Forgive Jessie, she knows not what she does

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VOXPOP 'Let's not slaughter her for her outburst; the society may need such a personality though she has used the wrong platform to shriek away her point.'

'Ms Tow Truck' no longer Selayang BN coordinator

vox populi small thumbnail Ferdtan: Former Selayang BN coordinator Jessie Ooi, why are you crying? Is it tears of rejection by your party, MCA? Or perhaps is it that you didn't get what you aim for that had been promised to you by the top MCA leaders to be the candidate for Selayang parliamentary seat?

How naive of you to think that your sacrifice by neglecting your family to fully focus on politics and spending your own money are enough to earn you a place in national politics?

Do you know that there are many opposition members forced to leave their family due to detention without trial by the cruel BN regime for many years, either under ISA or in the disguise of some trumped-up charges?

Get it in your head; politics is not about you. Maybe all MCA members are like you - self-interest comes first. It is never about working for the people without reward.

It is too bad that you had gained such notoriety when you opened your big mouth to curry favour with your party boss, Chua Soi Lek (CSL), by screaming at his opponent, Lim Guan Eng, during questions time of the debate.

Anonymous_4196: For a person who questioned (aggressively) the local council and state government for carrying out their job according to the law against traffic offences, and see nothing wrong with illegal parking, she doesn't deserve to hold any post, especially in government.

Geronimo: This is a woman whose loyalty to the party has been spurned. So my advice to MCA and PM Najib Razak is this - beware, hell knows no fury like a woman scorned.

I bet you we will be hearing more of Ooi in the coming days leading up to the GE13 and I won't be all too surprised if she decided to make a switch and go gunning for CSL and Najib.

Victor Johan: Don't we all know the BN coordinators make/get a lot of money to 'coordinate' their activities. And should they be chosen to be party candidates during general elections, there's lots of slush fund at their disposal.

Some have great lifestyle even after they lose the elections, not forgetting more will be given for a comeback after four or five years in the next election. In between, of course, internal party bickering and back-stabbing. It's corruption to the zenith.

Anonymous35_8478: She is naive, forgive her.

Ex-Wfw: Let's not slaughter her for her outburst; the society may need such a personality though we have to admit that she has used the wrong platform to shriek away her point.

Maybe after this rejection, she can sit back and think about how best she can use her 'talent' to serve the society better. And I suggest she spend some time in learning how to present her opinion in public.

Isana: The Penang City Council might has an opening for you - they badly need a tow truck driver... but the salary may not as good as what you pay your assistant.

Teo: MCA division building stands on cheap land

Changeagent: The solution to this problem is simple. The Selangor state government should compensate the Hulu Langat MCA division for the cost of building their headquarters, and buy back the state land at RM1 psf.

In the meantime, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) can still take their own sweet time to see if any financial misconduct had occurred.

Georgemy: BN can never understand the shame and pain of staying in undocumented houses in the slums areas of the cities like Klang Valley and Johor.

They seized the rakyat's land to build expensive condominiums while ignoring the needs of the urban poor. These guys are nothing but modern pirates. They are a law unto themselves.

Ghkok: Any state land that is sold at unreasonably low price should be acquired back by the state government through a new law. Let's call this new law ‘The State Land Recovery Act'.

The rakyat of Selangor call upon the Dewan Undangan Negeri of Selangor to immediately start to draft this new law and get it past as soon as possible and then start the land recovery exercise. It is our duty to recover all the land.

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: This happens when the government have being monopolised by one party for far too long.

They come to believe that they do not need to be accountable for their actions. They begin to think they own whatever land they set their foot on.

One of the effects of 308 (March 2008) is that for the first time the rakyat can see for themselves that BN is nothing but a party of thieves who steal land from the rakyat to enrich themselves.

BN can't differentiate between a political party and government. They think they are the same. Proof of this are signs lauding a public project as ‘Projek Kerajaan BN' instead of ‘Kerajaan Malaysia'.

We must not let BN have the two-thirds majority again. We must make sure the two-party system in Malaysia continue to thrives.

Senior: A question: What if what had happened in Selangor is still happening in other states under BN? Should not the rural folk of the other states be informed of such land theft?

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