttered by a champion of doubletalk. If over the last close to four years he has delivered nothing positive, he cannot do it over the next four months.

Four months is all he has left. Because after the GE13, he will not be the prime minister of Malaysia even if Umno wins enough seats to stay in power.

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